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I am 30 yrs old, 5'6", 110 lbs. Im a cop, and work...

I am 30 yrs old, 5'6", 110 lbs. Im a cop, and work out pretty hard to stay fit and in shape. I have had 4 children, all of whom were exclusively breastfed. I went from a perfect, perky 36DD to horribly saggy, deflated 36C (A cup tissue wise) pankcake boobies. They were SO embarrassing, and made me feel horrible about my appearance. I had to wear those super padded, size-doubling pushup bras just to look normal. After months of researching doctors, I selected Dr. William DeLuca to be my surgeon. His before and after photos showed wonderful results, and his patient reviews are exceptional.

At my 1st consult, Dr DeLuca confirmed Grade II ptosis, so sadly a lollipop lift had to be done as well. My goal was to have big, round, very cleavagey breasts again. After my initial consult, Dr Deluca advised I go with 650cc high profile silicone submuscular implants. I asked about potential issues from a large implant and lift combo, he stated in substance there would be no issues.

During my second consult, Dr DeLuca advised he felt that Mentor 700cc high profile submuscular implants would give me an even better result, so we 100% decided to go that route.

I underwent my procedure July 21st, 2015. The day of surgery I was a nervous wreck. Apparently when I came out of operation I was in ALOT of pain so I was put back under. I woke up a little easier the second time. I was still in quite a bit of pain, and was very disoriented. I dont remember much about the ride home. I spent most of that first day in and out of sleep. I did sneak a quick peek at my new girls and was shocked....they already looked soooooo gooood!!!

Day 1 post op was pretty rough. I had lots of pain that was difficult to control, no appetite, and was drinking up a storm. I couldnt feel my bladder so peeing was difficult. I had a slight headache most of the day, and it hurt to do aything.

Day 2 was horrible. Lots of swelling and bloating set in throughout my entire body. My normally very flat stomach looked 7 months pregnant! Pain and swelling settled in my shoulders, back, abdomen, butt and legs. I also developed a severe headache that made me almost throw up. My 1st post op appointment went well that same day.

Day 3 suuuuuucked. The swelling and bloating was even worse. I have yet to get more than a few hours of sleep due to discomfort. It had been 5 days since Id had a bowel movement, so that added to the pain and discomfort I was already in. Thankfully that issue was finally resolved and helped alot. I had NO clue the body swelling would be so awful. My back was super tight and swollen, my abdomen still swollen and distended, my butt is swollen, and my thighs are bloated. I cant WAIT to be able to sleep laying down vs sitting upright. My husband took the week of from work to help me during recovery and he has been absolutely AMAZING. Im sooooooo thankful hes been helpful and supportive. (More than you know!)

Day 4 my husband observed a dime size blister had formed under the edge of a steri strip. He trimmed the strip back to avoid further irritation. He put bacitracin and a band aid over the blister to protect it. Apparently blisters from steri strips are common.

By One Week post op I felt MUCH better. Most of the body swelling has dissipated. I developed several more blisters, so as per instructions I removed all steri strips. I was SHOCKED by how clean all my incisions are!! Ive seen photos of some pretty scary incisions....so I was thrilled to see straight, smooth, thin incisions. Ive ordered BioCornium scar treatment, silicone scar sheeting and BioOil for scar therapy when I can begin. Hopefully that helps reduce their appearance even more! Sleep is difficult still, as being either upright or flat on my back is pretty uncomfortable.

As for my new girls, in general Im VERY happy with my results so far. Theyre still swollen and are still uncomfortable. My chest feels VERY tight. The implants are still high but have started to settle a bit. Light bruising set into my chest, but is already fading. But, I finally have BOOBS again!! The shape and size is beautiful. Hopefully the End Result is as nice. Theyre gonna be BIG, which Im thrilled about. Im guessing a 36DD cup? I cant wait to see how they settle and soften. Dr DeLuca did an absolutely beautiful job!!

Sutures out!

My second post op appointment was this morning. 9 days post op. My surgeon felt things were healing beautifully! He seemed very pleased with my results thus far. I had my sutures removed, and was cleared to wear a normal sports bra (woohoo!!). I did discuss the steri strips causing blisters, and how to keep tension on my incisions. In substance, I was advised no further tension was required at this time. I was further advised I can start using silicone sheeting for scar therapy as soon as any scabbing is fully healed. Im still banned from the gym.... le sigh.... I go back again August 31st for further followup.

I tired on my Victorias Secret VSX Sports Bras (36DD) and they fit like a glove! Once my implants 'drop and fluff' I may hit a DDD! *squee!

2 Week Update....

Well, Im currently 15 days post op. The girls are looking wonderful!! My incisions are still healing beautifully. The majority of any scabbing has fallen away. My areola incisions are nice and thin and should heal to where they are almost invisible. The vertical incisions are still a bit red and angry looking, especially on my right breast. I also still have a little light bruising on both breasts, but slightly more on my right. Pain wise Im doing great. The incision areas are sore, but I suppose thats to be expected. Both breasts are beginning to soften up and drop a bit which is exciting. The implants have been pretty firm to the touch from going so large.

Ive started using BioCorneum around my areolas, and am using Scar Away silicone strips on my incisions. Hopefully early intervention will help to improve the scars size and color in the long run. :)

3 Week Update....

Well, hit the 3 week mark. Things seem to be progressing ok. I loooooooove the size and shape my breasts are. They soften up more and more every day. Theyre dropping really nicely as well. I think when all is said and done they will be beautiful!

BUT...my vertical incisions, particularly on my right breast are a bloody trainwreck. The right one is hideous. Its very red and angry, very wide, already becoming hypertrophic and is lumpy and bumpy and thick. They hurt quite a bit too. Theres a constant dull ache under the incision, with occasional buring. Its NOT fun, and its NOT pretty. Ill be calling my PS tomorrow morning to be seen ASAP in case something is wrong.

The left incision seems to be healing alot nicer than the right. Its alot thinner, and isnt as angry or as painful. Both areola incisions are healing VERY well.

Ive been alternating using BioCoeneum silicone cream and Scar Away silicone sheeting on the vertical and areola incisions. Im also taking a vitamin E, L-lysine, and a prenatal vitamin for added benefit.

Status Check....

When I updated this thread earlier in the week, I expressed concern about how the vertical incisions were healing on my breasts. I was able to see my PS the same day, who advised perhaps my scars were not yet mature enough for the use of products like BioCorneum or Scar Away strips. He advised I stop using them for awhile to allow my incisions to heal naturally. He did not feel I had any infection, but prescribed me an 5 day regiment of antibiotic just to be on the safe side.

Almost immediately upon stopping scar product use, the redness and inflammation went away. The incisions look a sight better!! I guess I just wasnt quite healed enough yet. Ill wait a month or so and try again.

Other than that, things are progressing beautifully. Im sooooo beyond happy with the outcome of my procedure! Still maintaining a 36DD, but I have a feeling that will become a DDD when all is said and done. I kinda sorta went a lil crazy buying nice VS bras. I have quite the collection waiting to be worn. Oops. Lol....I saw a meme the other day that said "Whenever Im sad, I remember I have nice boobs and I feel better instantly." This is SO true. LOL!

Gross, But A Cool Share...lol...

Sooooo, Ive been having some 'spit' sutures lately around the areola on my right breast. No biggie, Ive been trimming them back and plan on reporting it to my PS during my next post op appointment.

BUT.....I have had a scab at the very bottom of my right areola, where the vertical incision meets the areola. I notied last night this scab had finally come loose. I hooked my fingernail under it and pulled, thinking it would easily fall away. Then I noticed it was still attached to something.....and that something was approximately 4" of internal suture!!! The scab had formed over a knot in the suture. I of course stopped pulling and trimmed it back. Still, kinda gross.....lol.....

Another Update...

I had my latest doctor follow up yesterday afternoon. He advised everything was healing very well. An internal suture that was coming through the skin had to he removed. I was advised I could try Scar Away silicone strips again to see if I had any reaction to them or not. Hopefully I do not have any issues so I can start working on fading my scars!

My breasts have lost ALOT of swelling, and have dropped and fluffed quite a bit. Still at a 36DD, and they look and feel awesome. They have softened up BIG time and have (for lack of a better description) alot of 'natural looking bounce' to them. *wink wink

Ive also started doing daily yoga again, as well as hitting the gym every day. Ive been using an eliptical for cardio to reduce breast movement and have started lifting weights again. Its surprisingly difficult to keep my chest out of lifts, as I dont want to displace my implants by using my chest muscles. But....that means Im REALLY targeting whatever muscle Im hitting!

Just Another Status Check...

Well....its almost been what, 9 weeks since my procedure. Things are still progressing beautifully! I almost couldn't have wished for a better result!! (shame about the vertical scar...but whatever!)

I've been using the Scar Away silicone strips on my vertical incisions, and have not had any more adverse reactions. They may even be helping fad the scars a bit! The scars are pretty much paper thin, smooth to the touch, and are lightening every day. Woot!!

Looks like my final size will be 36DD. I'm just peachy fine with that! To ME, they look really natural and really good on my frame. They are BIG, don't get me wrong, but they don't scream "look at me, I have implants!" Under normal clothing, I highly doubt anyone would suspect they are 'fake'. (hey...if you can see them and you can touch them...they're REAL!) There is a finger's width between my cleavage, so they are fairly close together which I looove. I have LOTS of side boob as well, but it doesn't bother me in the least. Haha, it looks kinda hot in halter tops really. To be honest, since the swelling has subsided, I feel like they appear a bit small....but my husband assures me they are perfect. *wink wink

I DO wear a VS sportsbra 24/7. (accept when showering of course) If I'm going somewhere I wear a normal VS underwire bra. I really like the VS Biofit bra. Very very little padding, and no pushup. Its amazing to wear bras that aren't like 2" thick of just padding!!

I don't see my sugeon again for a few more weeks, but I imagine he will be very pleased with his work.

3 Month Status Check

Its now been 3 months since my procedure. Things have continued to progress well, which Im thankful for. Im still a 36DD, which suits me quite well. I cannot use silicone strips on my incisions, as for some reason they cause really bad blistering. My right breast is a mess. The incision line is soooooo ugly. It just isnt healing as nicely as the left. Kinda embarrassing really. The right implant is palpable, and the internal scarring is REALLY thick. Its like rope under my skin. The areola incisions are super sensitive which kinda sucks. It makes any play pretty uncomfortable.

During my last post op checkup, my surgeon felt everything has settled to where they *should stay. He seemed pleased with my results. In general, I am as well. They are far from perfect, but they are still a 110% improvement from the disgusting mess I had to begin with.

So....things I like about my new breasts:

* The size...perfect for me.
* The shape.
* How soft they are! Love that!
* How 'bouncy' they are. *wink wink

Things Im not overly thrilled with:

* The vertical incision scar on my right breast is awful. Im not sure what could even be done to fix it. Pretty upset about that.
* I keep getting puss pockets around my areolas. Not sure why, but I have at least 1 a week. Ugh.
* The right breast constantly hurts. Its hard to explain, but its just sore everywhere all the time.
* I wish they were ALOT closer together. I have ZERO cleavage. Sad.
* The implants fall into my armpits when I lay down on my back. Kinda ruins even having them.
* I wish I had more upper pole fullness. Again....sad.

4 Month Post Op Update...

Sigh....well....things have continued to just go down hill from my last update.... no pun intended.

My left breast has bottomed out, leaving a VERY noticeable difference regarding symmetry. Its embarrassing, and my inital excitement about finally having decent breasts again has been replaced with very negative thoughts about my implants and myself. Awesome.

The constant appearance of puss-filled sores on my incision scars and constant breast pain is also becoming terribly annoying. Isnt that supposed to STOP at some point?! Just today I have had 2 new puss pockets pop up, one on each breast. (can been seen in my photos)

I dont even know what to think anymore. Im strongly leaning towards just cutting my losses and having these things taken out permanently. I cant afford to have these issues corrected, but an explant is reasonably affordable. I dont know WHAT to do.

8 Month Post Op

Well.....Im approaching the 8 month post op mark. Thing have pretty much 100% settled. They are still very uneven, which sucks. Another full operation would be needed to redo the lift. Not fun. I dont know what to do, to be honest.

I met with my surgeon today to discuss an issue Ive had with healing. The vertical scar on my right breast has always been a mess, and fully healed it doesnt look any better. There is also apparently an internal separation where thing didnt heal well. Not my surgeons falut by any means...thats just how my crappy body healed. The right areola has healed very nicely. The left breast vertical incision looks great, and gets lighter every day. However, the left areola scar is becoming a tad hypertopic, red, and its still spitting internal sutures.

Because of how the right breast has healed, I go back in for scar revision surgery bright and early on March 21st. Hopefully that will correct the issue and it too will heal normally.

Basically....they have super dropped and sit like any normal sort of saggy breast would. I jave zero clevage unless I wear a pushup bra. Side profile looks GREAT. Top profile they are flat and volumeless. They are still soft, but rippling is noticeable on the sides of both breasts to the touch.

Im really stuck as what to do about the irregularities in my breasts. The mismatched areola heights and obvious asymmetry bugs me. I now kinda sorta wish Id gone with a smaller implant for a higher, perkier breast, but I love the size I have. Sigh. Maybe Ill bring it up again on the 21st......

Scar Revision Procedure

Sooooooo, I had my scar revision procedure done yesterday morning. I gotta admit, after how much the initial procedure hurt...I was NOT looking forward to cutting my breast open again.

But....Its done. Approximately 2" of vertical incision was cut out and I was restitched. It took about 30 mins under local anesthesia in the office. On a pain scale of 1-10, I would easily give it a solid 5. It hurts, but definitely not as bad as I thought it would. I havent seen the incision yet, as it is dressed in a bandage and steri-strips. I go back to see my surgeon on the 31st. Hopefully by then it will have started to heal nicely and without complication.

Scar Revision Update - 10 Days

Today marks 10 days since I had the scar revision on my right breast. I saw my surgeon this afternoon for suture removal and a quick checkup. He advised everything was looking great and should hopefully heal up better than it had previously.

I got to take a quick peek at the new incision... its thin, straight, and is not angry looking like it was the 1st time. Its now back under steri-strips for support while it continues to heal. The incision area is still a tad tender, buuuuut thats probably thanks to my chunky 2 yr old accidently pushing on the site with his elbow the other morning! OUCH.

You can clearly see the incision difference in the photos Ive added! Huge improvement! The size and shape does not appear to have been altered either, which is what I was hoping for.

Scar Revision - 20 Days Post

Things have continued to progress well after my scar revision. The steri-strips fell off on their own a couple of days ago, so I can now take a good look at the incision.

It is quite thin, straight, and appears to be healing correctly. There is still some light visible bruising around the incision, but I expected as much. There is still small areas of scabbing as well. I did notice that some of the original poorly healed skin was not fully removed, leaving a few "spots" on the incision. These will likely never fade.

The whole area is still a little ouchy. A general tender feeling is still present. There is that annoying itching as the site heals as well.

All-in-all, the revision appears to have been successful. It certainly hasnt turned into the mess it was at this point post op the 1st time!! Crossing my fingers that it heals as nicely as my left breast!!

Explant Consult Scheduled

Well....bye bye boobs. I have officially scheduled a consult with my surgeon for June 9th to discuss an explant procedure. These things have been nothing but a problem from the get-go, and to be frank Im done. Its just no longer worth the headache. As soon as I meet with my surgeon, I will set the procedure date and just cut my losses.
Albany Plastic Surgeon

After spending alot of time researching surgeons to perform a breast lift plus augmentation, I selected Dr. DeLuca. I was very impressed by his wonderful before and after photos, as well as his high patient reviews. I never spent more than 5 mins waiting to be seen. Dr. DeLuca was thorough, answered all my questions and was helpful during consultations. Dr. DeLuca's office is very modern and clean, his staff very polite and professional. Patty in billing is a hoot! I always enjoyed talking with her. I am only 8 days post op, but my surgery results are fantastic. I am VERY pleased with his work. Without a doubt I made the right decision selecting Dr. DeLuca to perform my surgery. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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