27YO. 115LBs, 5Ft3in, Always Been in Good Shape. Healthy Diet. 3 Children (10yo,8yo, 2yo- All Breastfed) Alaska, AK

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I'm a 34Aa bra size can fit in an A-B depending on...

I'm a 34Aa bra size can fit in an A-B depending on the brand of the bra.
Always have had a desire to have fuller boobs. I wanted to wait til after I had children and never breastfeed again.
My tubes are now tied and now that I've remained pretty much the same size my whole life but now my boobs are little more used .
I still remain wishing my boobs were fuller/little larger now more then ever .

Had a consultation with a doctor in my home state that I have fallin in love with the work they have shown me and have gotten my trust . I feel as though I'll be in great hands .
Decided to schedual the surgery when my husband is home after deployment a year from now to help me with the kids while I heal.
We've decided on the gummy bear silicone implants with lifetime warranty . Under the muscle . The scar will be under the boob . No lift is required for me because my nipples have remained high and perky I have a good amount of volume on the bottom but deflated on top . I tried on range of 300cc-350cc .I know 300cc is to small.. I was feeling in love between 325cc-350cc.
Was told if I have trouble choosing to go with the size up cause after they heal and "come down" it'll be like the size down...
But with my tiny frame and being scared of my chest looking wider ... I was told by my doctor what I pick will be almost exactly what I'll get for long term.

I'm terrified of looking "fatter"or wider up top. I don't want to look larger at all, just my boobs ... If that makes sense?...
So I'm debating between 325cc-350cc .. At my pre op apt that will be 3 days befor my surgery .
I will share this concern again with my doctor and will go more off her best judgment for my body type and my concern of the width of the silicon not exceeding my chest on the outside I think..
She had reassured me befor where my implant will sit with how my anatomy is they will stay pretty close inward not so much outward which I liked to hear. I just don't want them to be to wide for me .
I'm also wanting the side boob view of my boobs to be my idea of perfect . ... Decisions decisions.... I'm so excited though.. This is on my mind almost everyday... All day... For years.. And now that I've put my money down and picked a date it's finally happening.. And when my hubby is home also only makes it that much more exciting of a date to look forward to. Let the countdown begin!

I have decided to go with 350cc gummimplants ....

I have decided to go with 350cc gummimplants . Under the muscle. Scare placement will be under the boob. No lift needed.

I was in between having 325cc and 350cc because of my anatomy I'm terrified of looking wider "fatter" up top. And am worried the width of the implant would make my shoulders and everything appear wider.. Which I don't want . I want my boobs to be full looking and I want to have a sexy side boob profile. .. Decisions decisions... I have time to think..

Anchorage Plastic Surgeon

Very clean facility. Such kind friendly staff. My doctors befor and after shots of her work speak great volume to me. It all looks Amazing and she is full of knowledge answers every little question and takes her time with me . She has made me feel confident in her and her team working on me and I'm excited after 3 consultations at other offices in 2 other states even. I now feel excited and lucky to have found her to give me the boobies I've always dreamed of having!

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