Need a Major Make over - Atlanta, GA

I'm 31 years old have two daughters one 9 years...

I'm 31 years old have two daughters one 9 years old and one 3 months old I been wanting a bbl for some time now and. Now I'm ready to take action I have my first consult tho Wednesday @ 11 with the one Ana only dr curves I look his work I did research as well on dr Miami but jus feels I would be happy with dr curves I kno dr curves maybe pricey but I have to pay for wat I want. My goals are jus a nice body with some curves I dt want a. Nicki booty jus something to give me tht good feeling when I put on my clothes and walk out the house I want to turn heads rt now I didn't loose all my. Baby weight so I haven't been happy these past couple months so it's time to do something about it

Have my Surgery Date with Dr Curves

Ok ladies I had my phone consult with Monica from the dr curves office she was really nice went over a lot of things with me very helpful lady she went over with me wat dr curves said so it looks like for me to get tht perfect shape I need a tummy tuck fat grafting to my. Buttocks and hips and lipo to my back area the final price was 17200 im a little discouraged because I have to loose 20 pounds it's hard for me to loose weight but I feel it will be worth it

Feeling nervous

Really scared about the pain I will feel after surgery
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