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So i've booked in for a GS for October 1st. ...

So i've booked in for a GS for October 1st. Scared silly for all the lifestyle changes i'll need to make but so looking forward to being able to run around longer with my son, fit comfortably in an plane seat and shop for clothes in normal stores!
I'm a 35yr old mum of one (4 miscarriages since) I'm 163cm and 109kg. Our cost is high by western standards but it's an all inclusive cost that covers hospital stay for 2 nights and everything. The Middle East isn't cheap when it comes to private health care unfortunately!

3.5 weeks to go... think i'm scaring myself

So i've got just under 4 weeks til my surgery and I think all the reading is confusing myself on what to expect. I've heard some people are on pain pumps for two days, some nothing.

I've found a great looking product for protein post surgery (celebrate) that is specifically formulated for bariatric patients so i've ordered some online to be shipped to the middle east for me. Hoping that they taste as good as they sound. How much protein do they say we need after surgery? I'm also in the process of making chicken, beef and vegetable broths for the fortnight following surgery so i can have a nice warm drink

I've heard that people, when they do start eating, tend to throw up because they didn't know they were full - how many people after having gastric sleeves have experienced this. Xmas day is 3 months post surgery and I know it'll be totally different to previous xmas's but given i'm not telling anyone back home about the surgery the last thing i want is to throw up and have everything thinking i've lost the weight due to becoming someone who self harms...

Anyone experienced this.

2 weeks pre-op and getting excited.... took a lot to post photos

Today i had my 2 week pre-op appointment. Everything is great, bloods came back good, ultrasound good and all my questions answered! I'm so nervous for the outcome and the complete lifestyle change but i'm ready for it.
My main concern is not waking up which sounds silly to some others. My point is that i have an only child who is 6, and given my procedure is elective i hate the idea of something happening and him having to live his life knowing the surgery was my choice. I haven't been recommended to have it for medical reasons (i.e. diabetes etc). I've even gone as far as writing him a letter 'just in case' - a little dramatic i realise.

Im also having a huge problem physically imagining myself 1, 2 or even 3 sizes smaller. i have been so big for so long that i can't remember what it feels like to fit into a size 14 (aussie - size 12 USA). but i am very much looking forward to being there. i haven't even thought about buying new clothes a size or two smaller for xmas because i'm loving the fact that after 4-6 weeks i can wear my 'fat' clothe and they actually look good on me rather than having to stretch them over the spare tire i've been carrying around for the last 10/15yrs!

I've attached a 4 week pre-op photos. it was soooo hard for me to take them and even harder for me to actually upload them but i know if 2-4-6 months i'll be able to look back and think that god i made that decision!

One week to go...!!!!!

Today was my last pre-op with both my surgeon and the anaesthesiologist! i couldn't feel more comfortable with both my choice of procedure and choice of doctors. I was at the hospital to see the anaesthesiologist and my surgeon walked past, gave me a hug an directed me into his office 'while i just happened to be there'. All he wanted was to check I was ok, didn't have any more questions and reassure me that after all the personal efforts failed that he was proud of me for taking this next logical step... after that i think i developed a little crush LOL.

The last week or so i've been stressing about not waking up after surgery and while it's still a concern after speaking to the doctors i think i will sleep better tonight than I have for the past few weeks. I was silly in that i think i stressed myself too much. I've had 4 miscarriages and one very healthy young boy so the risk of not waking him up and leaving him without a mum just breaks my heart. But i also know that having a mum who isn't a good role model and who can't run around with him also breaks my heart... hence the surgery.

I also met a lady in the waiting room who was having her one month check up and she reassured me that the doctor was fab, the surgery was easy with minimal recovery time AND she felt fabulous. Shen came out of the room almost dancing and couldn't wait to tell me (a complete stranger despite the brief encounter in the waiting room) that she'd lost 14kg's (32 pounds) in one month. I can't even imagine losing half that in a month! She was so delighted, spoke so highly of the procedure and doctor that it really was all I needed to hear to cement what i already suspected... this is going to totally change my life, my outlook on life and my pant size forever!

Super excited now.... will update soon. Only 8 more sleeps!!

48hrs til Op!

ok... so only 48hrs til my GS op and i'm a little excited, a little concerned, a little frustrated!

So after my 'last weekend' of normal quantities i'm ready for my op. I keep getting asked 'are you ready?' - 'are you doing it for the right reasons?' - 'your not seeing this as a quick fix are you?' - 'have you seen a councillor first?'.... ok, so in Kuwait they don't do the support group pre-op or seeing a shrink or anything.

I'm feeling good, confident and calm about the changes that will be made to my lifestyle post op. But after all these questions from other i'm starting to think i'm too calm. Those others that have recently had or are near op dates are you calm? Am i meant to be in a panic and eat everything in sight? I thought i'd want to go to all my favourite restaurants and 'pig out' but i don't want to. I can't even decide what to do for dinner tonight.

Am i meant to be this calm just 2 days pre-op?

My mother-in-law said to me this weekend (quote) "I'm glad your finally doing something about your size because you won't have to carry that shame around with you anymore" - i wasn't sure if i should be offended or not. I don't feel shame, i've worked by butt off over the last few years, personal trainers, dietician, nutritionist etc and nothing has worked. I'm proud that i've worked my butt off, disappointed it hasn't worked but then again proud that i'm taking the next step to bettering my life. Why do those that are mean to support then go and make comments that drag you down a bit. Maybe i'm over reacting... but needed to vent so if you're reading this part - Thanks! xx

I told my 6yr old son last night that after seeing the doctor a few times (i told him each time i was going to see the dr, just didn't tell him why) they have found a way to make me healthier but it means i will be in hospital for two nights. At first he looked concerned but after telling him that Dad will pick him up after school and come visit me in hospital he was ok. Lot's of cuddles but then said the most adorable thing "mummy, if it means you can be as healthy as me then i love you for letting the doctor help".... cue tears welling in the eyes. Out the mouth of a 6 year old - broke my heart and felt so proud all at the same time. So now my son knows and is prepared. My husband is overseas for work and won't actually land until i'm in surgery so unfortunately won't be there for all the pre-op/admission stuff. That i'll be doing solo, scary,

I've printed the letters for my boys 'just incase' - i'm a lot more calm about the surgery and my fear of not waking up is still there but not half as bad as it was before i spoke to the anaesthesiologist.

Ok... this post is a bit about everything which is a true reflection of what' going on in my head... a bit of everything!

will post soon after surgery.... wish me luck!

4 days post op!

Well it's been 4 days since surgery! I came home on thursday (surgery was the Tuesday).

Surgery went well and the morphine afterwards helped wight he pain but caused me to vomit - which was extremely painful so they switched to another pain relief. Now at home I'm only on panadol every six hours. The pain is still there when getting up and down and especially at night. The doctor said upon leaving i will be able to sleep however i want etc - but NO! Everytime i moved it felt like i was ripping my internal stitches. I've slept half sitting up not he lounge the last two nights and hoping to at least get half a night in my own bed tonight. My back is really sore as well.

The liquid diet is ok, they gave me a diet and asked that i not eat any of the protein stuff i purchased (celebrate vitamins etc). I haven't and i've stuck to their diet that includes yogurt, broths, tomato soup, creamy chicken soup and lot's and lots of water. So far so good, i'm not feeling hungry but sometimes i do feel empty if that make sense even though i feel the water bottle is continually in my hand. At the same time i'm feeling full, the weight inside my stomach feels like they put a 20kg weight inside during surgery. I'm constantly confused on if it's the weigt-y feeling or if i'm actually full of liquids.

Also got my period again, with clots (i know gross but hoping this helps prepare other women). Even thou i finished my period only 3 days before surgery. I am on blood thinning injections daily so i think that may be why. I'm just hoping it doesn't last too long. I'm on the pill so also hoping that stops it soon. Has anyone else had this?

I'm trying hard to not jump on the scales as i don't want to become obsessed with them. I read all these people that say they start seeing the inches move day after the surgery and i can't see any change. One day at a time i keep reminding myself in hope that after week 1 (let's be honest after being on liquids for a week anyone should lose weight) i can see some difference!

6days post op... update

Well it's been just shy of a week since my GS op. I don't know how many times i keep having to remind myself that it is short term pain for long term gain.

My liquid diet is very poor (in my opinion) as there's no carbs to give the body energy to heal, no protein to stimulate cell rejuvenation/growth/healing. My husband and I decided to stick to what the nutritionist said but i do believe that if some protein was included then my recover time would be shorter. I see the nutritionist again on day 9 so i'm praying she'll give me the ok for protein shakes from then and then i'll expect to see fast improvements.

I still can't sleep properly and rolling over to my side from my back creates a very painful twisting/burning feeling along the larger of the incisions internally. I'm still having to sleep on my back which then causes back pain... i get about 3hrs in bed before having to get up and walk around and then i end up back on the couch half sitting up to sleep.

I'm a bit miffed at the nutritionist who said i could go back to normal life by day three, going out, sleeping how i want, moving around etc - NO, NO, NO. I went to the supermarket and came home and slept for two hours - again no carbs = no energy. Even showering and washing my hair makes me tired. It makes me feel like i'm not healing how she expects me to.

I'm hoping it gets better within the next few days... sorry this post has been negative. Need to get it out of my system, LOL

I can't wait for weeks 2& 3 where i should be able to have protein and small carbs. My surgeon said my diet would need to consist of 80g of protein a day and no more than 25g of carbs a day.

2 weeks post op!

Well it's been just shy of two weeks since my GS op. The first week was hard with pains but now day 12 it's only the odd twinge or a feeling like i've been quickly stabled with a needle. I still get these feelings at night when i move which wakes me up so i'm still waiting for a much needed full nights sleep.

The liquids have been hard and i'm craving something to chew on.... all in good time. I see the doctor again tomorrow and will get my puree/2nd phase instructions. Praying i can have a weetbix or scrambled eggs!

I have managed to lose 16 pounds in the 12 days since surgery. I read a lot of people saying that the inches fall off compared to the weight on the scales... i'm still waiting for that to start. The scales say i'm down but when i look in the mirror i really don't know where it's come from - it's a little frustrating because i assumed (wrongly or not) that i would notice if i'd lost 16 pounds.

I'm also scared that the weight loss will decrease drastically once i'm on 'real' food again, i haven't had any protein (my doc is strictly liquids - water, both etc). I'm hoping with the added protein i'll start to see the inches move faster!

I'll let you know how i go with that.....


Nearly 3 weeks post op!

So it's been nearly 3 weeks since my GS and I was promoted to puree food last Monday (now Saturday), at first i thought it would be horrendous eating like a 6 month old baby but i was given free range on what i could puree so it managed to make some pretty good mixutres.

My favourite was sweet potato, onion, zucchini, peppers and chicken with chicken stock to help it blend better. When i reheat i also put some fresh shaved parmesan in to melt for a little extra protein... every gram helps! My nutritionist hasn't given me a specific number of protein grams to consume yet so i'm just following the guidelines. I see her again tomorrow for my next phase of the diet although i'd be happy to stick to the puree's for another week for extra healing time. I'm having a half tweet-bix in the morning with lot's of warm/hot milk so it's pretty much puree'd by the time i eat it. Lunch is usually a protein smoothie and dinner my pureed chicken and vegetables.

the first time i had the puree i was sure something was wrong by how little i had before i felt full. No more than 3 full tablespoons... no wonder i'll lose weight! Im only weighing myself on Wednesday's and Sundays - i know myself and if i do it everyday i'll become obsessed and then disappointed if one day i only loose 100g. So far 18 days post op i'm down 19 pounds but i'm due to weight in again tomorrow so i'm hoping for another 2-3 loss. It's not as fast as some that i've read on this forum but i guess everyone is different! I'm still not wearing all the tight fitting clothes i was before surgery as i'm scared they won't look any different on me now so i'm waiting a little longer.

I'm still getting really tired somedays/ Some days i can go all day without laying down, others i need a nap after only being awake for a few hours!

One day at a time ... that's how i'm trying to take it

1 month post op!

Ok, so i haven't updated in a few weeks. I found out my grandfather back in Australia wasn't well then on Monday he passed away. My husband is in the states for work so with no family around (remember i live in the middle east) and a usual emotional eater this week has been tough, tough, tough.

I didn't cave... i didn't snack and I didn't break from my food plan. I'm actually super proud that I didn't because it could have been very easy to!

But onto my GS update. I started to have sharp pains near the largest incision site so i went back to the doctor. He said it is my muscles and nerves healing, I must have sneezed really hard and set myself back a few days. Anyway that was 6 days ago and it's a lot better today. I'm not taking any pain meds at all and only the occasional sleeping tablet at night because when my husband isn't here i don't tend to sleep (let alone what's going on at home).

I'm 4 weeks post op and 12.5kg (28pounds) down (as of last wednesday, today is Friday - we only do weigh ins on Wednesday & sundays). I still can't really see it in the mirror but i'm starting to feel it in my clothes. I see my surgeon again in a 9 days and hoping to top to double digits on the scales (under 100kg). I'm now sitting at 103.6 as of last wednesday. So i have 11 days to drop 3.7kg (8pound).... i'm using my protein so i can do that.

I've decided when i drop to double digits (which will be the first time in nearly 10 years) i'm rewarding myself with a morning at the day spa! I've set little rewards for myself at every milestone, something at 95 and then something once I get under 90 etc.

I'm heading back to Australia for Xmas for the first time in 4 years and if i can get under 95kg (another 19 pounds in 6 weeks before flying) i'm going to buy a designer summer dress for Xmas day (ok, so it'll be plus size designer but still!!).

Ok going ok with getting my protein in. I'm having the Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake protein powder and mixed with low fat/high protein milk i'm getting 28g of protein in a shake that takes just like a chocolate milk. Not a funny tasking chocolate milk it tastes just like nesquick!!!! 1 scoop is 20g protein and 1g carb and I have with Vetal high protein milk at 4.2g for every 100ml... so for less than a cup of liquid i'm getting over 28g of protein. I'm having one a day but will be ordering more so i can up it to two a day!

I'm also experimenting with recipes and have made chicken balls (7g of protein in each) and meatloaf which turned out dry so i need to try again but it has 29g of protein, so with this menu i'm getting over 80g a day. My doctor didn't give me a set amount to try and consumer, i'm basing my number needs on what i research online. Apparently the more protein the more weight loss so i'm also looking for other ways to up my intake.

So far, so good. It's a long, slow road and I keep expecting to wake up and see a size 10 in the mirror but i keep reminding myself One day at a time!!
Don't regret my decision thou!!!!

7 weeks post op and my nutritionist is not happy!

So today marks 7 weeks post op! I"m super happy with my progress and the diets they've given me i'm following strictly. However....

At my 6 week op my nutritionist ripped into me because i hadn't lost the weight she though i should have lost. at that stage id lost 13kg (29pd)... she has reduced me to just two meals a day so i'll lose more. Now here's my dilema.... on two meals i'm getting hungry. I eat around 9am and then again at 6pm - but it's such massive breaks between, i'm obviously not getting anywhere near my nutritional values with this surgery as it is let alone reducing my meals. I can't see how eating only 2 small portions a day is a healthy way to maintain the weight loss.

My husband and I are really happy with the progress of 2kg a week - I have 55kg to lose to be at my goal healthy weight - based on this steady loss i'll get there within 6 months - which is amazing. And personally if it takes me 12 months its still years before I would have been able to achieve it without the surgery.

Is anyone elses Dr or Nutritionist stuck on this 'chart of weight loss' they compare everyone to and getting a rollicking if they aren't matching the charts?

Everyone puts on weight differently so for me it would make sense we lose it differently... the fact that i'm still losing should be a good thing right?
Dr Sahar Nasser Eddine

So far we've had one consultation with our doctor. And I came out feeling so comfortable I would have walked into the OR there and then had he offered. He had diagrams, before and after photo's of his patient, pictures and gave us so much information for just an initial consultation.

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