Not as difficult as it was - Akron, OH

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I was motivated by self-esteem issues centered on...

I was motivated by self-esteem issues centered on my stomach. I haven't any "before" photos at this time.I had 2 large fat rolls and my belly button was hidden by a large (larger than the one below) fat roll and the belly button was vastly off-center. I was flopping over the Mons area and had a cellulite appearance all over. I felt I could finally stop hiding and be comfortable physically and mentally. So far, I would say this has been a devastating situation. Far more pain and effect on lifestyle than I was prepared for. I have had complications. I do not feel normal and I regret putting myself in this situation.

New pictures

Drain is out and I seem to have made progress in how I feel although not sure of progress in how I look.

Getting Better

See my comparison side-by-sides of my probable seroma, incision opening issue, and extreme swelling as it progressed in only 9 days. There is hope!

6 weeks 6 days

Here is a regular and two grid photos to reflect the changes I have seen in just 12 days during my drainage and swelling journey.

8 weeks post

I am still looking about the same. There is no longer a drain or a drainage hole. Even in the morning (as when these and all pix were snapped) I have a swollen mushroom look above the incision that never seems to change.

8 weeks post

Less blurry pic

9 weeks

Finally I have before pictures! I also made some comparison grids. I bled a bit on my corset this weekend and apparently it was a stitch popping out. Doc removed that today. Feeling good but looking the same!

10 weeks

Feeling the same. Coughing is still painful, but otherwise I'm completely fine and mobile. Drainage issue appears to be resolved. Will still need revisional surgery. :-(

11 Weeks

Well, it still hurts to sneeze and cough. Anyone else experience that still? Otherwise I'm about the same. Gained a few pounds this week because I've been eating more out of pure boredom. Must stop and go back to losing constantly. Am in my longest stretch ever of not seeing PS - 3 weeks. Loving that!

13 weeks

Still look exactly the same. Perhaps a little more fullness is visible in the side view. I am committed to losing more weight. Don't have to see surgeon for 2 more months at which point we will preliminarily discuss how to best go about a revision surgery. I feel AWESOME in my clothes right now!!

19 weeks post

Nothing new. I still feel strange to the left of my belly button (it's the left if you're facing me) a lot of the time, but I am at a pretty full activity level, including strenuous yard work (think an hour with a million pound gas trimmer for starters, lol). I look the same. Disappointed to report that I stopped losing weight and instead gained three pounds since my low of 191. Blah. Going to eat better and moving around WAY more in this weather should get me lower than the 190 mark which is my goal. Still enjoy how clothes fit and my confidence is higher than it's ever been in my life. Still awaiting appt. with PS to discuss revision, but I don't care to do that till Fall anyway.

Pix from 19 weeks 5 days

Here are some new pics. I see no real changes. My new smaller clothes sure look good though :-)
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