32 Year Old, Breastfed 2 -500/550cc Hp Silicone - Albany, NY

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Hello all!!! I'm so excited, I have wanted a BA...

Hello all!!! I'm so excited, I have wanted a BA for years and now it's finally almost here-11/26/14! This site has really help me and reading other women stories makes me feel I'm not alone. Thank you all again for sharing so much!! My md is Dr. Deluca he is awesome!!!!! He made me feel so comfortable compared to the other providers I saw. He listen to me and I'm really excited for my BA. I'm 5'3 1/2, wt 133. I'm getting 500cc on left 550cc hp silicone on right.

Hey girls!

I have the wrong spelling of my Dr. in the rating below. It's William F. Deluca.
I saw three other doctors before I choose Dr. Deluca. I do have to say the other two MD I felt were pushing me toward the smaller side and told them I really wanted full breast, only Dr. Deluca understood. Also I work in health care and I asked everybody I could who was the best in our area and some many people mention his name. They talked about his bedside manner and his GREAT work! I'm so excited, nervous and anxious all in one! 2 1/2 weeks to go!

BA is next week

Hello everyone, I started to prepare for next week. Is there anything that is a must do/must have before BA?

Preparing for BA

So I've talked to lots of people(thank you all very much!!!) I heard mineral oil works really well and fast with no cramping. Bought that today for 4.00$ As for cream my family uses Cj butter for EVERYTHING! Dry/itchy skin, stretch marks and many more lol!! Magic cream!! One of my dr. Gave my a Nike zipper front bra and that's it do far. I can't believe it's only a wk away! Am I missing anything ??!?

2 days left!!!!

BA is in 2 days, I have so much going on! My 2 yr girl spikes a fever fri and has been sick all weekend with fever and cough. Dr said its viral and can last 2 weeks!!!!! Disinfected the whole house and trying to be there for my baby, I'm so tired! Just now I have a few min. To regroup and make sure I have everything. I do have miralax, comfy bra, meds pick up. I never got the arnica pills from dr. I did go to cvs they only have the cream. Is it to late to call dr office and ask for them or can u buy them someone else??? I don't think in missing anything?? Very anxious and excited like the rest of you!! Can't wait till 26th! I'm praying my baby get well fast. Thank you All again for listening and being such a great support group
:-) :-)

Less than 24 hrs!!!

Thank god baby feeling better:-)
Pick up arnica at walmart. Waiting to get the time BA. At work and I'm so excited I can't focused on anything, lol!!


I arrived at the out pt facility 730 today surgery was at 845.
Staff at St. Peter's were great I had 4 nurses. Who were all great!!!! They made made me feel comfortable. Then dr delucia came in and marked me. Then they put some good stuff in my IV , woke up then it was done!!!!! Home by 12pm. How I feel now, my chest is heavy but I'm staying on top of my meds . Not that much pain just discomfort with movement. They say to get up and walk but how much, I comfortable laying her I really don't want to move. My husband I do have to say is the best !! Helping with my medication and making food and having enough fluids in. Sorry if any mistakes in here this pain medication is kicking my butt! Happy healing to ALL!!

Day 2! With my girls!!!!

Goodmorning all! Yesterday went really well. not in that much pain, my chest feels very heavy. I stay on my pain meds which is helping, and im also taking arnica. I woke twice during the night for pain meds. Feeling really good. Thanks again for all the support.

Question for ladies

Did anyone have blurred vision?
It says it could be from the patch behind my ear. Or is it from the pain Meds?

Day 3 and pics :-)

Day 3 is much better, I'm moving around more. I didn't need any pain meds. My vision is back to normal. I'm very happy with results.

Day 5

Had my f/u today, everything went great. I can now take the bra band off, I can move around so much better now. Couple more days of abx and arnica. I love my boobs!! There shape is getting better each day. My dr said do not massage, let things settle and heal. Stitches come out the 15th. Going back to work Thursday. Everything going well. Happy healing to all the other ladies out there!!

Day 11 with my boobies!

Day 11 everything has been going well with healing. My incision is very itchy, nipples are extremely sensitive. Last week I went through emotional couple of days. feeling a little down, couldn't be as active with the kids as usual. Always in the house and laying around which was sucking the life out if me. That lasted 2-3 days. Then I bounced right back to my happy self, it was so weird. I was reading others experiences and it help me that other women went through a period like mine. (Thanks everyone) Next I went through boob greed, I have 500/550cc hp, sounds like alot but to me I could of gone bigger. My husband loves them and he said they look great. If I could do it over I would bigger. I can't wait till the drop more, The left one is still high but I do love them. I'm so glad I did this, I feel sexy and it's motivating me to change my diet and work on my body . I hope all you girls are loving your new boobies and good luck to all upcoming surgery! Happy holidays to all :-)

Sore today :-(

Last night I went out with the girls, and wore a new bra. Today I feel so sore and tight. My left incision is very achy. I hope I didn't damage anything ???? Anyone have this problem before?

My right incision hurt, need advise

Yesterday I was fine, went out with my girlfriends dancing and had few drinks last night. My right incision is killing me. Now I can feel a stitch sticking out of the steri strip. I hope I did do any damage. Did any one go through this??? My thumb in the pic is how far the stitch is sticking out. Should I call the dr??? I'm not wearing a bra bc it hurts to much.

More pic

More pick

Feeling a little better

Today I'm feeling a little better. Very tender breasts, going to call the dr. Monday morning Just in case. I just over did it. I felt so good but lesson learn. From now on I will take it easy! Has anyone had a suture sticking out of steri strip at 2wk post op??

No harm done!

Feel so much better! No damage done! Sutures hanging out on side of steri strip normal. No infection, will be tender for a few days. I feel so much better!! Will take it easy from now on:-)

Day 20 post op

Wow 20 days have gone by very fast! I sleep on my side with no discomfort, I haven't heard anymore gurgling sounds lately. My boob greed is gone. I love my boobies more and more every day. They are dropping slowly, can't wait till I see the final outcome. Met with Dr. Deluca today to have my suture out, he is happy with the results. Informed to start massaging. I got the ok to workout again, no heavy upper arm lifting. My nipples are not as sensitive!! My incison sites feel good, they only itch once in a while. this has been the best decision I have ever made in my life and I would do it in a heart beat!!! I wish everyone the best and happy holidays:-)


Time is flying by! I love my boobs more and more. There dropping finally, lol! I haven't got sized yet bc the keep getting bigger!! I'm wearing soft stretchy bra's right now. I love seeing the changes each week and Dr. Deluca said they will keep looking better!!!!! I'm very happy with my choice of 500/550cc. My confidence is at a high, and my sex life is amazing! I don't massage everyday bc I forget, they feel great.

For all you girls out thinking about a sizeing I'm 5'3 and 500's don't look fake at all. I'm so happy I went bigger!! look at my pic's. I wish you all the best.

My question for the ladies who had BA, do you sleep in a bra? Sometimes I don't but the next day I feel very tender. When can I sleep all the time without a bra??

1 month update

Hello all, I'm 1month post op and here are a few things that i experience. My breast are finally forming a nice shape and dropping. Under my nipple and the bottom portion of my breast is still a little numb. The sensitively has decreased alot, but still there. I massage once in awhile, dr said they soften as time going on. I don't wear alot of underwire bra's yet bc they hurt my scar. I sleep in a bra every night. I wear the yellow bra in the pic, its great for support. Not wearing a bra at night my breast were very tender and sore. I can sleep in my side now!!! Overall I'm in love with my breast! I feel very complete, and confident. I finally have cleavage and loving it!! I went to lord n Taylor and VS to get sized, I'm 34dd and I'm very happy with the size. I will do another update at 3 months.

I want to thank all the women who shares there stories. This has helped me with choosing a implant size and has given me so much support with this BA . I will always be great full!!

Working out

I do karate 3x a week normally. I took a 3 months off to let my body rest and adjust to the new changes to my body. I put on a few lbs from all this good holiday food, lol. So today was day 2 back to karate and my breast are sore! Pull-ups were horrible! I could only do 1 :-( I do alot of upper arm work outs which was very tough today. How long does it take to get all your upper arm strength back ?? My ps knows I do karate and no fighting until 6 months. I'm ok with that, but I can't even do 5 push up!!!
Please help me with any advise!

Typo, sorry

Sorry for all the typo. I write from my iPhone. I mean push ups. Thanks again.

Update :-)

I'm almost 2 months along, and I can't say enough how I made the best choice with having BA. I feel confident, I feel so happy. I love my results, I can't say enough about my ps. He did a great job. I already sent 2 of my friends to him. I can now push they together, I have great cleavage in my shirts. I'm a 34dd which I'm over the moon about. I'm always smiling bc I feel really good. My scar is a little tender, I don't put any cream on them. I'm letter Mother Nature take its course.

Pic did not upload

Sorry pic did not upload, and typos, lol
I'm post op 6 1/2 wks

2 1/2 month post op

I think they are finally started to take a n

2 1/2 post op

Sorry update did not upload. So my girls are shaping nicely. Thank god that box breast look is gone, lol.
At this time they are still firm but softening a little. I don't massage that much, that could be the cause of the not softening. Working out is so much better, push ups not an issue. Not much change. They say final results are 6months to a yr. but I have no swelling and I think they are all done dropping. If my final results are now, I'm very happy! I'm 34d in most bras. Vs says 34dd but I like more cleavage, so I buy 34d. My breast feel like there mine, I have no pain and loving everyday with them. I do have to say the best part of having high profile is even when I don't have a bra on my cleavage still looks great!!!
I wish all the girls out there happy healing:)

5 month update!!!!

Like the rest of you time has flew by. My breast have change alot. I now sleep with out a bra at night, no more numbness or any discomfort. My breast feel real and soft. I massage once in a while, but my ps said they would softner on there own, and they did!! Last time I massage was about a month ago.
Right now I wear 34D or 34DD depending on the bra. I love them
so much!! This is the best decision I have ever made. Happy healing to all :-)

Update after 1 yr!!!

Hey girls, it's been over a year now and I still love my breast! I'm over the boob greed it did last a while though. Couple things did happen, I scar not so well, and formed keloids to both incisions. At 8 months I started steroid injection to both sites. I had one tx to each area. The steroid flatten and widen the scars. That scars were purple in color, and the right side scar was very thin. I didn't like how the right scar looked and was concerned about how thin the scar was. My ps is wounderful and understood my concerns, had a revision to the right scar. I'm very happy with results.
I love the hp shape of my breast, they are soft, I have great cleavage, and a small space btw my breast. I still don't regret anything!!
If you scar like me be prepared, you won't have a small scar. I'm ok with that, I just want to to be flat. Also my scars are still purple, it can take a long time to fade. I now this from experience, I had surgery on my foot and took 2 yrs for the scar to fade. Sun can help, I can't wait till summer. My husband doesn't even notice the scars, he loves my breast! My ps did a great job with scar placement, it in the crease pectfectly, it not noticeable.
Overall I would do this again in a heart beat! I feel sexy, and confident. I've already sent 3 people to my ps and they also have great results. I can't thank him enough for changing my life!!!
My next journey is Lipo, I'm going to start a new post on that soon. Happy healing to you all and I wish you all the best!

Post op-16 months

Hey girls not much new going on. I'm post op 16 months, I had a revision to the right scar bc I keloid. The scar is still purple but will change color as time passes. After the revision I used a steroid strip and now the scar is flat!! I'm still in love with breast, my ps did a wonderful job and listen to my concerns about my scarring. I have no regrets, the size is good for my frame. Now everything has settled, my bra size that I'm wearing is 36c. Breast are soft and squishy. I wish I had did this in my 20's!!! Happy healing to all the women out there!

Dr. Deluca is wonderful!! He listen to all my needs. I had a couple requests and a look I was going for. I asked for a small gap btw my breast, full breast and great cleavage. Also I informed him that I scar really bad (keloid) and I was scared of the outcome. Dr.Deluca reassured me they he could fulfill all my requests. He chose hp 500/550cc UM. The outcome is exactly what I ask for. As for my scars, no keloid and looks great too!! I can't thank him enough of his Great work. His staff is wonderful and polite. I called his nurse about a concern I had, the nurse called me right back. Deluca office is very clean, I never been rescheduled for app. They care about your service and experience. I saw three other Dr. In the Albany area and Deluca is the only one who had the best service and could fulfill all my request. I can't say enough great things about him!

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