Final Checkup went grrrreat!!!

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I am a 27 year old mother of three boys (ages 10,...

I am a 27 year old mother of three boys (ages 10, 8 & 5) 5ft 1inches and weigh 129 pounds. At my largest during my first pregnancy I got up to the 200’s so my body is pissed off and not really wanting to bounce back, I am however very thankful for my health which I try not to take for granted.

I made my first declaration that I would be getting a boob job when I was just 13 years old to my parents, even at that age I knew that I was doomed with the family genetics of curvy hips and not so curvy breasts.

My decision to get a tummy tuck became concrete earlier this year when my middle child saw my stomach and said “What’s wrong with your belly Mom? It looks funny!” Then my husband laughed and said my belly button puckered at him…they were not my favorite people at that moment ;-P Grrrrr lol!

The more I thought about it the more I realized that I have NEVER EVER been able to show any skin or been able to wear any fitted tops because of my love handles. Gosh how liberating would that freedom be to not constantly hike my jeans up so I don’t muffin out? I am so ready to say goodbye to the pucker face belly and stretch marks that riddle my skin.

The first thing I did was research and by research I mean scour the internet for any videos of the actual surgeries, read all of the good and bad literature about BA & TT and of course looking at lots of photos…my favorite part was trying to figure out what look I desired the most for my poor deflated girls up top. I will be asking to go as large as I can go without adding more risk of complications, blow these balloons back up baby!!

My predicament now is…do I get the BA in December a few short months away and then the TT sometime hopefully late next year OR do I do them both at once and wait until I have the time off available in March??? It’s almost a question of instant gratification or the waiting game. I am also worried about the combo pain but then again doing it in two separate operations would mean two down times mentally and physically. Any words of wisdom or advise? HELP!!!

Today I posted a photo of my side profile where I...

Today I posted a photo of my side profile where I am very obviously itty bitty up top and another with a rice sizer of 500cc. I want to be as full up top as possible but don't want the girls to hinder my running or make me look heavier which I think 500 might do but I was making frowny faces when I reduced sizes. Obviously it is a personal choice that is up to me but does anyone have insight on this? Thanks for helping you lovely ladies, happy healing!!

I went to my consultation today and am feeling...

I went to my consultation today and am feeling great!!! Plus, I was able to sneak in a second doctor Michael Manuel MD to do his consult too since he and Jana Cole MD work in the same office a super surprise and it saved me $50 yeah baby!!

Both docs said that I almost need a lift but for now a 400cc mod+ implant will lift me enough to still be perky and have a good aesthetic look. When I tried on the sizers I thought for sure my husband would want me to go bigger (with the bigger is better mind set) but I was pleasantly surprised we had the same eye for my body. Now for the tummy tuck I was told I would have good results and would need lipo on my flanks BUT most of my love handles is not fat but rather extra skin so I may not get the smooth sides that I so desire :**( Anyone else get this news?

So now down to the nitty gritty...I will be splitting up my surgeries and getting my breasts done on December 14th for $6100. My husband is getting assigned military training early next year and after that the kids are out of school so I can wait about a year to do both together OR I can do breasts now and tummy later to have some satisfaction, I mean c'mon I am after all American and love instant gratification lol! Another main reason to split them up is because I love the way Dr. Cole does breasts and the way Dr Manuel does tummy tucks and since they are both in the same office I get a $400 discount for a second procedure which I feel is the best of both worlds. I am so damn excited that I am getting this process started!!! YAY!!!

Well I am not sure how to feel about this but I...

Well I am not sure how to feel about this but I went to my Allergy and Astma appointment and was given and oral steriod to help with asthma and inflammation. The script is for 20 days which will leave 10 days before my BA...I'm going to call my PS Office but I am really nervous as to what they are going to say about this, I really hope they don't cancel (fingers crossed).

Not to mention the side effects of steriods i.e. emotional ups and downs, swelling, and weight gain. The last time I took this type of med I ended up with temporary breast swelling which just isn't good when it comes to getting your breasts done and belly fat. I am kind of throwing my hands up here until I call the PS tomorrow....I hope they give me good news *sigh

To bring you up to date... I went in for a...

To bring you up to date...

I went in for a second sizing and fell in love with the 500cc Moderate Plus Profile because I did not want my clothing to hide my enhancement, if I am going for it I want it to count ;-) My surgeon said that the size was fine and that I was broad enough to handle the implant, she even said that she would try to overfill the implant a bit but would determine the final size on the operating table. With boobie greed on my mind I was thinking HELL YEAH!!

The day of Surgery (Breast Enhancement):

I was hungry and everything I was watching on TV or listing to on the radio managed to have food in it which was not fun at all. One good thing about my irritation of being hungry was that I was not nervous, I put on my paper gown, ugly white knee high stockings, and red gripper socks and was given my IV, kissed my Husband goodbye, and was off to the surgery room. They put me on the table, got me comfortable with warm blankets and the Anesthesiologist said "This will help you relax" so I thought cool....then immediately I was knocked out.

Next thing I knew I was professing my undying love to my husband as he was feeding me for the first time that day which was about 5pm, I kept asking him over and over the same questions. When we got home I was out of it but lucid enough to ask for all of the pillows in the house so that I could sleep sitting up.

Every time I ate I threw up, but one nice thing was that after I threw up I felt better. Getting up and down was pretty horrible the first couple of nights, my husband had to slowly push on my back up or lower me down, I just remember a lot of burning when I tried using my arms. At 8 am the next morning I had him call the surgeon and ask my PS what to do about my ace wrap because I couldn't breath, she was very nice even though he had woke her up and said to unwrap me four times around and then re wrap me more comfortably.

My post op visit to remove my tapes and stitches HOLY SH*T!!! I was not prepared for that to hurt at all my DH said they pulled off a scab with the tapes so that would explain the shock.

I will be starting work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it just because I love the easy going healing process. The Genie Bra has been the best bra for me so far with all other bras I feel pressure and just want to take them off right away. One thing which I am sure is normal is that I am having some burning numbness on my right breast by my nipple, I find myself covering it with my hand when I am getting in and out of bed.

So far I love my breasts, I would have been happier if they would've put more saline in but I was told my body would barely stretch enough for 500 mod+ f/t 500 on the left and 500 mod+ f/t 510 on the right. I look forward to find out what size I once these babies relax and fluff. I am aiming for a 36D which seems highly probable.

My PS said in 3 to 6 months she could go in and add additional saline to the implants, I would think this would void the warranty. Has anyone else ever gone in for a refill? :-P

Cleaned out my closet and I have to say it feels...

Cleaned out my closet and I have to say it feels like such a waste to be getting rid of so many 36A Bras!! While pulling out the small stuff I ran across my Swim Suit and I have to say WOW breasts make a HUGE difference, not to mention the twin girls are encouraging me to lose weight to look even better! So far week 3 I discovered that I was allergic to the scar tapes and now I feel so much better all day long, usually I am ready to rip off the bra after just a few hours. Talk about a major relief.

Cardio is still not a good idea I tried running and it felt bruised when they bounced so I put the treadmill at a walk pace and increased the incline to burn more calories. I'm not sure if I will ever run the way that I did in the past, I hope that I can figure something out. So, in the mean time I am going to continue to take it easy because every night I still feel exhausted. Happy Healing Girls!!

Now at week 5 I noticed that my right side is...

Now at week 5 I noticed that my right side is dropping faster than my left and my nipples are no longer the same size, I wonder if the dropping at different rates has something to do with it? Other than that I am still very happy with my results and size, they look especially fabulous with clothing on but it will be nice once the muscle really starts to relax and they look better.

WORD OF ADVICE: One thing that no one mentioned to me is the boob envy that "friends" feel after they see your happiness and new figure. My personality hasn't changed so it's unfortunate that as women that we feel the need to be competitive and not just enjoying our sisterhood to grow and learn from each other. Keeping positive.

Today was my last follow up, did the traditional...

Today was my last follow up, did the traditional wait in the lobby then wait even longer in the check up room thing. They took my pictures and the assistant was very surprised how well they looked and that the scars look so small and faded since I didn't use the 3M tape ( I massage vitamin E oil and or vitamin E lotion every morning and night).

When my PS finally came in she was very pleased with the final result and said that my Saline feel as soft as Silicone would have with my tissue, who'd a thunk eh?! :D

I did ask about the separation in my breasts when I flex my pecs and she said that was normal and will always happen but the mind will eventually become accustomed and I won't notice, she did give the OK if I decided to start lifting weights with the hubby.

So that is that for the Breast Augmentation Review unless something changes or I get my TT :))) TTFN & Happy Healing you lovely ladies out there!
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Dr. Jana Cole is the one to go to for a beautiful breast augmentation here in Alaska. She is very informative and does what the patient asks even if it is not her own personal preference. I would refer anyone interested in the procedure to her in a heartbeat.

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