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I got Sculptra Nov 2011, I had immediate lumps,...

I got Sculptra Nov 2011, I had immediate lumps, that I was told would go down, then I got a parotid gland infection one month later. No lumps went down, but swelling did. I now have many lumps coming up and they are tender and you can see them in certain light, but most people dont see them. THe biggest problem is that I have since then had RA flare ups ( I was diagnoses in Nov 2011 right before injections) and have disfigured ankles, writs and little finger. I need to see doctor for next step in RA treatment. I have been getting saline injections, been put on anti inflamatories ( taking mobic for RA anyway), antibiotics and antihistamines.. and was told lumps could take at least a year to see improvement. I don't think that the saline is working at all and I do not like to take meds. I think that I probably need to take steroids to reduce immune reaction. I was solicited by my dermatologist for the injections and I was told that RA would not be a problem. I was not told that i could get lumps because of immune response. Doc still does not think it is an immune reaction. she calls them collagen lumps.

This drug is for immune compromised people, not people with an immune response that is overactive. One should do a small test to see what happens and then come back in 6 months.

I was refunded my money.

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