bbl bed and chair - Alabama, AL

Hello again i found the but bed i was looking for...

The price is not as bad as i thought. so, im going to buy mines way b4 i get my surgery. they also have the chair for only 70.00 so ill be getting that also. i planning to have my baby b4 all this but, i just want all my supplies first then i pay for everything.thanks


I want a nice shape soft hips nothing to big. my hushand is a breast man so i dont need nothing to big. this is not for him i wanted this for about 10yrs im 28 5'4 180 but i want to have a child. so, i didn't put pic up yet because i dont know what my body will look like. i do know i will try to lose weight b4 i do. thanks


When is Dr. Omulepu going to get right I want him as my doctor?

found him

hi ladies,

i think i found my doctor already. keith beaman h has some good reviews and he has a payment plan you can pay every week. sounds like a plan to me since im not going till aug 2017. well thats the plan. i might switch but, he is my number 1 dr pick. if not him than hasan then mcadoo any thoughts plz comment.


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