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First off I wanna start by saying that unlike a...

First off I wanna start by saying that unlike a lot of you on this site, I've rarely ever thought about going through with a breast reduction. I'm 21 years old & I've been in at least a DD bra since about the 7th grade. I'm now 5'2, 145lbs sporting an ill fitting 30-32DDD bra. I actually was fitted at a 30DDD. Never even knew that size existed lol but I could only find a 32DDD in those stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. I've had a love/hate relationship with my breasts all my life. Beginning with hating them due to the unwanted attention & harrassment in middle school. It wasn't until high school that I learned to embrace them. Now I outright hate them lol. I recently got married Sept of last year & the idea of a breast reduction was brought to my attention. After a lot of thought, I said to myself "what the heck!" & the timing couldn't be more perfect considering the fact that my husband is now deployed in Afghanistan so he won't have to witness my Frankenboob stage lol. If my insurance will cover it, I should go for it. I've experienced the horrible bruising & rashes in my shoulders from my bra straps as well as the heavy back/shoulder pains. I've even had the issue where if I laid on my back, it felt as if a toddler were sitting on my chest lol. I got a referral from my PCM & had my consultation 6/5/12. My surgeon told me he was pretty sure Tricare would give me the ok to go ahead with surgery & that I should hear from them shortly. I waited by the mailbox for 3 WEEKS before I started to worry.

I called Tricare & they told me that my surgeon had never sent off any paperwork to begin with. I was FURIOUS. I called my surgeon's office only to be cut off & told I'd be called back before I could even get my story out. I waited 2 hours & was never even called back. I called back & retold my story only to be told "Oh no it doesn't take that long" & then be talked over as she explained that there must've been a communication problem between the two. I was told that she would have someone resend it that evening & call me back to confirm that. I never received a call back, AGAIN. The next day, I called Tricare to be sure they received my paperwork again & was told that all they received was information saying I had back pain.............*inhale, exhale, wooo-saahhhh*. Mind you, none of my pictures were enclosed, no background, nothing about my bruised & scarred shoulders, nothing about my chest pains, NOTHING. Just back pain. I was FUUUURRRIIIIIOOOOUUUUSSS. I immediately called my surgeon's office demanding to speak to someone who could actually make decisions in that office rather than these incompetent "receptionists" who were feeding me bull & taking minimal to NO ACTION. I don't & didn't have time to wait around for them to get it together.

I was then apologized to & told that my paperwork would be resent out immediately in its entirety & that they would have an assistant call Tricare to sort out this misunderstanding. The blame was sort of placed on Tricare but I knew exactly who to blame & it wasn't my insurance company. I was told that if I lived in town I could come pick up a copy of my papers so that I could see for myself was written up for me. The next day I went to pick up my papers & asked if the woman had called Tricare yet to sort out the situation. Her response was "Oh, no ma'am I didnt have time to, I was on lunch. But I will do as soon as I'm done with this paperwork I'm filling out here. But I did go out to the post office myself to mail out your paperwork to Tricare so they should get it all this time." I held my composure, skimmed through my papers only to see that it stated I was 21 at one point, & 41 at another. A couple sentences were repeated & poorly written. I told the receptionist that my age was wrong & asked if that would be a problem in my authorization process with my insurance company. She looked at me as if I were being petty to ask such a question & responded, "Oh, I didn't type it. But I guess I can change it for you." She took a pen, scrathed out 41 & replaced it with 21, then initialled it. She then handed it back to me.......*blank stare*. What the hell was I supposed to do with that. I KNOW I'm 21. I wasn't asking for my benefit! SMH. I just turned away & left the office, counting to 10. I called Tricare the next day apologizing for the constant calls & explaining why I felt like I had to check up behind my surgeon's office every freaking day. Almost an entire month had been wasted in this process due to a careless mistake at the office. They told me not to worry & that my paperwork had been received & was currently in processing. DEEP sigh of relief. I went home & 2 days later the surgeon's office called me to tell me my insurance approved the procedure & I made an appointment for August 8th with my pre opp July31st.

Not to be a negative nancy, but I waited almost an entire month for something that only took less than a week to be finalized in the end. All in all, my surgeon was very nice, informative, & compassionate. His staff however, were horrible. ANYWHO, I am extremely excited to have this procedure done & I CANNOT wait for this month to be over. I'm hoping to come out of this with super perky full C cups (:

Had my pre-op today. My surgeon gave me consent...

Had my pre-op today. My surgeon gave me consent forms & several papers of instructions for what to do post op. My surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday August 8th at 5:30am & it will be an overnight stay unfortunately. Super excited! Will keep you guys posted.

Today is day one after my surgery & already I can...

Today is day one after my surgery & already I can see a huge improvement in back/shoulder pain. The surgery took about 3 & a half hours, 500 cc from each breast (over 2 lbs all together) they looked great surprisingly this soon. Definitely impressed. I slept for about 2 hours at a time on and off & am now dozing in & out lol. I'm pretty sore & my surgeon did a little lipo under my armpits which actually hurts a little more than the actual breast reduction. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

I'm 3 days post surgery & loving my results do...

I'm 3 days post surgery & loving my results do far! Im having a couple pains here & there, mostly sore spots but for the most part recovery has been pretty easy going. Im trying my best to stay off my feet bc from the couple of times I was up & about, I was sore as the outcome. I'll post pictures when I can get ahold of my before pictures from the surgeon.

It has now been 5 days post & I can already tell...

It has now been 5 days post & I can already tell the pain is minimizing. I get excited everyday that I wake up & realize I've made this decision. I am in love & not to mention a little obsessed with my breasts now lol. They are healing quite nicely & from the looks of them I think my scarring won't be too bad. Cant wait for my post op appointment. Even more anxious to go bra shopping. I can't tell how bad my swelling is but hopefully it's not too bad, I kind of like the size I am right now. They could stand to be a tad bit smaller but this is nice also. Im going to ask my surgeon for a copy of my before pictures & post them along with my current size when I get the chance (:
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