36 DD to a Small C - Alaska, AK

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I have been wanting this for years! I'm 27 5'4 and...

I have been wanting this for years! I'm 27 5'4 and 140ibls ..I'm normally 120 ibls but I fractured my ankle and gained 20 ibls and having a really hard time loosing it bc my boobs are way to hard to do any real work outs with!! I have a very big family and it's mostly all women. My mom has 6 sisters. I have by far the biggest boobs out of everyone. I've grown up being constantly reminded of them! People feel the need to tell me "your boobs are huge!!" All the time... As if I didn't know! I went to a private catholic school my whole school life. Most of the girls there are small and perfect. I'm small but my boobs always make my shirts stick out so no matter what it looks like I have a belly. So I always felt way out of place. I'm finally deciding to have this surgery bc I can not take the shoulder pain and feeling of having a heavy backpack on my chest any longer!! I love hiking! I would love it even more if I didn't feel so heavy!
I really thought the dr would tell me no but when he saw them and saw how small my body frame is he said he was surprised I lasted that long! My insurance is paying for it.. Thank goodness! Otherwise I'd be in pain forever, no way could afford it.
My surgery is Friday the 13 ...good thing I'm not superstitious lol
I was told to buy a Cotten bra that snaps in the front.. Just wondering do I buy the size I am now or the size I will be??
The picture I posted was when I was 130 ibls...I shoved my poor boobs into that top! Had to constantly reposition them to keep from falling out :( I'm so looking forward to wearing bathing suits and not having to constantly worry about my boobs!
Thanks for reading and thanks everyone for sharing your stories they have been really helpful!
I look forward to sharing my journey now :)

Nerves are kicking in..

I go in at 8am and it's 1am lol I don't know how ill sleep.
I'm nervous bc my PS is a military appointed PS. He is board certified has been a PS for 25 years and has done breast reductions before but I never got to see any of his work. I think I would feel much better if I could. He is only here in alaska for two weeks and does surgerys then the next week he does all the follow up appts and then leaves. I'm really nervous about him leaving and not knowing who I will be going to after he leaves.. I know it will be another surgeon but still would rather it be the same guy that did it. He comes back every six months so I know he's done all this many many times before so it will be ok. I will post before and after pics prob sat or sun depending on how I feel. Will try and go back to bed and get some sleep.

Surgery is done!

Thank you everyone for all the good luck comments :).
My surgeon and nurses were great. Everyone was so nice and kept reassuring me I'd be ok. Waking up for Surgery I was extremely nauseated..really surprised I didn't throw up. The pain in my boobs was more like a burn but they fixed that right up. Any movement right now hurts but it's nothing excruciating. I like the way they look through the bra. It feels weird to see them so high up..weird in a good way of course :). I didn't need drain tubes so that's a huge thumbs up from me lol I really didn't want them!
It's my husbands squadron Christmas party tomorrow I hope I will feel okay to go for at least a hour. It's right down the road for us so won't have to go very far.
I will try and get some pics up tomorrow. Thanks again everyone for the kind words!

Before and after pics

Just got my first look and I must say it's ever a shock when you first see them..they don't feel like they are mine yet lol. My pain is mostly when lying down and getting back up. Now taking my meds every 6 hours instead of 4.

Forgot the after picture

Also did anyone else have trouble standing up straight? I have to walk hunch backed


Really swollen last night, not so much today but my right side on my rib cage is def swollen. I feel like I need to put ice or something :(. I went to the Christmas party last night and decided when I got home that I prob should not have gone lol it takes so much energy to get dressed and stupid me I had to wear a sweater. Putting that sweater on and taking it off was a lot of work. Should have stuck to a button down shirt. I probably wouldn't be so swollen if I had. Last night it was impossible to get comfortable and lifting my arms was out of the question. I have only gotten out of bed 3 times today and have noticed that it's a little easier each time to sit up. I'm so ready to feel better. I hate having to constantly ask my husband for things. I hope I didn't mess up anything by pushing myself last night :( anyone have any advice on how to get swelling to go down? Or what's the best position to lay down for swelling? I know on the back of course , but a lot or pillows or just two?
I'm also typing from a iPad so I apologize if some words seem out of place ..autocorrect has a mind of its own


Took my first shower today. Even blow dried and straightened my hair. A hour later I was very tired lol.
Had my first follow up yesterday. Dr said everything looks great and I'm doing good. They removed 2.8 ibls off me!! I was very shocked that it was that much. I was always in denial about how big they really were.
My swelling has gone down and the only pain I have is when bending down or pushing myself to much.
I want to type more but very tired. I hope to have some more recent picture soon :)

Update pictures

Can't believe tomorrow will already be one week since I've had surgery. I added a update pic had to hold out the iPad in front of me ..iPad takes horrible quality pics. Still have the old tape on. They told me to leave it on till the 30. I still have a little bit of discharge from the right side. Is this normal? It doesn't smell and almost looks like the disinfectant they use to clean your skin befor surgery. So I'm not sure if I should worry or not. I will give the dr a call tomorrow just to be safe.

Ready to be healed!!

I have never wanted to sleep on my side so badly!!!! My butt is sore from having to sleep elevated and on my back. I'm ready for this whole healing process to be done with! Ok done complaining lol
Anyways.. Tried on my old bathing suit top last night and it was def a big realization that my old boobs were gone! The top was to big :D I wish I would have thought to do a before pic in it so can see the huge difference. No boob bulging out the side. It's very exciting!! I added a few pictures that make me happy to see how small they are now :)

2nd post op visit

Had my second post op visit today. Took the tape off. It didn't hurt at all like I thought it would. I was waiting to see a big nasty incision and such but was really shocked to see how thin it was and clean. Doctor is really impressed with my healing! He put clean tape back on. The past few days I had been having some pain and burning but I think it was the old tape wanting to come off and was getting to tight. Now with the new tape I feel so much better! I'm still walking with a hunch, not as bad as at first but it's still there. I get tired VERY easily. I have no energy to try on clothes or new bras. Dr said that's also normal bc of how rough this surgery is on your body. He said I should keep sleeping elevated bc it helps them heal and fall at a nice round shape. I'm now a big B or a small C depending where I get bras from. VERY HAPPY With that size!!! Posted some pics. The first one is from 3 days ago with the old tape and the second is from today with new fresh tape :)
Hope everyone is doing great!


Forgot to post pics lol :|

Need advice!!

Everything was going great and now I have a problem :(. The t junction has a small hole and it kinda smells .. What do I need to do? I'm kinda freaked out! It doesn't hurt or anything . I took the tape off. Should I keep my bra off too? Any help would be greatly appreciated


So went to the ER. It's the only way I could get any advice. Even though this is really common..The military is weird that way. They gave me non stick dressings and said everything looks ok. No infection or anything like that. I have to go in Wednesday to see my surgeon just so he can make sure everything's still going on the right track.
I'm extremely nauseated right now. I hate going into ER or hospital bc I always have had a low immune system and I catch everything so easy! So I'm hoping my nausea is not a stomach flu.
Thank you everyone for all the helpful advice. I love this website! I think all plastic surgeons should refer their patients to it before surgery. Everyone is so helpful and going through or went through the same things. I'm just so glad I found it :)

I feel horrible!

I have the worst body aches and chills I've had in years! I have had no fever all day but just checked it and it's 99.5. I'm hoping it doesn't keep rising. My husband wouldn't be to happy if I woke him up to bring me to the ER again. Just gotta hold out till the morning and then can go to the dr. I didn't get my flu shot this year, kinda kicking myself for that. I'm not very worried about this being all from a infection. But it's in the back of my mind. I've had this happen to me twice before after being in a hospital and ER. Just kinda having a bummer two days :( hopefully Tom is better

Feeling better!

Yesterday was a rough day! I haven't been that sick in years! had to force myself to drink fluids and only ate 3 crackers all day. I switched from Tylenol to Advil and it finally broke my 100 degree fever after having it for hours! I blame myself for getting so sick. I haven't been eating or sleeping great since my surgery. Now with this opening I realized I need to make some changes! Thank you to the ladies who suggested Zinc and vitamin C. I had no idea that they helped heal wounds!! I'm def getting some tomorrow!!
I'm adding a picture collage of me in my wedding dress photoshoot. I felt so pretty that day except for my boobs! I had to see every picture after it was taken to make sure my boobs didn't look gross. Which was almost all of them :(. I really want to retake pictures in my dress just so I can look normal in them! My dress will have to be taken in A LOT and I'm perfectly happy with that :)

5 weeks!!

Yesterday I made 5weeks. So close to the 6 week mark!! Yay!!
I wasn't sure I was going to update bc I don't really have a positive attitude these past few days. I don't want scare anyone off from doing this surgery. Everyone heals differently. My body's just taking it's time. I felt better at one week than I do now. My boobs do not hurt, it's my lower back and shoulders. I get drained of energy very quickly! I get out of breath and have to take big deep breaths when I feel my energy drop. I've had to take two pain pills this week. Really thought I was done with the pills. But on the good side I love my new boobs and the size and shape. The holes that opened are finally healing right. I keep them covered with neosporen and non stick guase.
I'm finally able to sleep a little on my side at night but still elevated.
I started taking my vitamin D again twice a day. They help me deal with this Alaskan winter. I grew up on the beach so this lack of sunlight I think is what gets me down. I vacuumed today for the first time. Husband has been doing it an he hates it lol. When I was done I realized I was not ready for it. Back pain and labored breath. So that was it for me today lol adding new pics.. The pics of the holes were from Monday and they look better even in just a few days. I had to stand in the natural light to get them to show up so the redness of the scars is a little dramatic. They are not that read.
Also a update of the front. Still some scabs and bruising all of a sudden but in some spots around the nipple it's fully healed and closed :).

2 months down!!!

Today makes two months since my surgery.. And what a long two months it's been! I had to take a break from this website.. Even though I love it .. My last update I was feeling really down and it took me a few days to realize that I was thinking about my boobs and all the things I was feeling and couldn't do WAY to much! So I decided I needed to stay away from the website and spend much time looking at my boobs. I was really upset about my T holes opening. So I would only change my guase twice a day and would make it quick as possible.. If not I would stare and be upset for like 30 min lol. After a week of not paying much attention to my boobs, I noticed I had a more positive attitude and finally have a little more energy. My holes are completely closed and healing great! I tried to get a pic but my skin is to fair to even see what's wrong with it.
Now at 2 months out I'm feeling so so soooo much better!! I'm power walking for 25-30 min on my treadmill everyday doing ab and some arm work outs. I'm not running I don't feel comfortable with it Yet. I had some bad problems with constipation and it was kind of scary bc I felt that I should have been over that part already but dr said it can take some people 3-6 months to get the anthesia completely out. I used fish oil and finally it helped and that problem is gone. I know that's probly a TMI subject lol but I've seen a few reviews with women who have the same problem. I think that was the worst part of this whole experience. Just know you're not alone!!
Just Over the past 3 weeks I've really noticed the feeling of my big boobs being gone. I feel so much lighter. My posture is better. I have more energy!
On my first review I wrote about how I love hiking and couldn't wait to see what hiking would feel like without big heavy boobs.. We have been hiking a few times and it's SO much better!! It feels like I've been freed from a straight jacket thT had weights!! I love it! I can keep up with my husband and walk up hill with no problems. I cannot wait for this summer!! This surgery has been worth everything I've been through!
I'm finally able to sleep on my side for a few minutes. I still have some swelling and lower back pain from sleeping elevated. I'm a 36 but had to wear a 40 for most of the time but about two weeks ago I was able to move down to a 38 and it's starting to get a little loose.
My boobs seem a little uneven but I'm not to worried about it bc I know I'm still swollen so I'm not going to let myself worry about it.
I had so much I wanted to write but like always I forget it all the second I start lol I plan on updating again in a week or two. I defiantly won't go a month with out updating again :)
It's really hard to get a good picture of them the lighting in our house makes my incisions look so much redder than they are, and the pics are so blurry after 30 takes this is the best one lol

3 months!

I've decided to do on a month updates. I never know what to write for me to do more than that. 3 months down .. So crazy to think how fast it's gone by. I feel pretty good. I still have a few zingers and some numbness around my arm pit area. I go for my 3 month appt soon and will have to talk about removing the skin that's hanging around my scar guess it's a dog ear? I figured I would have them bc of how big and heavy my old boobs were ..they pulled on a lot of skin so now that stretched skin has no where to go.
I'm still very happy about the size and shape. It's surreal to think that I can go braless with some tops if I want to :)!! Never in my life would I have thought that I'd be able to do that. I'm ready to go buy new normal bras and a proper sports bra and get the ok from the dr to start running again. Very happy to say that I have not gained a single pound throughout this whole recovery process. I was worried all that sitting around would make me gain weight so that a relief.
I went snowboarding a few days ago and it was really hard to get my balance right.. I kept falling forward and I never used to fall. Guess will have to relearn my stance now that I've lost the "weights" off my chest.
I love the feeling of being able to stand up straight and not have shoulder pain :)
Adding a few pics. One is just a front view and other is of the skin that needs to be removed and one is of me snowboarding enjoying my life :)
Still very very very happy that I've done this surgery!

3rd post op visit

Had my 3 month post op visit Tuesday. It went very well! My dr was so pleased at how well I'm healing and how well I followed all his instructions. He said out of all the different types of surgery he does, it's the breast reduction patients that listen and take care of themselves the best. He asked me why and I said bc it's a hell of a recovery! lol I think we listen so well bc we want nothin more than to get better and go out and start living the lives we have been dreaming of. I know that's what made me listen and take care of myself lol I didn't want one thing I did wrong to set me back a day in the healing process. It sucked .. I hated taking it easy and sitting so much but it pays off and the recovery just flys by when you stop thinking about it so much.
I go back in two weeks two have my tiny dog ear on the right side removed and then I will be done :)!!
I'm in the market for a good running sports bra. I don't want them to move at all!! Lol any suggestions would be great!
Adding two pictures that have been with me through out these 3 months. First one is from my best friend the day after my surgery. She sent it to me in a text and under it she wrote "look it's the old you lol" and I laugh everytime I see it bc I know it was me lol but not anymore!!! Just a reminder that they are gone and it's pretty funny :)
Second picture is a quote that helped me take recovery day by day and get over those rough days. I had a lot of days with zero energy ad thoughts of nothing else but getting better and then I saw this and it woke me up. I am so much better and can't believe I would let myself get sad about recovering. So all you ladies that are having the post op blues .. It will get better!! :)
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