Tuberous Breast Correction & Augmentation... FINALLY YAHOOOO!! - Albany, NY

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I'm 29 yrs old, and to say that I've always been...

I'm 29 yrs old, and to say that I've always been very self-conscious of the way my practically nonexistent boobs look, is a MAJOR understatement. I'm FINALLY going to have nice, normal looking boobs, & I couldn't be more excited! Just booked my surgery yesterday with Dr. DeLuca in Albany, & booked the hotel that I'll be staying in. I'm pretty nervous about the amount of pain I'll be in post BA, but not enough to deter me from having them done :) Im also concerned about the results I'll have because I'm very picky, & want them to be gorgeous (wish pics to follow), & I'm not exactly starting out with a good "canvas" lol. Also wondering about the best post-op bra to get (day & sleeping), where to get ice packs specifically for this procedure (and which ones), what vitamins/supplements to buy to help healing & recovery time, & the best scar cream to get. Any tips, suggestions, & personal experience sharing, would be greatly appreciated :) Pics of type of results I'm hoping for... Not necessarily size, but the shape & "look" I want

Day 2 Post-Op

I couldn't be happier with my results!! My breasts look amazing already, thanks to Dr. Deluca. I am probably one of the pickiest ppl I know, and for me to say how wonderful they look, is saying a lot. The doctor & his staff were beyond supportive & professional, and there is no question in my mind, that I made the right decision in going with Dr. Deluca. Before & after pics to follow soon!!

Day 3 post-op

Took too many percocets earlier (2 instead of 1) & I was beyond messed up & feeling sick... Then got a migraine from being dehydrated. Anyway, still healing beautifully, & couldn't be happier. Here are some pics of me pre-op & 2 days post op.

More day 2 post-op pics

Post-op Day 4

Haven't taken any Percocet or Motrin as of yet. A little bit of a hard time getting comfortable & falling to sleep, but really can't complain considering I had my chest muscle cut in 2 spots with 400cc or silicone shoved in there threw my nipples :)

Pics distorting size.

FYI, they look much smaller in these pics than they actually do in person... Just post-op I'm talking about... They were actually that tiny beforehand lol.

7 days since BA+BL :)))

It's been a week since my surgery & I'm getting happier every day with the progress my girls are making. Went shopping today for new shirts, & almost everything I tried on looked great!!! I was worried I'd look heavier with big boobs, but I feel I look thinner!!! Also, had to try on bras just to see, & it seems as though I'm a 36D!!! Feels AMAZING to say that. I love you, Dr. Deluca!!!!!

Day 20 post-op

Just went bra shopping & the bra rage fit the best was Vera Wang's 34DD @ Kohls :))
Here are some photos from earlier


I'm so happy with how gorgeous they came out ESPECIALLY bc of how bad I started out. Just super paranoid about CC. Right breast is still firmer than, & hasn't dropped as much, as the left.

Wasn't done lol

I started on the Vit E twice a day & massaging at least 3 times a day. My doc prescribed me Accolate since I'm so worried about CC & since my right breast is pretty firm. I might wait on the Accolate being that at least 6 drs (on this site) said my results are excellent & that it's too early to have developed CC. All of them said its prob just taking longer for everything on that side to relax, & that from what they can see, I'm in excellent hands with my surgeon, & to follow his instructions. Thanks everyone! SPECIAL THANKS TO DR. WILLIAM DELUCA & to all the staff @ Deluca Plastic Surgery Center, that have been there for me every step of the way.

7 wks post-op

Dropping & fluffing nicely :) Beyond happy with the results.

5 months PO

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