Soon to Be 58 with Gastric Sleeve Almost 3 Years Ago - Akron, OH

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I had my gastric sleeve 3 years ago in May by Dr...

I had my gastric sleeve 3 years ago in May by Dr Ramos Kelly in Tijuana Mexico. My highest weight was 278. I got really sick of being overweight....literally sick. My insurance would not cover any surgery and started pricing cash in the states. YIKES!!!!! I found and researched Mexico and it worked for me. I went down to 155 but I have gained 15 back...ouch!!! A friend of mine had the lower body lift and I started watching the show skin tight and doing some research. I am using the PS my friend recommended. About a week and a half ago I went for consultation and he was pretty sure my insurance would cover the panni. He said I didn't need muscle repair, but when he got to that point if needed he would tighten it up. I was shocked with my weight being so high and having 2 kids that my muscle hadn't separated. I was told it would be about 4 weeks to hear from insurance. Well today I got a letter in the mail. I was afraid to open it as I thought since it was so quick (10 days) I was denied. Nope...I was approved. Yippee. I will schedule the surgery on Monday. I will keep you all informed.

I have my surgery date

I have a surgery date of April 25th. I go in for pre-testing on the 19th and will meet with my surgeon again. More to follow....I'm so happy :)

Pre testing and another consulatation

Went in for all pretest stuff this morning. I also made an appt with the PS for another consultation. I was kind of confused and thank goodness I did after reading more. He was not going to do anything above the belly button. He was going to do panni and mons lift and that's about it except if the muscle below the belly button needed repair after he got into it he would fix it. So now he is going to reposition the belly button and fix the skin above it and repair that muscle. I had to pay an extra $1500. Basically paying the extra for the full tummy tuck...which is ok with me. The first consultation was just confusing...nurse, PS, another dr and a scribe behind the curtain.....and we were talking at that time breast lift and arms.....tugging and pulling.....I would've been really upset after surgury to look down and see the above belly button fluff.

Post surgery

Slept in the bed for a little while

Oh I just can't take the recliner anymore. After 10 sleepless nights i drug myself into my bed this morning (hubby had gone to work) and it felt so good. I'm starting to itch now so i guess that means I am healing. My drain fluid is a little lower today so just maybe I can get these darn drains out. My energy level is up pretty good this morning also. Every day is a little better.

A little update

Today it has been 3 weeks. I see the swelling going down a little. I'm happy that i now have a waist and that flab is all gone. I still have that loose skin above my belly button I'm not happy with. The nurse at my last appointment when I had my drains out last Tuesday said there is only so much that can be done and that if I decide to have a breast lift they can pull that loose skin up. Maybe I should've opted for something different like lower body lift??? Still have a flabby and droopy back side......but at least that flap is GONE!!!! I need to get hubby to take more photos. My stitches are healing nicely. I keep lotion on them and I wear a tight fitting tank or tee under my binder and panties on top. So much easier this way. I'm sleeping on my back in bed with pillows under my knees and the other night I actually laid on my side for a little bit. I was at about 170 before surgery, went down to 159 for a day and back up to 161. Now at 165. My appetite is back. Must be the swelling going down and not pushing on my stomach. I see the PS next Thursday.

another update

Well it's been 4 weeks and the Dr said I can go back to regular duties. I still have a lot of swelling. Haven't wore binder in a few weeks but am wearing shape wear. Feels good to take it off when I go to bed, but also feels good to put it back on in the morning. I was talking to Dr about a breast reduction as insurance won't pay for a lift. I'm close to my out of pocket so why not? He did say with the weight loss not a lot of tissue to remove and I will be pretty small. I guess we'll wait and see what the insurance company says before we talk serious. I'm a 38 g now...lot of that is loose skin....I would be ok with b or c as long as they were up there. I've been lugging these things around since I was 12 years old. Would love to wear a bathing suit I don't have to wear a bra under for the extra support. I know I still owe you newer photos.

pictures from 38 days post op

38 days....still lots of swelling. Not happy with loose skin but hope to get that fixed if and when I get my breasts done. I guess with what the dr started with it's not so bad. I really do look and feel better in my clothes. Will never look like a 20 year old again....

Breast reduction approved

I just got insurance letter and was approved for beast reduction which will also include a lift. Go in for another consultation next month and planning surgery for day after Christmas.

Surgery date for breast reduction

I have moved my breast reduction and lift to August 29.
With my panni and the extra I paid for the muscle tightening and new belly button...still have a pouch belly. But still look and feel soo much better than before. I have a waist and some shape and not hanging over....I guess they way I looked before this is pretty good...maybe more work later.
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