24 Year Old, 5'7'', 155lbs Tuberous Breast Deformity. 400cc moderate plus, dual-plane. - Albany, NY

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When I was young, I perceived myself as hideous. I...

When I was young, I perceived myself as hideous. I was fat, I had dark hair and dark eyes when all I wanted to be was blonde, I had crooked teeth, I had a big round head (inuit descent), and to top that all off, I had non-existent breasts with puffy, pink nipples. Everything that other girls had, I seemed to lack. Whenever anyone described what they wanted in a woman, I was far from the ideal, and I was teased for it. My self esteem had bottomed and I often contemplated suicide because I felt so hideous.

People told me I would grow into myself - that my height would carry my weight better when I was older, that my teeth could be straightened and my hair lightened, and, mostly, that my breasts would grow. I was told that I was a "late bloomer", like my mom, who was gifted with a pair of gorgeous DD's at the age of 19, but had been flat until then. Ugly in the cradle will bring men to the table, my grandmother would say. It didn't help much, but I waited.

In some aspects, she was right. As I grew up, I grew tall and shed weight (about 60lbs of it!). With rigorous hygiene regiments I had nice, white teeth, even if they werent perfectly straight. I grew to love my hair and eyes and skin, but one thing that never changed was my breasts, and my feelings about them stayed firm with them. I had relationships, and no one seemed too bothered by it - although, no one asked me to strip for them, either. My latest boyfriend even said to me once, "I don't know why I'm so attracted to you, I'm usually a boob guy." Sweet, in a way. I couldn't blame him. I wanted them, too.

It wasn't until I found the realself community that I learned I had "tuberous breasts", often labelled as a deformity. The word "deformity" made me feel even worse. Who wants to be labelled as "deformed"? As I kept looking, however, I found more and more stories like my own, and more tuberous breasts that I could count. I was inspired. I started looking up doctors that specialised in correcting this deformity and I found the work of Dr. DeLuca in Albany, New York. Coming from Toronto, Canada, I wasn't too far away, and he had been highly recommended by ex-patients with my same condition.


On his website, dr Deluca had an area for out-of-town patients to arrange a free consultation conveniently by skype or phone so you don't have to travel long distances for the short meeting. I sent off a request, and a member of his staff called me back within the hour. Any other office I had emailed to get info had taken at least three days to answer my request, and many of the doctors in Toronto charged 150$ (taxes not included) just for the consultation.

His staff was very friendly on the phone, and responded to my request promptly. She answered all my pre-consultation questions knowledgeably, and patiently waited while I wrote everything down with a great deal of grace, regardless of how irritating I know I was being. Dr. Deluca himself even made time to send me a quick email to acknowledge the pictures I had sent him for the phone consultation, and reassured me that my case was by no means drastic and completely do-able. We arranged our phone-meeting for July 14th.

(SORRY: I realize the crops on the pictures are weird. I have many tattoos and don't yet want to be completely identifiable.)

Just had our first consultation.

Just spoke with Dr. DeLuca on the phone. He was extremely amicable, knowledgable, and confident. I was very nervous calling, but he quickly made me feel at ease.

With his guidance, we selected cohesive gel, moderate plus implants. I asked if it was possible for me to go to a full D; since I have broad shoulders and hips, I assumed that would balance out my frame nicely. He managed my expectations well and said that because I'm starting with such little breast tissue, we're aiming for 400 cc to bring me to a full C instead, but even that may be a stretch.

I'm calling his office tomorrow to book my surgery.

Everything is moving so quickly!

What a process! From my original email to Dr DeLuca's office to the date of my surgery is almost exactly a month! My consultation was on the 14th, and I called a day or two after to schedule my surgery. I was informed he generally books a couple of months ahead of time so I figured I would be getting my boobs in September or November but nope! She booked me in for July 29!! Less than two weeks from now!

I don't even have time to be nervous. I'm blessed that my ma and aunt are retired and cAn go whenever I needed. My man won't be able to get the time off work with such little notice, but he committed to taking care of every little annoying need I have when I get back.

Yesterday I received a call from the anesthesiologist, requesting payment. I explained I haven't even received my information from my surgeon yet, and I wasn't particularly comfortable with just handing over my credit card information to a disembodied voice over the phone. I'll call back when I have all my information.

The 29th!!!

Canadians, and other out-of-US citizens & CareCredit

I had to push my operation back to August 12th instead of the 29th.

A warning to non-United States citizens seeking financed operations by American board certified surgeons: Only American citizens with a valid United States address and United States social number are eligible for a loan through CareCredit, and that is the only medical-loan provider that Dr. DeLuca accepts.

Because I'm not able to finance through CareCredit, I needed a couple extra weeks to liquidate some of my locked-in savings accounts and put them on my credit cards. (My Mama said she'd help as well, and I'd just pay her back.) Still terribly excited, though!

Before; cleavage example.

Just a couple before cleavage pics ! Less than nothing!


My surgery is on Tuesday! I'm so nervous and excited I could explode. I finalized all payments today, and had my phone interview with the surgery centre. The lady helping me was also a Canadian, and suffice to say she was so very friendly and helpful. She asked about my medical history and gave me some extra advice about what to do/what not to do before surgery. I told her I was a little anxious about an intravenous drip, but she calmed me down with almost no effort at all. I'm all cleared for surgery! Pictures and consultation updates soon.



I am NOT getting cohesive gels, I'm getting Mentor Memory Gel moderate plus at approximately 400 cc. Yay!


Tomorrow's the big day! I had my final consultation and measurements with Dr DeLuca today. He was very patient (with my mother) and took the time to set expectations with me. The staff were quick and efficient, I never waited for a thing!

I'll be first in tomorrow so I don't have to wait to long to have something to drink. My operation is at 7:30 AM. I was explained what would be happening and was reassured about my concerns about the anesthetic drip.

Ma and I went out for dinner for the last time before I stopped eating for the night. I treated her for driving me so far, and myself for getting this done. mmmmm crab!

So excited for tomorrow! I'm much less nervous now, and I'm actually feeling pretty zen. The only jitters I have now are the impatient kind.

Added final goodbye pictures, plus a full body so everyone can see what no boobs on a 5'7'', 155lb inuit body looks like!

They're here!

Got back from the hospital at about 1130. Everyone there was so kind. Again, the care here is so efficient, I never waited for anything.

I woke up a couple times, but I couldn't stay awake. My nurse checked on me a few times, but let me be until she could tell I was trying to check the girls out. She gave me some water and offered me some medication for the pain, but I didn't really feel I needed any yet. The biggest soreness I had, which is slowly fading, is all my muscles feel stiff. My legs feel like I went on a long run or did lots of squats, my and feel tense, and my arms feel like I did a bunch of curls at the wrist. My nurse told me this was normal and was just from the paralyzer in the anesthetic. She told me to get good and hydrated and I should be ready to rock by tomorrow.

My chest feels tight, which is making breathing awkward, but I'm in no real pain and I seem to be able to walk fine. I've been trying to get up but my mom keeps telling me to relax. I got up while she was out getting us lunch.

She brought me home a salad and soup, which is probably all I can eat right now. My mouth tastes awful! I feel like all my taste buds have been scrapped off and replaced with rotting teeth.

I feel no nausea or dizziness like I expected to. Just, again, stiff!

more pics!

I love the shape so far, nervous about what my nipples will look like. I apparently got them resized but I can't even feel them yet!

Day 3.

They don't seem to have settled much. The only pain I felt was stiffness this morning. After getting up and moving around, though, I felt fine. Taking it easy today, tomorrow I'll go for a longer walk. My man is going to come pick me up tomorrow. Can't wait to see him!

Also, a few things to mention:

Just casual notes:

The arm that I had my IV in is very stiff still, especially at the elbow.

The percocets prescribed to me make me itchy, which I have been told is very normal with narcotics. I'm trying to limit my use of them completely.

I have very little appetite, and am only eating to take my antibiotics.

I'm drinking a lot of fluids, but only peeing little bits at a time. I must be retaining loads of water. I feel less bloated today, but yesterday I felt like a balloon. The drugs are making me constipated as well, but I'm not in any discomfort.

Love them so!!

I'm not in anymore pain. Though I'm being careful, I seem to have full range of movement. I'm only uncomfortable laying down, waking up, or in a car on a bumpy road. I'm doing normal light activities and feel great.

However, it's day 4 I'm still REALLY bloated and blocked up. How long does this generally last? My belly is so big and my scale says I've gained 4 lbs. (two from the girls, I know, but two from water/waste as well? Ugh.) my face even feels puffy. Could this be the meds as well? I thought I may be visited by miss flo, but I just got a hormonal iud put in last month, and my period should have started yesterday. My gp said I could skip or have irregular periods. Would that account for general bloating as well? Has anyone had experience with this after their surgeries?

Day... 5?

A couple anecdotal things:

When I left my house before surgery I weighed myself and I was about 154.4 lbs. when I returned home three days after surgery I was 163.8! I was mortified, I couldn't believe it. I felt gross, my face was swollen, my belly stuck out like I was 9 months pregnant. I immediately panicked.

This morning, I woke up and I'm 159.2 lbs (my implants weigh about 2 lbs) and I just started my period. I'm surprised at how much fluid I am retaining still, but I'm relieved to see the scale drop back down so quickly. My boyfriend said he could tell it was water weight just by how and where I gained it: only in my belly and face, unfortunately. He says my legs and arms are slimmer, which makes sense. Until today I had no appetite.

I'm on gas relief and laxatives again, and they are working very very slowly.

I'm off percocets now. The worst pain is over and now I just have mild discomfort when walking or bending over (any jiggling, actually). I woke up this morning on my side though I fell asleep on my back. obviously I'm not in any pain while asleep, though I'm nervous that it will affect my results.

I wasn't able to put on my socks or open the mall doors by myself, but everything else I feel fine doing. Still taking it easy.

Things seem to be dropping slowly. The surgical bra and compression band is annoying me, but not painful.

The space between my breasts on my sternum seems raised slightly, but it is also very tender and probably swollen. The "side boob" into my armpits are the same way.

Obsessed with them! 1 week!

The girls are starting to soften up and day by day I'm losing my bloat. Today was a particularly painful day, I'm getting feeling back in my nipples and skin and they sting. One Percocet set me straight. I love them so much!

Day 8

Nalligivagit! I love them! Losing lbs by the day, feeling so good. I've been on a happiness high lately.

2 years !

Two full years since I had my correction. I still have scars, and my nipples are slightly uneven, but I wouldn't trade them for the world!

2.5 years post op

Two years post op and you can see how they've settled! Like natural boobs, they're uneven, and I wish my nipples were the same size. Over all, though, I love them and would never go back.
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