41 Years Old, 3 Kids and I Breastfed Them All. Albany, NY

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I'm 41 years old I breast fed all my kids and I...

I'm 41 years old I breast fed all my kids and I wouldn't change that. I used to be a "A" prior to breastfeeding, went up to a "C" during nursing and I loved it and now I have less than an A. I wear a Fredericksburg 34A very padded bra, I will not leave home without a padded bra on, and finding padded swimsuits isn't easy. I would love to look like the white bra photo without the padding, I would love to wear a lace sexy bra with no padding. I would love to be a full C. I think. Perky, but not up in my face just the height with the white bra. Any suggestions on size and placement would be great. Saline versus silicone.

Getting closer

It has taken me a few months but I finally think I'm ready to do this. I'm trying to get ideas of what it would look like going from a 32A to a 32C. Does anyone have pictures of what they look like now? I'm 5'6" and weigh 135lbs. Trying to what it realistically looks like if possible. How much extra weight do the implants add?
Thank you

Consultation booked

I'm going for my consultation on March 18 with Dr Deluca, I can't wait, but also nervous. If I go ahead surgery would be one month later, mid April. Do you think this will give them enough time to drop and look a little more natural before summer gets here? I don't want to have them up in my throat for summer and look so fake. Or should I wait until fall and give them winter to settle in properly?


I'm not sure whether to do this now or not, after looking into things more, so many people develop illnesses associated with breast implants silicone or saline ones. And the horror stories of people's removals just makes me wonder is it really worth it? I'm not sure now.


Well...... I was supposed to go for the BA in 2 weeks, but I have decided to postpone at this stage. I just don't have complete peace with the decision. I read so many positive stories about everyone loving their new boobs, and that's great. Then I go ahead and read stories of people having them removed and why, it makes me really nervous. I don't want to be someone who gets them and wishes I didn't, or who gets sick and then blame myself for doing it to myself.

I would really love to have bigger boobs I really would, my husband says he supports me with whatever decision I make as he loves them just as they are, but, he knows its something I really want. I guess i'm just not quite ready to take that next step.

I will continue to ready everyones stories and maybe it will help me finally make up my mind.

I would really love to be a "C". Is there anyone that went from an A to a C that can chime in as to a good size, I'm thinking 325 or at the most 350 HP. I don't want to overflow a C.

Any advice is appreciated:)

I'm doing it... Next Tuesday

ok I finally decided to do it, I called today and I will get them done next Tuesday. I haven't decided though between 325 or 350 HP or moderate plus. I want to be a nice C natural but not saggy. So I'm thinking HP maybe 325? What do you think? Going in tomorrow to finalize please give me your advice if you had around 34A 135lbs and what size you went with if you are now a c and no longer need padded bras.

BA was two days ago

Doing really well feeling minimal discomfort, apart from being swollen I think my surgeon achieved the C size that I was looking for. I ended up doing 350hp

15 days after surgery

Swelling is almost completely gone left one is definitely soft and natural feeling now and the right one is a little more firmer. Had stitches removed 2 days ago and now I just have to wait for them to settle, I also started massaging them. Can't wait for summer;)

More photos from today

Dr Deluca was great. He is very knowledgeable and definitely understands what you are looking for. I showed him pictures and told him the look I was going for, and he definitely achieved it. I felt completely normal after 4 weeks, with no swelling. My pain was minimal, off pain medication within 2 days. He did a great job and I would definitely recommend him.

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