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Ok so I have heard so much about this new...

Ok so I have heard so much about this new procedure and how it originated in Europe somewhere. I was always for fascinated about this magic shot that dissolves the fat from your body. Throghout the past 5 years I heard that it was here in the US and was hearing that celebrities were having it done. After finding a doctor here in Alaska I decided to give it a try. Well, I had my first treatment on Wednesday - 2 days ago. My dr. was very straight forward with me and told me what to expect and there WAS downtime and that she did not know why people were making it sound like there was no downtime. She first used an ultrasound and then placed bags of ice on the area being treated. I really didn't feel much from the needles until she poked an area that had not been chilled by the ice packs. But even then, the prick feeling was not all that bad. I was swelling by the time I left the office and the next morning I threw up but I'm thinking it is from the painkillers because I am very sensitive to meds. At any rate, I did end up taking the day off of work due to the fact that I was sick and was very sore. I bruised and am still bruised big time and still sore but the soreness is going away each hour. I have noticed that the jelly like feeling is moving down further throughout my body which my dr did tell me. I have started going number 2 a bit more than normal. I cannot wear any of my pants as I am so swollen I don't even fit them. I hope it goes down. At this point I am hoping and praying that I see good results. I will go back and have my second treatment done when I feel ready to do so. They say to wait a full 4 weeks so that is what I am going to do. Sucks that summer is right around the corner and I may be swollen all summer. I will keep everyone updated and will post pics as soon as I take some.

It's been 8 weeks since my 2nd procedure and I am...

It's been 8 weeks since my 2nd procedure and I am going in for my last one this week.  I have begun to see dramatic results.  My sides have gotten so much leaner and I am becoming a true believer in this procedure.  I was initially going to wait until this area was complete before deciding if I wanted to proceed with the other areas I wanted to treat, and now, I am sold and ready to begin the arms and thighs.  I have been doing more research on this procedure and from what I have found out - it depends on the area and the type of fat if it will work or not.  I totally believe that as I had a little area of my tummy done as well.  The area didn't respond at all to the procedure.  I'm thinking the reason why is because I had tummy surgery in the past and the area I wanted to treat is probably just skin and not fat.  I am thinking my thighs and arms will respond well - because they have that cottage cheese type fat that lipodissolve tends to work well with.  I'm excited!  I will take pictures this time and post them.

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