43 Years Old, 3 Big Breastfed Babies and 17 Years Later I'm Going for It!

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OMG My surgery is less than a week away! Thank...

OMG My surgery is less than a week away! Thank you sooooo much to everyone here who has shared their stories, it's because of all you that o have the courage to take this step. ????
I made my first consultation with Dr. Steven Carp. I wasn't sure at that point if I even wanted to do it, I just wanted to see how much it would even cost and get some info. After that consultation I decided I was going to do it but that I wanted another consultation with a different doctor just to compare the two. My next consult was with Dr. Pederson. I really liked him and decided to go with him even though he was more expensive. I needed surgical clearance due to a sledding accident which caused my heart to stop unexpectedly. Luckily I was already in the hospital! Everything checked out okay with my heart, they still don't really know why it did that other than possible "high vagal tone/vasovagal response. So anyway.... I made an appointment with my PCP (whom I LOVE dearly and trust with all my heart) to start the surgical clearance process. He said the surgeon I chose was great , but he prefers Dr. Nicholas Papas. I immediately knew I would probably change to Dr.Papas because my PCP is very specific about who he sends his patients to and has never steered me wrong. Now I had to wait for another consultation but it was totally worth it! I really liked him and felt super comfortable and was hoping the price would be doable. He was actually less expensive than all of them and he was my favorite!!!! Yessssssssss
So that was well over a month ago that I scheduled, we had a trip to Los Angeles last week and a wedding to attend this Saturday so that week was perfect for me to do it.
So, I will be doing a breast lift with implants (not sure which size yet but somewhere between 375-425 I think) My doctor orders three sizes based on your measurements and then chooses at the time of surgery what is best. (Unless you specifically know what you want- for me, I'm going to let him decide.) He will do some lipo to my flanks and armpit area. I will have a full tummy tuck with muscle repair.
I actually try not to think about it too much for fear of changing my mind! I'm just going to think positive and keep reading your stories and pray for the best!
Thank you all again!

Feeling Much Better Today (mentally!)

Saturday night I had a major wave of anxiety just thinking about the surgery and all the "what ifs" that come with it. Then yesterday while listening to my pastor talk about gratitude and blessings i realized that although I am always counting my blessings, for some reason I wasn't counting this surgery as one. This surgery is a gift! Such a blessing, and instead of approaching it with fear and anxiety I am embracing it with excitement and thanksgiving!
I am preparing a list of questions now for my PS that I should've asked before, like about a compression garment (they haven't mentioned this?) and what about a marble for my belly button, is it recommended? I've heard others being on a liquid diet the week before surgery or doing calcium citrate preps, or start taking colace and arnica? My PS hasn't given me any of these instructions but I'm wondering if I should?
Any "two day's before surgery" tips/suggestions?

Post Op Day 1

Surgery went well, it was five hours long! My doctor is so wonderful, he spent quite a bit of time talking to me and my husband before the surgery. I wasn't nauseated when I woke up thanks to my amazing anesthesiologist! It did take a little while for me to get up in recovery because my blood pressure kept dropping when I stood up. They wanted me to pee before leaving but I couldn't pee until 9:30 last night and even then it was just a trickle, but things are better this morning. I did have a dose of phenegran through my IV before I left the hospital and that made any traces of nausea go away. I had a remarkably comfortable night last night, my husband reminded me to take my pain meds (I didn't feel I needed them last night but glad I stayed on top of it- thanks to all of you for the good advice!) today is much more painful, I really have no pain in my boobs at all- but they look like torpedoes! Hope they will go into place eventually. I have no binder of compression garment on anywhere which I thought was strange. Does anyone have any input on that? I will try to post pics later....

One week post op, feeling great!

Hi! I just wanted to update in case anyone was reading this, it's been a week (and a day) since my surgery. The first few days were the hardest but surprisingly it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated! I took two Percocet every four hours for the first two days then switched to Advil since. My biggest complaint isn't my back! Hurts sooooo bad. Worse than my tummy. I hardly even notice my boobs, they just feel a little tight and pressured. The absolute wors for me is the tickle in my throats that gives me a coughing spell. Dear sweet Jesus! My dogs get so worried about me when I'm about to cough due to all my vocal grunts and moans in trying to availed a cough ????
The one thing that has really helped me which I know isn't just something you can go out and buy but really has been a lifesaver is my Serta i-Comfort bed. I sleep with my legs raised and my head raised and it has been so comfortable. it also helps me get up by raising my head all the way up. Another helpful thing was my toilet seat raiser. The first few days it helped a lot, but more than anything was when it came time to poo I took it off the seat and put it on the floor under my feet, it put me in a kind of "squat" and really made things easy (along with the stool softeners) I've heard of squatty potty stools like on Dr. Oz but now I'm sold! If you have one, try it!
I left the hospital without any compression garments or even a surgical bra. My PS says they are not necessary and can even cause wound healing issues. I was worried about that at first but am trusting my PS. I am really swollen on my sides above my incision and my lady part is really swollen. ???? Hoping my boobs are swollen too cuz they're pretty big. I think I'm getting more used to them. My PS ended up using a larger implant (450cc) and not having to cut my nipple just pulled skin from under to lift (?) I was super worked up about that when I saw my nipples intact but I can see day by day they are looking better. They looked like torpedoes the first few days, my nipples are still downward more than I like to see but at my follow-up they told me once the tape is off from under they will lift up, the tape is pulling them down. I hope so because I really wanted lifted boobs not huge boobs! I am afraid they will be big AND saggy and now I will have two problems! Also the implant is over the muscle so I'm wondering what's going to hold it up! Time will tell I guess but I do trust my PS and I believe that he did what he felt was best for me and possibly less invasive for a good result.
I can't wait to get the drains out, though they don't bother me too much, I just don't like the annoyance of them. Hopefully Monday at my follow-up they will come out. I don't have a scar around my belly button so I guess I had a floating belly button procedure. It looks nice, I'm happy with it. I still have the deep stretch mark that was above my belly button now below it and it's pretty visible but maybe once things settle it won't be so noticeable.

Four months post op

I didn't post pics after my surgery because I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I now realize that I did not clearly communicate my desired results with my doctor. I was scheduled for a "bilateral augmentation, mastopexy and abdominoplasty." I was very open to my doctor's suggestions and had (and still have) full confidence in his judgement, so my
Implant size was not decided upon until I was in surgery. My surgeon decided to use a bit of a larger implant (450 silicone) and I believe he tightened/removed skin in order to give me a lift rather than make more scarring by cutting around my nipples. It is definitely an improvement over what I started with but definitely not my "wish boobs." I feel they are still saggy but now they're BIG and saggy!
I am scheduling a second surgery which will be a full mastopexy using the "anchor wise pattern" I would rather have scars than sag and I should've made that clear to my doctor from the beginning. He is easy to communicate with and I am confident that he did what was best for me. I decided that before I secure the date I will meet with him one last time to be sure that we are on the same page. I need to know that my expectations are reasonable because if it's not possible to have the boobs I want I will not do another surgery. The staff at Renaissance is wonderful and very accommodating. I just called this morning and they fit me in this evening. I was just there Friday for a follow up and consult. By the way I am very happy with my tummy tuck! Dr. Papas made me a perfect little belly button! Now I'm hoping I'll have nice boobs to match my belly!
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