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Hi everyone. I'm undecided on the tummy tuck and...

Hi everyone. I'm undecided on the tummy tuck and bbl or just lipo and the bbl. I say this because I had a kid which left a few stretch marks and I know that the tummy tuck could get rid of a few of them and also tighten the skin. I also know this is much more expensive especially being paired with the bbl. I know lipo is a bit cheaper being paired with the bbl but I REALLY want a tiny waist. I already have a pretty nice figure but the tummy is a problem area as of lately and while my butt is big, I wouldn't mind if it was a little higher and shaped better. I know I can get all of this done for wayyy cheaper in the Dr but I have never been so afraid to go there in my life. I've been researching dr. Duran and while her work is great, it's just too far to go in case something goes wrong. I cringe just thinking about it. So I think I'm gonna find a doctor here in the states that does excellent work. No one knows I plan on getting work done. Scared to tell my mom. I'm 28 but she won't go for it lol. What do you guys think as far as which procedure would probably be better and if I should stay in the states?? PS, you guys may not see too much wrong but I look at myself naked and I'm not impressed. I need the pooch gone. Can't get rid of it.

Finally an Email from Duran

So before I got all the jitters about going to the dr, I did email Duran and after awhile she responded with a quote and everything I will need, plus a deposit. My GOD I love her work but I soooooooooooooo afraid to go there and have this done. I'm interested in having the tt and bbl procedure by the way.

28, One Kid. I Have an Ok Shape but This Pudge Has to Go.

I have decided that I will not travel to the DR. It's just way too far for me to go in case something goes wrong. So I've chosen to go with Dr.Salzhauer down in Miami. I plan on getting the
Brazilian Butt Lift which includes liposuction of abdomen, flanks, and lower back. This price is 6996 but it is WELL WORTH IT. This guy is AMAZING!!!! And the service is absolutely amazing. My virtual consultation is Feb. 19 and we will go from there! :)))))

Any deaths with Duran...

Hi, IMS till kinda confused with Dr. Duran and Dr. Salzhauer out of Miami but I was wondering if anyone knew of any reported deaths with Duran. Call me crazy but I research that too.

Anyone going to see Dr.Henao??

Okay so I thought I made my mind up but I've still be researching and came down to 3 doctors. Duran, Henao and Almonte. Well after doing MORE research, I think I'm gonna go with Henao. I love his work and I'd rather go to Columbia than the DR. Are there any of you looking to go with him this year? If so, please let me know.
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