48 and Finally Getting my TT! Akron, OH

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I am scheduled for the 16th if September and I am...

I am scheduled for the 16th if September and I am both excited and scared. I will take pictures and post as soon as I can. I am having mine done at a teaching hospital with a resident. This makes me a little nervous but I have done a lot of research and asked a lot of questions. Also, I have access to a lot of physicians and was able to ask them their opinions.

5 days away and counting

The closer I get the more nervous I get.

Tomorrow is the day!

I have waiting for this for many years and tomorrow is the THE day! I went shopping this weekend and hope I got everything I will need. Today I am getting everything done at work since I will not be available for a few days. I hope I asked all the right questions to the doc. I am going to make sure I drink LOTS of water today so they can find my vein for the IV. I am a hard stick and I do not want to do anything to impede that.

5 Day PO

I can finally update. Let me just say that when the swelling all goes down, I hope this is worth it. The first words out of my mouth to the nurse were who's idea was this? The pain was tremendous and the nurse was counting down the minutes for my next dose. I live almost an hour from the hospital and we had to stop at the drug store and fill my prescription before we reached the one nearest to my home. Finally made it home and I was able to eat a little bit of soup. I took my pain pills (percocet) on a schedule for the first 2 days. I also tried to drink lots of fluids, mostly water to try and head off any issues with trying to use the bathroom later. I also started the stool softener. Needless to say, it didn't work. After five days without a bowel movement and no luck with a laxative, I had to get an enema. Let me just say it was comedy at its best in this house. I now pray every night and ask the good Lord to make it so I never, ever have to do that again. When I say never, ever, I mean never, ever, EVER!

Everyday my movement has gotten a little better. I was in a car accident in January with injury to my lower back and walking stooped over along with the liposuction to my flanks has given me more pain than any other part of my body. I used a heating pad the first couple days and called the doctor requesting a muscle relaxer and he denied my request. He stated, think of Whitney Houston. We will be having a chat when I see him this week.

My stomach is not flat. I know it is swelled. I have to keep telling myself that it is going to take time and by next summer it will all be good. The tip of my rib cage is bruised along with torso and parts of my stomach are numb. The stitches go beyond my hip bones, so much that I can't lay on my side yet.

On a brighter note, my c-section scar and stretch marks are gone. Also, I am taking less pain meds and switched to ice for my back and that seemed to help.

The one piece of advice I can give is to get help for the first few days. My bf has been helping me but let's face it, he's a man. He tries, but he has a y-chromosome and that puts him at a disadvantage from the start. Thank God for moms. Mine has been a life saver.

one week

I must say I feel a little better every day. I can just about stand up straight. I have noticed that ├że skin around my drains looks red and irritated but I go to the Ps tomorrow, so we will see what he has to say. Hopefully he will remove the jp drains.

On another note, today I sneezed for the first time since my surgery. Can you say pain? I felt like a knife was stabbing me with a twist.

I am getting a little stir crazy since I haven't left the house in a week. I am use to working 10-12 hour days and not being able to do anything probably makes everything seem worse than it really is.

On a good note, I am able to sleep in my usual position!

I will try to get pictures posted tomorrow.

Pre-surgey Pictures done at the clinic

I went to a plastic surgery clinic and had my surgery and I was able to save $5000! My thought was, they couldn't make it any worse. In order to have your surgery done there, you had a process to go through. The first part was having pictures taken for the attending physicians to review and see if you were appropriate for the program. These are the photos they took.

More pre-surgery Pics.

These were the pictures the actual resident (fellow) took before my surgery. I was about 3 weeks pre-op.

5 weeks Post-op

These are the pictures the PS took at 5 weeks post-op. Part of my incision has not healed yet. According to the PS it will. He said when you have an issue, it is usually at the mid-line.

Year and a half post op

It's been about a year and half since my TT and I can say I got what I paid for. I no longer have the scar from my C-section but the scar from my TT separated in a couple areas and that has made it
a wider than it should be. I feel I am "lopsided". At about 9 months PO, I went to the PS that did the procedure and he says I am not. I also went to a different PS to get a second opinion and he said I have one hip that is higher than the other. I think they are both off their rocker. When I look in the mirror one side of my stomach looks "leaner" than the other. I am going to get another opinion soon.

The photos I have attached to this post are my final ones from the PS.
Columbus General Surgeon

There is a little difference of opinion between the resident and the attending but I think the attending will "win" out.

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