42 Years Old Wanting Implants Removed. 450 cc Under the Muscle for 16 Years. Alabama, AL

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I'd like to have my implants removed for several...

I'd like to have my implants removed for several reasons. Even though I've never had any problems nor am I now, I am very uncomfortable with the size. Prior to implants I was a full B cup. After BA I was a D. But I've gradually gotten bigger. I'm now a DDD. I'm only 5'3" and weigh about 144 lbs. I want to have the implants removed, but I do NOT want a lift. The thought of all those incisions and scars terrify me. Is there any way to know what my beasts will look like after explanation?

counting down the days......

In 5 days I will finally be rid of these implants! I'm anxious, but ready.

1 day post-op

Wow! I feel so light and free! I didn't realize how much weight I was carrying. The procedure went perfectly well. I've had no pain at all. Just a burning sensation. But I am very sore.

3 days post op. I feel really tired and sleepy. But I have no pain from the surgery, just sore.

3 mos post explantation

Feel great! I am so glad I did it!!!
One cannot imagine the freedom......
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