African American 29 Yr Old Mother of Two Had Full TT +MR+ Lipo of flanks

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I have been wanting a tummy tuck since i was 18...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck since i was 18 after my first child. I gained 69 pounds with each pregnancy and my second child was breach. The stretch marks and saggy belly I really dont care to live with forever so i decided to get the procedure done by a resident at my local hospital because thats what i can afford at this time and they are supervised by a surgeon. I just paid for the procedure yesterday after lots of second guessing but im going thru with it 21 days to go!

Pre Op Appointment

Went to see my resident for the last time b4 my procedure She made me feel so comfortable and excited 10 days til the new me!

Surgery Day

Bye bye

Close up of my tummy and c section scar B4


Day 1 Post Op

Took my first shower Its been a long nite Thank god for the lift recliner I rented its a life saver It helps me so much by lifting me to my feet therefore I dnt hav to use my muscles I frequently hav to go to the restroom due to my garment pushing on my bladder The pain is tolerable im taking percocet every four hours and I dnt miss a dose Lol So far so good just anticipating on getn thru these first cpl days so that I can stand straight and get back to normal

Day 3 Post Op

Got out to take a walk to the end of my parking lot idk if I sgould be walking more but im feeling alot better trying not to over so it with thee meds but they make me feel little to no pain at all

cant wait to get these drains out tmrw

Im one week post op and im feeling better every day This is def a journey cant wait to get bac to normal and enjoy the new me....I get my drains out tmrw and im very grateful for they are the only complaint i have at the moment the are irritating me they are very sore and my left drain is now starting to puss and leak brownish fluid Ugh Tmrw cant get here fast enough Otherwise my muscle doesnt hurt really anymore when lifting up and down and my incision only hurt when its bumbed the wrong way

First Post Op Appointment

I was soooo happy to get those drains out and see what my incision looked like To my surprise I had to get a vertical incision as well I guess It wasnt enough skin to pull all the way down to wear mu c sectiob scar was made prior Im not elated about it but im happy that its done and over with Im lovin my flat look already and my new belly button Eventially I planned on getn my very first tatoo over the incision scar anyway so in due time Over all im glad I went thru wit it with the resident I think she did a great job and I cnt wait to go shoppinh for crop tops.....went to walmart after i left the doctor rode around in an electric kart and then went and got a mani pedi Im getn around pretty good Refilled my script for my percocet although im not in much pain feel absolutely nothing wit them they are my bff at the moment:))....still not standing up straight all the way Dr said within the next 2 weeks I should be able too

Doin great

Feeln better everyday I took the tape off my incision yesterday and slept w/o my binder for the first time and it wasnt bad I still like to wear it cuz it make me feel supported but I like the feeling when it comes off for awhile I hav a CG that I wear when I leave the house I BBQ over the holiday weekend so im get n around great I still hav to tendency to bend over a bit after a long day but I try to remind myself to stand straight as much as possible Just waiting it out and ready to be back to normal

Loving it

New belly

First crop top

My cousins birthday today she havn a pot luck im going over to take some banan pudding ans chill at her house for a few hours Il hav my percocet on hand so I should be fine

No more heavy meds

I woke up today in no major pain i took an aleve about 8pm last nite and im still fine now at 1:17pm So the recovery is coming along as planned I go back to work next tues im still not standing straight Sigh! Hopefully within the next week things will change I stand up all day and dnt wanna be hunched over Thats not cute!

Standing up straight

Feeling really good after my first day bac to work I startd standing tall about 5 days ago No more hunching...I think I hav a dog ear one side of my timmy isn't as tight as the other

bad scarring

I'm a lil over 2 months post op and I hatemy scars They are very dark thick and widening and getting thicker UGH

Thick scars

I hope I'm not keloiding

scars arent healing too good sigh;(

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