Mommy Makeover 4/19/13 (Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift) - Alaska, AK

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My mommy make over is scheduled for 4/19/2013. I...

My mommy make over is scheduled for 4/19/2013. I cannot ever remember having a "normal" body. My first child was born when I was 15 years old and my body was forever changed. It have always wanted to have a tummy tuck to correct the skin and streatch marks.. I currently weigh 135lbs with a goal weight of 125lbs. I don't diet but I try to eat well and take care of myself. I enjoy going to the gym;I love the elliptical! As far as weight trainning I love circult training! The bottom line is it does not matter how many times I go to the Gym I can never lose this tummy!

I am looking forward to having a flat stomach; which I have NEVER had. I will still have streatch marks (10lb baby).. but that's okay!

My biggest worry right now is the recovery time! Summer is comming up fast and we are active family and plenty of work to do!

Thank you for all your comments! This community...

Thank you for all your comments! This community has answered so many questions for me! I am so thankful to have found this resource! I’m still worrying about recovery time. I have to go back to work 10 days PO. I do have a desk job so that's helpful. Summer begins around the end of May so I have a good month to get better! I hope that enough time to be healed enough to enjoy myself! Our summers are short! I have a couple questions for folks! My surgeon says we are going to do a full tummy tuck and a small vertical incision to get the best result. I don't know yet exactly how high the vertical incision will go but it will be below the belly button. She said some patients don't like it because they can't wear super low bikinis.. I said haha.. Look at these stretch marks.. I'll never wear a super low bikini anyway! Any feedback on this technique? Pros- cons? I want the best result! I will also have lipo around the hips. The surgeon says after a tummy tuck and as we get older fat gravitates to this area so it’s important to lipo to prevent this. In addition she will remove fat in the area above my belly bottom. As far as muscle repair; my separation isn’t to bad so just a little work there! I’m told I will have a very nice defined look in the upper stomach area when all is said and done! I am also getting a breast lift without implants. Can we just say my body has deflated over the years! I am a deflated D! I’m curious what will happen to my cup size after the procedure. If curious if I’ll be smaller after the procedure or just perky. I have so many questions for the surgeon but my preop is still a week away! Can anyone comment on the normal amount of activity after 2 weeks? Walking around, trips to the store, work, etc? Based on what I read it seems ladies have commented that they get very tired by the end of the day. It sounds like you have only enough energy to do what you have to the first month.. Mizlucy- My tummy tuck sister! :) Look forward to following your progress here!

The countdown has begun! My mommy makeover is in...

The countdown has begun! My mommy makeover is in 12 hours! Hope I can sleep tonight!
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