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I started Invisalign in early September. I quickly...

I started Invisalign in early September. I quickly adjusted although all the tooth brushing gets old really fast. But I have had very little pain and I imagine that Invisalign is superior to wire braces. I can already see progress and I am very excited. Love my dentist and the whole experience. By the way, I am 54 years old and have wanted to straighten my teeth my whole life. I am so happy to be finally doing it!

Tray 19 (beginning)

Tray 19 (beginning)

Tray 20

Not too much going on with the last two trays. It seems like I will have a few that really move my teeth, then nothing for a few trays. It's nice to be on 20 of 28!

Tray 23

Tray 24!

I am almost done with tray 24 of 28! Still not sure about refinements. I have a black triangle between my two bottom teeth that is pretty large and I don't like it! My ortho says he will do IPR and move the teeth closer and that should help! I'm really happy about my progress.

Tray 27 of 28!

Amazing that I am almost done. Very happy with my results. I will most likely have some refinement trays then some cosmetic tweaking because of my uneven gum line and black triangles!

Tray 28/28!

I have been wearing my last tray for the last 3 weeks and will be seeing my ortho tomorrow! The time has flown by! My teeth are not perfect but I am very happy with my progress! I will update after I know the extent of my refinements. I do have a large black triangle between my two lower central incisors because those teeth were overlapping and they are narrower at the bottom. I have very short lips and it is visible when I talk so I will want to have that fixed. Also my upper lateral incisor on the right is still in a little too much but I'm confident it will be fixed! I am so happy I have been able to do this and I am amazed that these little bits of plastic can accomplish so much! I love invisalign!

Final tray ortho visit!

I saw my ortho today and we discussed my progress. I told him I was extremely happy with my results and talked about my problem incisor. I told him I was a little concerned also about the black triangle between my two front lower teeth. He examined me and said he can most likely get it a little better by IPR and a few more additional trays. He said he would also recommend a few more on the top to avoid creating more of an overbite. We decided to do the laser gum contouring today and prep for the veneer for my stubborn lateral incisor. He said the veneer should be done before we do refinement trays because that will affect my treatment plan. My gum over that tooth was a lot lower than on the other side and he quickly removed the excess gum. I was numb and did not feel a thing nor did the veneer prep hurt. The veneer prep was minimal because that incisor was still in a bit from the rest of my teeth. I did not even need a temporary veneer! The tooth was shortened a bit but with my trays in you can barely tell. My gum does not hurt but it is dark around the edges where the laser cauterized it. I will have my permanent veneer I two weeks! I'll update photos then!

Done and waiting for revisions!

I went in and had my veneer placed on my creepy little lateral incisor today and I love it! I hated that one tooth my entire life and it feels amazing to have this fixed! We have decided to do refinements but I'm almost not sure I need or want them anymore! Anyway, my treatment took just about 1 year and my ortho says maybe another 4 months for refinements. I think the next big decision I have to make is what type of retainer I want! So amazing to be almost done!

New Smile

before and after side by side

The side by side photos are amazing! I knew there was a big improvement but until I saw this I wasn't sure how big!

Refinements Tray 1/11!

I decided to do refinements after finishing 28 trays and my trays arrived today. I have 11 refinement trays and will continue to wear them for another 22 weeks! Not too bad but I am getting 7 new attachments and additional IPR to try to close up. The black triangle spaces a little more. My ortho thinks there is room for improvement with regard to this and I have to agree. I was spoiled for the last six weeks with no attachments and by not wearing an upper tray after my veneer! I'll post updated photos after I get my attachments and IPR! I still remain very happy with my results and the quickness of treatment!

Refinement Tray 1/11

With trays after IPR and new attachments!

tray 1/11

New Smarttrack Material!

So I noticed that my new refinement trays are made with Smarttrack material and I have noticed that my aligners are already staining some. I drink coffee with a straw and sometimes tea with them. I sometimes soaked my other aligners with a small amount of bleach diluted with water if they got stained. It appears that the new Smarttrack material turns slightly yellow if you soak in diluted bleach. Anyone else have this experience?

Tray 1/11

I am actually wearing red lipstick! I would have never done that before invisalign!

Revisions! tray 3 of 11

So I am just finishing tray 3 of 11 and I can't really see any changes yet. But I assume any changes in the refinement stage will be very subtle. I am a little frustrated with the new tray material. They discolor a lot more than the old material did. I am very careful with my trays and stopped using the efferdent tablets to clean after I read that they tend to cause the trays to discolor. I am just using dish soap to clean the trays. I also discovered that the bleach I use about once a week to maintain the whiteness of my teeth causes the trays to discolor! After about a week my trays are stained and do not let my white teeth show through the trays. Very disappointing. Oh well, I only have 8 more trays to go and I know the time will pass quickly. I am attaching the latest picture and as I mentioned, I do not see much improvement yet.

Tray 6 of 11 refinements!

January 15, just starting tray 7/11

So worth it!

I just went to my ortho and picked up my last 3 trays! He said everything looks great and I am almost done! It's been an amazing experience and I can't believe how fast the tome went! 7 more weeks and I will get my attachments off and retainers made! My retainer is included and they will make them in the office. I need to have an implant done and possibly a bone graft and I have scheduled the consult with the periodontist. After that is all done I may get the invisalign retainers but that will be after my implants. I am so happy with my results!

Tray 9/11

Refinements Tray 1 and Tray 11

I guess the refinement trays are doing something! I didn't realize I was still having improvement until I put the pictures together to compare!

Tray 10/11

Almost done! I will start my last tray Thursday! So happy with my results and I am very happy with my treatment!

All done!

I had my appointment yesterday and had all of my attachments removed! I'm officially done with my treatment. 28/28 initial trays and 11/11 refinement trays. Can't say that I'm sorry to see them go! But not for long, I pick up my retainers next Friday and will need to wear them 20-22 hours a day for 6 months, then night time wear. I am very happy with my results and cannot believe how fast it went. I do have some minor issues, my teeth are not completely perfect but they are pretty darn close and they are perfect to me. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, tips and encouragement!
Fremont Dentist

I met him at a community festival (he had a booth) and I asked him if I would need to have teeth extracted to get invisalign since I have pretty crowded teeth. He said no, I would not need to have any extractions. I checked out his website and internet ratings and went for it. He is an orthodontist and does a lot of Invisalign. I also like that he treats a lot of adults.

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