5'2, 120 Lbs... went from Sad sad A/ Barely B to Definitely DD with 450cc Natrelle Inspira Full Profile

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Life is short, I have always wondered what it...

Life is short, I have always wondered what it would feel like having larger breasts, I would see women rocking swimsuits, low cut tops and wish so much I had something to rock instead of a bra full of padding and push up foam. All my life I always just accepted that I was very small and there was nothing I could do besides that and even at one point gave up on bras completely. Back then, I considered BA foolish and attention getting even though I wished my breasts were bigger. Flash forward to having a partial hysterectomy last year, and afterward feeling much needed relief from that after dealing with years of terrible pain. Finally, I got to have sex with a wonderful man I met who waited months for me! Also during this time I started wishing again that my breasts were bigger and bouncier and it took months for me to realize that it won't be wrong or foolish at all to do a surgery that will help me achieve this and finally have a chest! I joke with my boyfriend that I traded in my uterus, so now I will get boobs. I think its a fair trade.


Im starting to get a little freaked out. 12 days until surgery. One minute Im excited then the next feeling anxious. Other than the results, I think the pain and having to rely on someone to help me is scaring me the most. Not being able to do my daily things on my own will drive me crazy but I have to remember that taking care of myself is a top priority and that its ok to lean on my boyfriend during this time.

Freakin out a tad

Its 10 days until my surgery. My job is very busy, always moving, using my chest muscles to make my products, running around, dealing w customers...today I realized while I ran around at work that I will def be set back even at 2 weeks post. This is scary. Today everytime I did something that I knew I wouldn't be allowed to do after surgery I envisioned a big red X, kind of like the one you see on Family Feud when someone misses an answer. I saw a ton of red X's today. I just hope the limitations/pain doesn't last long. Im so apprehensive I cant stop thinking about it. Help me

9 days til surgery... Meds question?!

Nurse said when I scheduled preop that my doc wants to prescribe Norco, Ultram, and Soma as the pain med regimen. This is scary to me. Norco and Ultram from what I read should never be mixed it could be very dangerous and now I am freaking out because I am not good with pain. Would anyone like to share what they were prescribed and what worked best for you? I need to discuss this with him at my preop apt Wednesday. Please help and thanks in advance!!! Here are a few more wish pics I love!

Frazzled haze

Surgery in 5 days. This journey is a little harder than expected but I am hanging in there. Im not sleeping much or enough, Im tired. I had a small sizing meltdown yesterday that had me questioning my size decision after pre op. When I got home my gut was telling me to go one size up to avoid boob greed, which is in fact, a REAL thing already. After a night of tossing and turning in fear it was too late to change, I woke up early to call, drove an hour over there plus over an hour wait in the waiting room but it was alright bc I knew I was doing the right thing in the long run. My doc greeted me with a sweet smile and says I see you're back to upsize. I was wondering if he would be upset to fit me into his tight schedule and if so that would have bothered me but he wasn't at all. So, I decided to go 450cc Natrelle Inspira Full Profile. Even though my left breast is a little larger than my right, doc doesn't want to do difft sizes. I am trusting him. On all levels. Im not a trusting person in daily life so it freaks me out. I feel like a zombie. Im a bundle of nerves. Then I get excited. Then I get scared. Then I get tired. Then I remind myself as with life, it will be a blossoming and a process. A way to ignite my passions and finally express a different side of my sexuality. It is a new chapter. Im no longer the person I used to be. We are always changing, growing, blossoming. Not everyone will be supportive but that's ok, Im not doing this for them, Im doing it for me and trust me, at some point I will be rocking that bikini top with no fear.

Getting ready to plant the seed

EEk! Less than 24 hours until my BA! Im nervous as all hell, since I decided to do this its all I can think about. No matter what Im doing my mind comes right back to it, the closer it gets I start to shake and feel sick. Its already making me mentally exhausted and I don't even get it done until tomorrow! After much worry about going too small at 415cc, I am getting Natrelle Inspira 450cc full profile. My gut tells me that after I heal and swelling goes down and they drop that this will be the perfect size for my body ( 5'2, 122 lbs) I am writing this now so I can read it later. I have to remind myself from the stories I read that 1. They will look strange, swollen, maybe even heal at difft rates & look weird for a while. 2. The end result will be much diff than day one. 3. It will prob be pretty painful, tight, hard which will cause discomfort. 4. I have to let myself heal, let my boyfriend help my indepenent ass and not push it. 5. Be prepared bc I might end up on the emotional rollercoaster I hear about and question my decision afterward. 6. That these thoughts will diminish and I will love my nice full pretty boobies as I heal and blossom. Wish me luck ladies! See you on the otherside of boobieland!

5 hours post op

I'm so glad I made it to boobieland! the doc was running late this morning which only added to my anxiety so my first advice i 2NE1getng this done to take a couple Valium. I woke up from the procedure feeling like a zombie with extreme tightness in my chest that seems to be getting worse as the hours pass. on a lighter note I think my boobies look great for right after. But I know they will change and at this point feel I went w the perfect size. oh I know I'm a little groggy feel like a zombie and feel extreme pressure almost like they're going to burst right out of my chest. anyway I will write more tomorrow and here is a pic of the girls which have actually grown in size due to swellingsince I took the Pic 3 hours ago LOL.

2 Day post op

On a good note my breasts look a lot better than they feel. It is so tight in my chest and feels like itaHasn't let up a bit even with some stretching. All of my muscles around my chest and back are killing me. Today I feel depressed. I feel like I'm irritating my boyfriend who is here to take care of me. I've barely had any sleep since I got home from the surgery center. I think I have the booby Blues. I have a regular doctor's appointment tomorrow for something other than this and have no idea how I will feel okay to go but I have to. I tried to take a shower by myself while my boyfriend went to his house to get some stuff and he will probably be mad when he gets back and realizes this but I just wanted to see if I could do this on my own. I'm so damn independent and right now feel like I'm so needy. It sucks. I am so glad I have another week off of work. There is no way I could go back any sooner physically or mentally. This is how I feel today. I hope this depression lift soon because I am not normally like this. here are three pics of how they look I think they are looking good I just can't wait for the tightness to go away

4 days Post op

I haven't written bc I don't want to feel like I'm complaining but I really need to vent. I'm sore, feel like my breasts are on fire, my skin is tight and I feel so much pressure its driving me crazy. I have 6 more days until I return to a very physical job. I'm already stressing. I don't want to leave the house but too scared to drive anyway. I'm afraid in public i will look bloated and fat and miserable , like I feel. I want to see my family tomorrow bc its Easter but I'm too depressed. My bf stops over for a few hrs but then he leaves. Ive been staring at the tv barely watching it bc i don't want to do anything. This isn't like me. I'm the type of person that exercises, works on my days off, drives to the beach, goes to the bookstore and now I just want to hide. Im happy he did a great job on my breasts, on anyone else I'd think they were gorgeous but on me I feel like they are too big and look stupid. I'm afraid to try on any of my clothes bc I will just become more depressed. I hope this is temporary. I don't know what to do. I feel like shit.

Victoria who?

So it's been 11 days sice I was on here last. in my last post I was very depressed but that went away when I was able to do more for myself instead of relying on somebody. I'm so independent. things are great rea I'm feeling so much better some days I feel like I over do it but I am trying tbe as gentle on my body as possible. I went for the infamous bra sizing at Victoria's Secret yesterday. It wasn't what I expected. I read stories on here from other women and how they went and got sized there xcetera but for me it was a different experience. I felt so out of place for the past 25 years I've been wearing the same bra size and rarely even wore bras and never once shopped at Victoria's Secret. the girl measured me told me I was a full D cup so I tried on that size and bought two. While I was at the mall I ducked into the restroom and put one on f to show the girls off 4or the rest of the shopping day. I commenced to shop around andtry to dress this new body of mine which ended up being a big headache. By the end of the day my boobies were so squished in that bra I was about to die. When I got home and took it off my breasts let out a sigh of relief and I could actually see them expanding. I was so mad when I woke up this morning I took the bras back to Victoria. I don't need her I've never shopped there anyway and their s*** is way too expensive so I think I will stick to my outlet stores. I am happy to say I went today and bought a bra for twenty bucks that actually fit m and yes it as a double d for now.eI am loving my breasts it is a challenge though trying to dress them. I'm not sure what looks right on me. I feel like I have hit puberty finally. It is a good feeling. I am happy. I think I'm healing great just a little pain in the right breast especially when I wake up but I think that's because it was the smaller side in the implant is trying to settle hell who knows. Go boobies! #noregrets #yolobaby

Approaching sanity: from Victoria to Dirt Cheap to a million stores and back again

I haven't been on much, trying to get my thoughts together on this whole process and now that I feel like I am in a better place mentally, I can write about my experience.
First, I have to say docs & ppl aren't kidding about the emotional ride this surgery will cause you in some way. Bf surgery, I was like "it wont happen to me", "I never get depressed" & "I have great confidence & nothings gonna change that". Wrong...so wrong I was. At day 4 post op I felt like shit not being able to do my normal things that I became depressed. As I felt better physically , I came out of that, started feeling happy again and started majorly showing off my girls. A few weeks later, I attended a big party, girls were looking great and sexy but I felt like people were staring and I was the butt of many jokes & the next day my depression returned but about 20 times worse to where I didn't leave the house for a week. I felt guilty for feeling sexy when all I felt was stupid. Wtf is that? Somehow in my mind I thought no matter how good I thought I looked it will never be enough. My boobs felt too big and instead of boob greed I developed something called "oh shit I think I went too big".
Shopping is no fun. Bra shopping sucked. I was so hard-up to find a good fitting bras I even went back to Victoria even though I said I wouldnt and bought two that I will be returning because I hate them. The sales girls were not helpful at all when I pleaded with them to help me find a size, not one of them even get out the measuring tape to measure me! I had one girl bringing me a 36 DD and another bring me a 32 DDD. Makes no sense and they all hurt like hell. I told them I have been wearing sports bras for years & needed help in finding regular bras but they were all bitches.
For the past week and a half I have felt better mentally, so thats good. I love my new breasts, they are beautiful, look good naked, are healing great, and my boyfriend cant keep his hands off of them. I am still wearing sports bras mainly but have to say I am in love with not wearing a bra at all, like I used to, which I know I shouldn't do a whole lot but that's when I think they look best. I do that about 3 hours a day. Go figure, my boyfriend was browsing in Dirt Cheap, stopped at my house and brought me something he picked up called a Genie bra. OMG I love it to work out in, keeps the girls locked and loaded if you want to conceal them. I depressingly gained about 8 pounds during all this bc I cant exercise like I used to which sucks so I started cardio last week. I am dying for a sexy bra but no matter where I go I cant find one that fits right. Maybe its too early. Did I mention I hate shopping now and have wasted countless hours trying to clothe this new bod? I am just going to stop. I am trying too hard. I am tired. I am just going to enjoy my new beautiful boobies in a sports bra, my granny bra, my bralette or no bra and the few shirts I have that look good. I bought a bikini swimtop but might be returning it too bc after an hour taking pics bc it looked so great I wanted to burn it bc of comfort. I almost want to keep it to see how it feels after another month or maybe I will go to the beach naked.
6 wk post op appt next week. I love my boobs. I feel thinner when I dress them down but when I dress them up in a tank I feel like a sexy vixen. So glad I did it. They are becoming a part of me. And guess what?!?! I can now sleep on my left side! Ahhhhh. #noregrets #yolobaby #goboobies

5 months post-op

all I have to say is that I am so happy about my decision. I haven't updated my profile in a while becau so busy but I must say this is probably one of the best things I've done for myself. I am so happy with the size I chose they aren't too large but they aren't too small and I can still work out and do all my yoga stuff except for one pose LOL. My breasts feel so real I often forget I had surgery because they are a part of me. The emotional rollercoaster is been over for aWhile now and I am just enjoying my new girls. so I just thought I would add an update#yolo #no regrets #go boobies
Dr. Koehler

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