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Hi, I recently got my white tattoo redone in...


I recently got my white tattoo redone in black. It's located on my wrist. I'm very much regretting it. I've made an appointment for a consultation with an office that uses a PicoWay laser to remove tattoos. It's black and very small (1.5" x .25"). I know that every experience and tattoo is different, but if anyone has had this procedure I'd love some advice about what to expect. I know black ink is supposed to be the best to remove but there is white underneath. It didn't hurt at all getting the tattoo but I hear it's much worse getting it removed. I'm more than willing to deal w the pain but I'm just so disappointed in myself and anxious about the whole thing.

First Treatment

I had my first laser treatment today! I had the PicoWay laser. The aesthetician used very cold air (blowing on my wrist) to cool my skin before treatment. It still burned kind of a lot-much more than getting the tattoo! But because mine is so small it was over very quickly. It stung for about an hour afterwards but nothing too bad. Immediately as the laser was going my tattoo turned white and raised. It's bandaged for now and I'm not supposed to take it off (except to redress it) for about 3 days so I will post a picture then. I was told that I would see some fading even after one treatment. It will take a total of 8 to get it fully removed but it will apparently be very faded after about 3 or 4. The white ink that I have underneath cannot be targeted and isn't removable, but it also apparently won't oxidize and get darker. The laser just doesn't pick up on such light ink. That is ok with me since you won't be able to see the white that much anyway.

I'm feeling very lucky/happy/relieved that I'm able to remove the tattoo (though final results are still to be determined). I'm also feeling silly/stupid for getting it in the first place AND for being so upset about such a small tattoo compared to what I've seen others post on here. I really do like tattoos, I just don't like this one, on my body.

Everyone on here has been so supportive so thank you very much. This community is wonderful.

3 days post

Just wanted to share a picture. It's turned red and kind of blustery. Doesn't hurt but sometimes itches. It's supposed to scab over and fall off in the next week or so (much like when I first got the tattoo) so I'll post another picture if it looks any different. My next laser appointment is Aug 5.

2nd treatment complete

It's coming along! I'm encouraged that it seems to be going away but it seems like this second time it's taking longer to scab over and flake off. It feels really smooth so hoping that the reddish part will flake off in the next few weeks. It's hard to be patient but I know I need to just wait. It still seems hard to believe it will eventually be completely (almost) gone, but my aesthetician is very optimistic about removal which is encouraging.

Update. (Late)

I just got my 5th treatment on 12/17/15. I have 3 more to go and while I'm seeing progress I'm also a bit discouraged that this tattoo won't actually end up going away but will just look like an ugly blob forever. I only have 3 more treatments. I know that it was never going to look exactly like there was never a tattoo but I don't want it to be a weird blotchy blob either. I have my next treatment 1/28.

Update: 4 weeks post treatment 6

I had my 6th of 8 treatments 4 weeks ago. They used two lasers this time because I was getting some shadowy red shading left over. I feel like I woke up this morning and it's finally fading! I've also occasionally been using a baking soda scrub after it healed. My dr told me it could help "lighten things up" not sure if it's actually helping or if it's just a placebo effect but I'll take it! It looks a bit lighter in person than in the picture. I have 2 treatments to go.

7th treatment

Just had my 7th treatment today-it's still bandaged so no picture yet. My tattoo isn't progressing as nicely as we had hoped which is disappointing but I guess not entirely surprising if I'm being honest with myself. They used two lasers again for the red shadowy part. I only have one more treatment left unless the doctors want to try an experimental treatment as well. It was suggested that I look into possibly getting the tattoo cut off. I'm not totally against it but it does worry me since its on my wrist and I don't want to compromise or lose wrist motion. Feeling discouraged and not sure if the laser treatment will fully work. It's hard since I was so hopeful earlier. Any advice welcome!

3 days post treatment 7

Changing the bandage but here it is. This is the worst it's ever looked. They used two lasers and went a bit wider than the actual tattoo to hopefully get all the ink gone. You can see the actual tattoo is white/gray from the laser. Hoping this works!

A little over 1 week post session 7

Best fading I've seen so far! It is red around the area though which I hope goes away. Some days it's redder than others. Anyone else have issues with some red around the area? It doesn't look as much like a shadow so I think it's just skin irritation/trying to heal? I have one more session officially but may do more. Excision is not off the table but I think I want to avoid it.

Final update (for now)

It's been so long! I got my 9th and final treatment in June. It's been a little over two months and it is very faded. The "life" on the right is more faded than the "love" part. You can hardly tell from far away. They still look a bit gray and the area around it is a bit pink. I'm happy with the results but think 1-2 more treatments would make it that much better/more faded-we just can't afford it right now. So waiting it out and hoping it will continue to kind of fade on its own over time. Maybe in 6 months to a year I can get a couple more treatments.

LONG time later update

Hi all,

It's been forever since I've posted on here. I got my last laser treatment about 8 months ago in June. My package ended and I decided to stop for awhile. You can still see it a bit but not from afar. Overall I'm very happy with my results! I may go in ONE more time since half of it is darker than the other but I think only I notice. I was scrolling through my phone and found this picture from today one year ago. I had been getting treatment for about 8 months and still had three more months to go. This was a few weeks after treatment. And here it is today. The results shocked me to see side by side! They said the tattoo keeps healing weeks after your laser session. I thought my final results would have been in July and I was disappointed. But just letting it be for the past 8 months the scarring has really faded. There is hope friends!
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