Countdown Till my BA - Albany, NY

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Hi guys!! Really quick thanks to everyone who's...

Hi guys!!
Really quick thanks to everyone who's posted on this site, your perspectives have really helped me on this journey.

Ok, stats, I'm 26, 5'7", 135lbs. approx. a Bcup. I'll post pics post op.

I used to be a D cup but lost 15lbs. and my boobs :( I'm definitely going silicone and would like to go back to a modest D. I had two consultations before deciding to go with Dr.Deluca.

Was with Dr.Seckel in Concord,MA. Great doctor, I loved how personable he was, very knowledgeable as well. You can certainly tell he knows what he's doing, he spent an hour and a half with me! Very sincere, the ONLY reason I didn;t go with him was bc even with his special ($1,000 off) he was $1,500 more than everyone else, and I'm paying cash for this procedure. I knew I could find someone comparable. note: He suggested to do a sub-glandular (I have some sagging from weight loss), 375-400cc, in the crease, funnel method.

Was with Dr.Greenwald in Harrison, NY. Hmmm...let's just say you could tell he's a busy man. While it's clear he's a good surgeon, I couldn't help but feel rushed. He was cordial but slightly...luke warm/cold, very to the point and brisk. He called me by a different name, although he did catch it and apologize, then admitted that he only ever sees the patients last name...(interesting). As he was going through the "schpeel" you could tell it was memorized. His office staff..whoa! Even when they were being nice you could tell they were TRYING to be nice, like it didn't come natural. This really turned me off, they gossiped the entire time I was in the waiting room and were loud. Very unprofessional. I ultimately decided not to go with him bc I didn't want to feel like just another BA, he took no time to get to know me at all and I drove 2 hours to see him. Total consult was 20 mins. Note:He wanted to do 375cc below the muscle ("I only do below the muscle"), in the crease, $6K

Was with Dr. Deluca, Albany,NY and a phone consult. From the very first time I called to inquire about a consult his PA Karen was more than accommodating, very thorough and sincere. Being 2 hours away I sent my pics in via email and spoke with him over the phone for 40 minutes. He took the time to get to know me, walked me through the procedure and answered all my questions. i chose him bc His work speaks for itself, he was kind, informative, and seemed genuine, and left me feeling very comfortable. EVEN OVER THE PHONE. Note: He wants to do 400cc, in the crease, subglandular/submuscular, $6.5K

The countdown begins!!!

Nervous, is this Normal???

I spoke with the Dr. today with some follow up questions. He said that the incision scars would be about 2 inches, 2 inches! Is that normal for 400cc, it seems a bit long.

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