Tummy Tuck with a Breast Lift - Akron, Ohio

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I had a full TT with a BL on 7/16/13. My doc said...

I had a full TT with a BL on 7/16/13. My doc said it was easy compared to a c-section and if I could handle that, I could handle TT. HE LIED! I am 9 days post OP and I am still in agony. The pain with the TT and BL have subsided, but I'm stuck with the drains. They are the most miserable part of the surgery. Went for my follow up yesterday and doc said they were still draining too much and had to leave them in another week. I can barely walk and it hurts to do anything, including sit and lay. I am a very active person, so this has just been torture. The pain from these drains is unbelievable. I read tons of reviews on people who say it's worth it and would do it again...I don't care how good I look when I'm all healed, I would never ever do this again.

12 days post op

Well today I feel somewhat human. Today by far has been the best day I've had since surgery. Drains are still in, but seem to be draining less today than previous days. I still can't get out of bed without help, but I am able to move around once I'm up a little more freely. Ready for this to all be over and to get back to my normal, active self.

2 weeks post op

Well I am 2 weeks post op...things are getting easier, but still not nearly close to being back to normal. I did get my drains removed yesterday. That was a HUGE victory. The right one came out very easily. It did feel very strange. It almost made me vomit. The feeling was so strange. The other one that came out was very painful. My doctor said it had some scar tissue developing on it and thats why it hurt. I also have a small infection on my one breast. My PS gave me an antibiotic so I'm hoping that will help soon. Today has been a strange day. I am getting feeling back around my incision sight. It almost feels like when your foot falls asleep...that's how my incision feels. I really hope this is normal. But every day does seem to get a little easier. I am just ready for this to all be over and I can move on.


So I thought I was making progress...I've been feeling a little better...when I say little, I mean little. However, yesterday I went to the bathroom and noticed fluid on my left leg. So apparently I sprung a leak. My husband bandaged me up and it leaked for a few hours, then stopped. This morning, I was just getting ready to get in the shower, when I felt it dripping down my leg again. I am just so mad and frustrated. I want all this to be over and be back to normal. I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back. I really thought by now I'd be feeling better and more like myself than what I am. So I'm not really sure what it means that my drain site is leaking. I guess better out than in, but STILL!!

The news gets better...

Last week I finally felt better. I started going back to the y to walk on the treadmill. Saturday I walked 2 miles and Saturday evening I took my boys on a walk through our neighborhood. Sunday we woke up and I was able to button my jeans. I was so excited. My husband looked at the swelling and noticed a little drainage from my incision, which we thought was weird because the incision was almost healed up. So we put some gauze over it and headed to Cleveland for the day. We got back early afternoon and my husband looked at it again and it was leaking bad. So we called the dr and he wanted us to go to the ER. The final outcome was I have cellulitis. He had to reopen part of my incision and drain out the infected fluid. It was awful. He did numb me but the pressure I felt when he was sucking it all out was terrible. I was put on an antibiotic IV and had to stay over night in the hospital. I now have to pack the wound every day and take 3 antibiotic pills every day. They did say yesterday the infection looked gone, so hopefully it will stay that way. This entire experience has just been horrible. I wouldn't recommend anyone to have this surgery. If I knew it would be this bad, I would never have had it done!
Dr.Lehman and Dr. Beddell

I had a resident do my procedure. The actual PS was in the room, but the resident performed the surgery. His bedside manners were awesome. After this surgery, I vow to never have anything else done...ever...but if I got crazy and decided to do something else, I would absolutely have Dr.Beddell do the surgery. He is wonderful!

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