NEW PICS! So happy the drain is OUT! lol Getting there!

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I have lost over 130lbs over three years. It was...

I have lost over 130lbs over three years. It was hard work and now I finally will 'see' my new body out from under this tummy! The cost I mentioned is actually for lipo of waist/flank area with the abdominoplasty. I have wanted this for almost 4 years now, but there was always that guilt in spending the money. My weight has been stable at 160lbs and I am 5'4". I will be sure to post pictures of before and after because it is my favorite part of this site!

So today we drove to Dothan and paid the remaining...

So today we drove to Dothan and paid the remaining balance! It was scary, but exhilarating! My pre-op is scheduled for the day before surgery and then I have to be at the hospital at 5am.
I will be driving myself because my husband will be in school. My son is staying overnight with a friend so I can try to rest well before surgery :)
I cannot believe it is so soon. I am terribly anxious and had a hard time sleeping last night. I truly hope it will not be 3 weeks of no My husband is so very supportive since he watched me lose all of my weight and then be left with a less than happy state. I have always been heavy, so when the doctor mentioned putting my stomach 'where it used to be', I laughed out loud. I think the last time my stomach was flat, I was 12! My doctor said he will be removing a significant amount of skin since I had an extreme weight loss. I do have realistic expectations and know that I won't fly out of bed looking fabulous, but to have my 'flap' removed will be quite liberating I am sure. The doctor also said he is going to lipo under my arms where the last PS who did my BR did not. That is awesome to me because it does bother me that it sticks out over the bras.
Anyway, I am terribly excited and keep rambling and looking at before and after pictures! I will be taking ictures before, during, and after as well so that people can obsess like I have!

So I called the PS this morning because on their...

So I called the PS this morning because on their FB page it states they offer military discount and we already paid for the TT/Lipo. I also asked about the BA and they should be calling me back with all of the info! I am hoping they can put the 'discount' from the other procedures towards the BA, then we can just pay the remaining amount. I truly hope I can get all of this over at once :) Now I just have to WAIT for the office to call me back...I am not very
At least I am watching my friend's kids today and that will keep my mind off of it for awhile!
I am beyond excited. While my husband is always supportive, I think he loves the idea of bigger boobies again. He mentioned at least 4 times yesterday that in just a couple of weeks, my boobs will be bigger. At least he is supportive right?! lol

AWESOME! So, there IS a discount for military AND...

AWESOME! So, there IS a discount for military AND they are seeing my at 1030 tomorrow morning for another consult for new tatas ;) That is perfect since my husband can come and help me choose a size! So, the discount money for the TT/Lipo, will go towards the BA now! Woohoo! All my body dreams coming true in just over two weeks!

Saw my PS this morning and he did measurements for...

Saw my PS this morning and he did measurements for new ta-tas! We discussed size and I tried them on with the bra, etc. I am going with Mentor Silicone around 475cc under the muscle. It should put me around a small D. He said I probably won't notice too much pain from the breasts because of my ain in the That's reassuring and honest ;)
We paid for the BA today as well and now I just need to grab a couple of bras before surgery. The total cost for lipo of flanks/waist/hip area, abdominoplasty, and BA with no lift(since I had the breast reduction 5 years ago) is $11,300. Whew. That is a BIG number when typed out! Regardless, it is paid for and there is no turning back! I am excited, but a bit nervous about recovery. I already have my prescriptions filled too. Just 16 more days!

We went shopping today and I bought a couple...

We went shopping today and I bought a couple front hook sport bras, Designer Whey (I am almost out), some sexy granny panties, and some gas medicine to have on hand. All of my prescriptions are ready and everything else is set. The hardest part is waiting for the next couple of weeks! I finally caved and bought some Unisom to help me sleep too. My period was due Sunday, but I am always late or off a bit, so I am sure it should come anytime now :P I just want to get it out of the way before the surgery!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week :)

Still no period, but having cramping, so hopefully...

Still no period, but having cramping, so hopefully soon! I am in love with Unisom. I actually slept for a full 8 hours and HARD! Amazing. Two weeks from today, at this time, I will be in SURGERY! Wow!

One week from this moment, they will be wheeling...

One week from this moment, they will be wheeling me back to surgery!! Ack! I feel nervous, excited, anxious, and a whole lot of stressed! I still have not gotten a period, but it may be the stress. I also have PCOS, so my body is weird anyway. I keep thinking of how it will be to NOT have this stomach. It is a daily reminder of where I cam from and how much effort I have put into getting healthy. I know that I am ready for this change, it just seems so big and life-altering. I keep trying to take deep breaths and remember that I am worth it. I do deserve to be happy on the outside now! I just want my outside to reflect my inside for once!! :)

So today is Mother's Day :) Happy Mother's Day to...

So today is Mother's Day :) Happy Mother's Day to everyone reading! I had a fabulous weekend so far! My son and husband bought me new jammies for after the surgery (button up top), a rosebush that I planted outside yesterday and my son made me a coaster

OK, off to the hospital pre-op appt. ! I have...

OK, off to the hospital pre-op appt. ! I have another pre-op at Dr. Walding's office on Thursday, then trying to sleep this week ;) Plus, I have two finals to take tomorrow. This week should fly by and then I will be driving at 0420 in the morning to get to the hospital by 0500 FRIDAY! Wow!

OK, finals are done and now just to get all of the...

OK, finals are done and now just to get all of the house/laundry/food in order before Friday. My son is also spending the night at a friend's house on Thursday and perhaps Friday as well while I go to the hospital and then my husband will pick him up on Saturday. My son knos how sensitive/painful my tummy is now, so I explained that mommy is going to have her muscles fixed so that I can feel better. He said 'Wow, that is gonna hurt!'....oh yes it All worth it in the end right?! Only 3 more restless nights to go!

TOMORROW!!! Wow, I cannot believe it is here. I go...

TOMORROW!!! Wow, I cannot believe it is here. I go super early in the AM too, so it is like it is today ;) lol
I cannot wait to rid myself of this belly, but I am also nervous/anxious!
I go to my pre-op this morning and can hardly wait! ACK!
Good luck to those ladies going in today! :) Happy healing!

SO ladies I am done! Yay! Everything went pretty...

SO ladies I am done! Yay!
Everything went pretty smoothly after the first night. The surgery took quite awhile. I went back at 0930 and came out around 1700. I told them I got nausea after anesthesia, but they only gave me Zofran. I ended up getting really sick ad threw up at least three times. It was horrific and painful. Finally it subsided, but then I started draining over 100. Dr. Walding was quite concerned and they did not let me eat or drink just in case they needed to ruch me back to surgery. Lucky for me, the draining slowed overnight and I seem to be in the clear now! So happy for that :) Dr. Walding said everything went quite well. He removed a liter off of each flank, 1/3 a liter out from under arms, pulled in a 5 inch seperation of mucles, and gave me pretty boobies. They are 450cc left and 400cc right moderate profile silicone. He said my belly button is quite cute and he did my scar very low, but straight across since I had a 14 by 12 inch amount removed and he wanted it tight as possible. I know for a fact that I cannot stand up straight at all and my body is very sore. I have not been able to see anything yet because he wants me to stay wrapped until I go in on Tuesday or Thursday. I can definitely tell a difference as I can see my va-jay-jay whilst sitting and that NEVER happened before...rofl!!! My husband said my boobies are fabulous, but I can only see cleavage which seems quite nice for sure!
My legs and arms are quite swollen..that is normal right?!
I am going to the bathroom myself and just use my legs muscles to lower myself down and up. I have no recliner, wedge pillow, or toilet seat lift. I just have lots of pillows and an ottoman, and a neck pillow. My husband goes back to work tomorrow and my son goes to school, so I am so very happy I am doing pretty well. I just doze off when I am tired and wake up to eat/bathroom/wash!
Guess that is it for now! :)

Today has actually been a pretty good day. My...

Today has actually been a pretty good day. My sweet husband made me protein shakes in the fridge and cut up pineapple too

That was EXHAUSTING! I am glad the post-op is done...

That was EXHAUSTING! I am glad the post-op is done for It was not because I was in pain, but mainly just tiring. I came home and slept hard for an hour until my son came home and planning on sleeping again after I update!
I went to the office with some sort of character for sure. I have skirts from Old Navy that are like yoga fold down skirts and I wore a gray one with a gray button up short sleeved shirt of my husband's. I managed to shave my legs last night by sitting on the edge of the tub and slowly shaving the lower half at My hair is all pulled up in a clip, so no worries for that. I felt really good leaving the house finally! (Plus, I was hoping for a Panera trip for their Salmon salad!! SO yum!)
I got to the office and they had me undress completely and put a robe on. It wasinteresting to get everything off for the first time. Thanks to my friend I brought with me, I was able to manage. Dr. Walding was worried because my drains are still quite red and I had problems bleeding after vomiting the day of surgery. Right now I am putting out over 100cc a day still and it is still bloody. He took my blood pressure and asked how I felt etc. My BP was great, no dizziness or anything. On he went to remove the dressings. He removes all steri-strips because he hates them. He said they give people blisters (they did on me as well..just two small ones) I got to check out my belly button and it is rather neat..not sure when I had seen it I do have some strectch marks left, but I am so very okay with that. The incision is longer than most and very low/thin. He went further around to get me as tight as possible. I can't wait to take pictures, but will have to see if my husband has time tonight! I am completely in awe of technology right now! I also learned how to massage my new bubbies...too sexy! So happy right now...and

ONE WEEK POST OP So we took a couple of...


So we took a couple of pictures today. I am really swollen still. Like the one says, I am still 15lbs over my surgery date weight. It is crazy the amount of fluid I have in my body right now. I am drinking a lot of water, some pineapple juice, and my husband is doing light massage on my legs. I am sleeping reclined with legs up. Not sure what to do about this swelling. I am assuming it will go away at some point, but it is painful!!!
In good news, my husband and I figured out how to shower. Both of us jumped in together, I hung drains around my neck, and held a towel over the drain site as not to get it wet. IT WAS AMAZING!! I feel SO much cleaner I changed all dressings and got my CG back on with my sports bra. My boobs are settling in nicely. I LOVE them. I cannot wait to start massaging the scars and get this swelling gone! I know it will continue to look better each and every day! :)

Also, I know I have a lot of 'pleating'. Please do not let it scare you. I had a LOT of extra skin, but did not want a belt incision done. My doctor and I discussed it and he just extended the scar and pulled it as tight as possible. I have faith that the pleating will smooth out as it does in most cases and I will still be happy with the results!
That is is for today ladies! Have a great and happy healing day!

Had another glorious shower today with my husband...

Had another glorious shower today with my husband and fell fresh and clean! My drains have been half of what the drainage has been. This is a great sign, though they have not changed color, still dark red. I am feeling really well and the pleating is smoothing well already! My boobies are gorgeous and getting better every day. My tummy swelling is going down, but I cannot tell a huge difference in my back from the lipo yet. I assume this will come more as swelling subsides. Right now my abs are getting that 1000 crunch feeling that everyone talks about, but that also is cool because I have never felt that way when trying to work my abs before...must have been that 5 inch seperation before ;) We had pizza and movie night last night which was fun. I stuck with two pieces of plain pizza and called it a night. That being said, my weight was the same today and I think the swelling would have been down had I not eaten any pizza. Meh. Anyway, my husband just got back from buying lots more fruit and veggies for me and I still have my protein shakes with coconut milk! Yum!
My husband has been so helpful and supportive and I am so very thankful to have him in my life

PO 9 Good morning everyone! :) After some...

PO 9
Good morning everyone! :) After some research on what I could do for swelling that would not give me heartburn too, I found that cucumber hold the secret. Not only are they great for connective tissue healing (thanks to the silica!), they are also an amazing and highly effective diuretic! So my husband bought me some pitcher's, cucumbers(along with an array of healthy fruits and veggies!) and I went to town. I sipped it all evening and this morning....2lbs down! YES!
Now I still have pitting edema in my legs and I am still 14lbs over pre-op weight. However, I was 20lbs over on post-op day 1! I thought maybe it was crazy swelling..and it is, but it is apparently because I had so much tissue removed plus lipo. The combo of the two caused a lot of swelling. I know it will continue to go down, but it is painful. I plan on sipping cucumber water from now on...all summer long! :)
Yesterday, I felt so good, I tried to help with dinner. That was a mistake and I paid for it last night with very little sleep :( However, I plan on napping today for sure. I got up and shaved my legs in case we go to the pool (not for me, but for my son!). My husband made me toast and eggs and is going to paint my toes today

PO Day 11. I got dressed by myself and drove...

PO Day 11. I got dressed by myself and drove myself to my appt. today..PROGRESS!! In other news, I have a hematoma, but apparently I am an expert drain stripper so I just have to keep the drains for now and keep them dry and clean. My belly is swollen today, but my waist/contour is really beginning to show. I told the doc that my garment was a bit loose, but everyone in the office said that was fine and you only have to wear them for four weeks. I may have to delve into that more next Tuesday when I see him again. He said I am healing well. My breasts are dropping slightly and look fabulous! I will take pics this weekend again to mark my two weeks!
I also shopped for a bit at Target and hit up Panera for a salmon salad..YUM! It was liberating to do it all by myself and the whole office is amazed I am doing so well so fast....even stranger since I had the profuse vomiting resulting in a hematoma at this point. Anyway, he said try to get enought rest and keep doing what I am doing because I am doing it well :) ALSO, I could get my garment on myself, which should tell most of you how loose it is :P
Again, I am down 3lbs more, so I am only 9lbs over pre-op weight, so drink your cucumber water!!!!
Happy healing :)

Sorry I have not been on here. I have been having...

sorry I have not been on here. I have been having a rough couple of days. You know, the weeping, crying, feeling sorry for myself Anyway, to add insult to injury, I started another period too. So now REALLY tender boobies, cramps (so no ice on belly), and SUPER bloat. Ugh. I am hoping it ends soon. Luckily my husband had time to help me out in the shower tonight. It has been really hard doing it myself while feeling so aweful and still having the drains in.
I started Bromelain to aid with the hematoma and hopefully decrease even more swelling. I bought Nature's plus brand that is 1500mg (900 GDU). I have only been taking it a couple of days and I feel like I am eating everything lately (mainly protein shakes and craving CARBS of

Anyway, I am hoping the third week gets better and hopefully my hematoma heals and I can get drains out, but I am not rushing that. They are a pain, but less of a pain than giant needles ;)
Happy healing everyone :)

3 weeks post-op as of tomorrow and guess what?! I...

3 weeks post-op as of tomorrow and guess what?!
I have a pair of pre-op size 6 Old Navy denim shorts on!! What?! Super excited that I even tried them on, but then it gave me a reason to take pictures and get on here to share! I am back into the 150's and I am sure that will keep going down in the weeks to come :)
I have slept in bed for the past two nights and just propped pillows up. It works and sleeping next to my amazing husband is really nice too ;) We have been going to the pool almost everyday and it is torture not to swim. However, with only one drain left in, I feel more confident in wearing just a tank and shorts. I just tuck the drain in a pocket :P
I am still not standing completely straight and after sitting, it is even harder to straighten up. Again, I heard that is a good thing. The scabs on my BB are coming off and while it is swollen still I know it is going to be cute. My scar is actually quite thin once the pleating goes away from around it. As for the pleating, you can see how much has smoothed out already, but he said it will keep getting progressively better in the weeks/months to come. I just need to remember it is a long process, but well worth it!
This morning I am feeling sexy in shorts and a tight tee and that is PRICELESS! (Ok, I felt sexy before, but this is SEXY SEXY HOT SEXY!!) lmao...
I am starting my morning as usual...greek yogurt with walnuts and raw honey, fruit (today is golden rasberries!!), and lots of water! I had sushi/sashimi last night for dinner with low sodium soy sauce and even had a mini cone of light ice cream. I still am doing one half a gram of protein for every pound of body weight and it seems to be working! I am now only 4 lbs above pre-op weight at three weeks post-op. Not to shabby I say!

23 days post op- I am feeling quite good now. I...

23 days post op-
I am feeling quite good now. I have been massaging my scars twice daily. I do Scar Zone in the morning (it has silicone, green tea, and suncreen too!) At night I use Bio Oil on them. They are getting much better and smoothing out nicely. I will try to get more pictures after Tuesday (when I will be FREE of my last drain!). My breasts has dropped nicely and I am loving my newly contoured body! I know that my legs probably need a thigh lift, but I REFUSE to focus on anything else with my body. I will work with what I have now. I know that I have always been a confident girl and I feel like this is the icing on the cake! :)
As for my is now a very pale pink color and around 40mL per day right now. It has been getting less, so that is good!
My measurements are getting there. I am now 31 inch waist in the AM instead of 33 inches right after My chest is 40 inches and my hips are 40 inches. I know this will all continue going down along with my weight, so I am cool with that. It is definitely the hourglass figure I was going for ;)
I have been sleeping a bit lower in bed now and was able to lay on my side for a bit which resulted in some really great sleep! My husband is still amazed by the changes already and keeps reminding me that the swelling will keep going down.
I personally cannot wait to get back to the gym. Even if it is just the elliptical for 30minutes a day. Something to make me feel more active and in shape! lol.
I hope everyone is healing well and feeling more secure within themselves. I know that I am so incredibly happy with this decision and I do not regret it one bit!

Day 25- Sooo. Woke up this morning and started...

Day 25-
Sooo. Woke up this morning and started removing my dressings from last night. I have a split in my incision. Right over my vajayjay. It is about an inch long, but not too deep. I have also still been draining 35-40mL a day. I went to my appointment where he said "Tell me good news"..I had none other than I am feeling quite Anyway, he looked at the split, said it won't harm the thinness of the incision and to put bacitracin on it and cover with gauze while it is healing. I also must keep the drain in and call on Thursday to let him know the output for today and tomorrow. If it gets low enough, he will have me come in on Friday to pull it out (exactly one MONTH!) He snipped the big sutures and pulled out any strays that were breaking out too. Then he gave me a SMALLER CG :) Yay! I really love how comfortable my CG is, so I was happy to have a smaller size and hopefully that will push the rest of the fluid out as well! My boobs are doing great, dropping nicely, scars are healed up. So, that is my update, sad but true. I did not take more pics, but will try in the AM. I was a bit in shock to find the gaping split this morning, so I forgot to take pics :( In other GREAT news, I am finally back to 155lbs, but look a lot smaller as the days pass! ;)

Day 30- Feeling pretty good, but SWELLED a lot....

Day 30-
Feeling pretty good, but SWELLED a this normal? I am now needing a smaller CG again though? After only 5 days? I 'feel' swollen, but I must be smaller? I am so confused today. As for drain, still in. I call tomorrow to see what they say. It was only 25mL yesterday and 55mL today...I am so annoyed. I am wondering if it wouldn't be easier at this point to have them drain me? I feel amazing and bought some linen shorts from Walmart that I am in love with..who knew Walmart would sell linen shorts?! I have like 5 pairs of those and 15 $3 tank I feel amazing in a tight tank top now though. Sexy, very sexy....though it would be sexier without a drain. We shall see what they say tomorrow. I hope it will all subside and work out. I heard the 5th week is swell hell? Or the 4-5th week? lol. Not sure, but I really need the smaller garment and I think that will help!

5 weeks post-op. OK, I have to say it has been a...

5 weeks post-op.
OK, I have to say it has been a rough week. I put on my happy face as usual, but man oh man...
So first they took the drain out. That evening I got really swollen, then it went away and I got a fever/chills/pain in left calf. Doc sent me to ER to make sure no blood clot. There was not, so he gave me antibiotics and some lortab again. The split in my incision is now more like a hole. He gave me ulcer 'stuffing'. Basically it is special padding to dry up the wound and get it to close up...something it still have not done. I am due for my period, so I think that is part of my discomfort too.
Also, I was an idiot and thought I was superwoman..again. I took my son and three of his friends to the zoo in Montgomery for the day yesterday. It was a two hour drive there and back, plus we spent 7 hours walking around there. I did rent a stroller to carry the bags and stuff, but I was WHOOPED! I took a couple of muscle relaxers and slept hard. I feel pretty good, but have some sore muscles today. I was in the heat all day. And today is my husband's family day, so we will be on the hot flight line for hours today. Supposed to be 95 degrees. I am doing a tank and shorts, but I feel swollen. I am in a medium garment though, so I cannot be as swollen as I think right? I just figured I would be farther along in the healing process by now. In other good new my boobies look amazing and the right has dropped completely and the left is not far behind!

I have another post-op tomorrow. I bought a...

I have another post-op tomorrow. I bought a bathing suit too :) I got a tankini because I want to keep the belly button covered for the first year :) I am loving the rsults more and more each week! The small tear is healing slowly, but surely.

6 weeks post op- Well, not that I have been...

6 weeks post op-
Well, not that I have been resting, but I had not been working out per say. Now I am back to working out for an hour in the gym and walking in the evenings outside. I also am wearing regular bras now..measured at a 34DD or a 36D..wowza! I still wear my garment, but not to sleep in. I like nekkid
As soon as my incision is closed (SO close now!) I will be adding swimming to me list of things to do :) Today I bought a nice pop up canopy for the beach and next weekend we are going again! It is almost my birthday (happy 32nd to me!) on the 9th and I just want to pack lunch/dinner and hang out all day with friends and family. I am loving being able to work out and plan on 5-6 days a week. It is just part of my day now and it feels so good! I made turkey tacos tonight with spicy guac and whole wheat tortillas! yum! We are waiting for the sun to go down so we can go for our 4 mile family walk :) Hope everyone is feeling great and healing well!
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