Invisalign with AcceleDent - Female Late 30's, Overbite with Crowding - El Cerrito, CA

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I just began my Invisalign journey and haven't...

I just began my Invisalign journey and haven't been with it long enough to know if it was worth it or not. I'm just about to begin tray 2 of 18 and will get my AcceleDent device at around tray 3. It would be nice if I could have it from the start, but I think my ortho wants to ensure I understand how to use the Invisalign trays properly first. The cost is very high, so I really hope it's worth it!!

Onto the second tray!

I wore the first set for 2 weeks and just switched to the second set of trays. I didn't encounter any discomfort at all with the first set, although I did notice that they did become much easier to remove/insert after about a week.
Switching to the second set of trays was a bit..... fun, shall we say?
The second set of trays has the indentations in them for the attachments that I'll be getting next week, but the attachments aren't yet on my teeth. So, they look funny. The bottom tray fits well (after my Chewies!) but the top tray fits awfully. So terribly that I had to call my orthodontist. The trays don't sit flush to my upper canines and jut out a but, so my lips catch on them. After a quick visit to my ortho, she agreed something was off with the upper tray as my third set fit very well.
We may just switch to the third set early (next week) and get started with AcceleDent to help speed along the transition.
Fingers crossed!
Until then, hope my lips don't bleed/fall off!

Getting better every day!

I received my Clincheck photos today, and got even more excited, despite my sore jaw :) My orthodontist reviewed the photos and video with me prior to ordering the trays, but it's nice to have the photos to refer to and remember the 'finish line' that I'm striving for.

AcceleDent - What's the deal?

I got a couple of questions about AcceleDent, so I figured I'd try and answer them for everyone here. Full disclosure, though - I haven't actually received my AcceleDent yet (I'll get it at my next appointment).

My total cost of treatment is $7,400, which includes AcceleDent.
The treatment cost alone is $6,500, which leaves the AcceleDent cost at $900.

Can I just say - I WISH I had received the device already. Last night was a doozy. My jaw has been really sore and I got a pretty bad headache. However, I do suffer from migraines and get headaches pretty easily so what triggered a headache for me may not have for anyone else.
It really helped to keep chewing on my 'Chewies' and keep the circulation going. I imagine that's what the AcceleDent will facilitate more easily (can't wait for my daily mouth massages!!)

Hope this helps!!

Orthodontics in your 30's?! Why???

Why on earth would a woman in her 30's go for orthodontic treatment?

Mainly cosmetics, but a couple of practical reasons as well:
- I've never been happy with my teeth. As a child, I had a gap between my 2 front teeth and an overbite but my parents couldn't afford the suggested orthodontic treatment at the time. Instead, the dentist used bonding to bridge the gap. Over time, I had veneers placed on my 2 front teeth. Ugh. I hate them. They look like cheese bricks in my mouth.
- Not treating my prior orthodontic needs has led to other issues. My overbite causes me to occasionally bite the inside of my lip very badly (oww!). Plus, now that my wisdom teeth are out, my teeth are kind of doing their own thing in my mouth and shifting around as they please.
- Another issue that has been caused by untreated prior orthodontic needs is a lisp. Oh man, it just keeps getting worse over the years. I sound like I'm 6 again.
**Inserting the Invisalign trays exacerbated my lisp, but I got used to it quickly and the lisp is no longer noticeable.

Anyway, with a projected treatment plan of 18 trays, there's a good chance I'll be done by October thanks to AcceleDent (barring any refinements). Time goes by so quickly - I'll be smiling more broadly by the end of the year and can't wait!!

Attachment and AcceleDent start day!

I had my 3-week appointment today, and it went pretty well. All of my attachments were added (15 of them - yikes!) and I was given my AcceleDent.
My tracking is going very well, so I was able to skip ahead to tray 3. I was also able to skip ahead because there is some sort of defect with my second set of trays so my ortho is concerned with me wearing them too long.
Anyway, the process of having the attachments added was pretty quick. I was in/out of the office within an hour (took some extra time so they could introduce me to AcceleDent). I will have some IPR done to my bottom teeth in a month, so at least I know what I'm in for!
I could feel the attachments 'pushing' extra hard on my teeth right away. It probably had something to do with skipping ahead to tray 3 too. After using my AcceleDent for the recommended 20 minutes, I felt SO much better! I can only describe it as the feeling you get after you've already worn the trays for a good 5 or 6 days and your teeth are already starting to adjust. Luckily, AcceleDent is helping me wiggle into them faster! My jaw was pretty sore before I used my AcceleDent too, but not any more.

Ahhhh, AcceleDent! Only one day using it, but I love it already!

Looking pretty awkward!

I just noticed that the photo I attached to my prior review didn't get attached for some reason - so here goes!

Hi. I hate attachments. (but I LOVE AcceleDent!)

One unexpected side effect of having Invisalign is that it's made me an oral hygiene freak. I've come to love certain flosses and toothpastes and really appreciate the feeling of a fresh, clean mouth. With 15 attachments in, I can never really achieve that clean feeling, unfortunately. My teeth always feel dirty because there's literally crap stuck to them! They always feel like there's gunk between them or on them. I'm really just not into the whole attachment ordeal, but understand they are a necessary evil to help speed my tooth movement along.
Speaking of which..
Maybe it's just me, but I really think that my top teeth are starting to look a little straighter. My bite is slowly but surely becoming less deep as well (helloooo bottom teeth! I see you!). I can see progress in room being made with my bottom teeth, too. There are little spaces being created to give them room to move. Small progress is better than none!

Tray 4 out of 18, almost done! Switching to tray 5 in 2 days!!

AcceleDent has been AWESOME. I've been able to switch trays every 7 days. By the time that 7th day comes, I'm definitely ready to move on. I was worried at first when I was told I'd be switching so quickly that it was TOO fast and I'd be shortchanging my treatment time, but that's not the case at all.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Anyone else HATE their attachments?
Dr. Imi Song

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