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After reading countless amounts of people rave...

After reading countless amounts of people rave about these wraps aka "skinny" wraps, I thought I'd give it a try. Let me just say these work but NOT in the way that they are advertised and the same results can be achieved literally using just plastic wrap and an electric blanket. First off, these don't "shrink fat cells" nor do they "flush toxins" (do people even know what toxins are?), your KIDNEYS flush out toxins. Some companies tell you to drink half your body weight in water while using these, which contrary to popular belief, eliminates excess bloating itself. The REAL reason these temporarily cut off inches is because you're just sweating out water weight, period. There's absolutely no logical reason to pay $100 for something you can get the same results with for less than a $1.

Web MD article

There's been controversy regarding my post as I expected, and I actually did find an article on Web MD going into more detail on these wraps. Long story short, it IS water weight loss and it is temporary.
The article is titled "Body Wraps: What to Expect"
By Kathleen Doheny
Reviewed by Debra Jaliman, MD

You can Google it for more information. That aside, people are welcome to purchase and use these wraps if they feel they are worth the temporary results. For some people they might be, I would prefer to stick tot he saran wrap and serum method myself.
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