25 Years old. Subglandular placement - Akron, OH

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Getting my breast augmentation July 2nd. I'm also...

Getting my breast augmentation July 2nd. I'm also having a periaeriolar mastopexy on my left breast bc of my asymmetry. I have been self conscious about my breasts ever since I started getting them and noticed they did not match. I am so excited to finally look the way I feel and get more confidence!

53 days!

I go for a sizing appt on Wednesday with my fiancé just to confirm what I want! My fiancé also wasn't with me at my consult. Only 53 more days till my surgery! I'm getting mentor memory gel placed in the subglandular position. Woohoo boobies!!!

Wish boobs

One month and one week away!

It's kind of surreal that this is happening. I've wanted this for so long! I cannot wait to get my new boobies!!! The nurse is ordering sizes 370 and 470cc. My boobs are 100cc different. I will have one more appt with him before my surgery to make sure that's the perfect size. I cannot wait for my new boobd! Also I'm getting mentor memory gel silicone smooth shell. He selected the moderate classic profile for my build and I'm pretty excited for the side boob!!!! I'll update again just before my surgery date! I'm starting to work out again. This surgery has motivated me to get into better shape.

It's getting real!

I got my packet in the mail today! It had all my prescriptions and instructions in it. I'm so excited but I'm slightly nervous. I just what them to look as perfect as possible. I hope I'm not disappointed. Every woman I have talked to that have them say that they love theirs. I'll update again the week before surgery!

13 days

I cannot believe is only have 13 days until my surgery! So excited!!!!!

Sorry about typos

Sorry about all the typos lol. Pretty bad but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Playing with rice sizers

Rice sizers

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! I got my scripts filled, 2 sports bras, and some cami tanks with built in bras which is what my nurse suggested. I'm going to get some good ice packs and some munchies and I'll be all set! I am not going to lie I am a little scared. I just want everything to go smooth and I want to love my results. I have to be at the surgery center at 8:30am tomorrow. My hubby is taking me :D!! I cannot believe that this is happening! WTF!? Lol! Crayyyy!!! Ok that's enough. Wish me luck ladies! I will update tomorrow after the deed is done.



Well I had a really rough day. Threw up from the anestesthia about 5 times. I am in A LOT of pain. I can't imagine how it must feel to have the implants placed submuscular. The nurse said that's 10 times worse and this is horrendous. I usually have a pretty good pain tolerance too. I just got the hiccups as I'm typing this... Really!? Worst thing that could happen. It's hard to take deep breathes but I have to force myself to. Ughhh. I hope tomorrow is a better day. On a side note my boobs are looking pretty damn good for day 1.

Before and after

Some more photos


When I'm propped up in bed I'm good. I have minimal pain. If I get up and walk around I feel like my implants are really heavy on my incision which is in the crease. They look amazing though. I'm thrilled with the results so far! I do kind of wish I went bigger. I thought 470cc would be big but maybe not on my body. I'm hoping that they will look bigger once they drop and fluff. My hubby loves them. My mom and sister even said they look great and they were a little weary about me doing this. My sternum is really swollen and it feels so good to put ice on it. I'll post a pic of them after I take a shower and get the gauze off. I've seen that some girls have to have drains and can't shower. I'm wondering why I didn't have to have that? Do doctors just have different techniques?

Feeling happy!


So I noticed these little blistery lines on my left breast. I wonder did I get a little burn from the electrocautery? What is this? Should I be worried?

Such a big difference!

I was always so self conscious about my breasts. I am so happy I finally got this surgery. I have more confidence alredy. My breasts are finally even and look symmetrical. Well as much as they can, no one is perfectly symmetrical. I can't wait to get feeling better and not have this pain anymore. I can't wait till they just feel like my breasts.

Cold compress

This gel cold compress has been amazing. My PS office said not to ice the incisions because they want good blood flow there. They said that I could ice my sternum and tops of my breasts as needed but to keep in mind that I don't have full feeling there right now so not to over ice.

Air bubbles!?

Ok... Anyone suffering from what I just found out people call boob farts!??? Hahahaha I'm dying. I have air bubbles that I can hear in my upper chest. It's apparently called crepitus. Any other ladies ex

Whoops must be my meds

Any other ladies experiencing these air boob farts!??


According to my measurements I did today I'm a 38DD!!!! Woohoo


Feeling better

I am starting to feel better. Ribs still get painful and the implants still feel right but I can actually sort of sleep on my side. I think that they have started to drop a little already. My post op appt is tomorrow and I cannot wait to finally see my left nipple lol. I had planned on going back to work on Monday and I did a half day. My boss called me and told me to take more time so I go back friday. I kinda felt guilty for taking more time bc it was an elective surgery and I had been off for my endometriosis surgery in May. Everyone at my work knows. I'm not shy about it at all. I do hope that none of them think I'm being selfish :(. I think I may just be having some boobie blues. I just wanted to say also that real self and all the ladies on here have gotten me through a lot. A lot of questions I had and reading peoples reviews and seeing that they were going through the same thing was so comforting. Alright well I'm about to get some dinner and watch a movie with my hubby. Gnight ????

13 days post op

Well I'm feeling pretty good and getting back to normal. I have been experiencing the nerve regeneration zingers and they suck! My incisions look great and I get to take the tape off my nipple Thursday! So far I'm happy with my results. This is a surgery that will send you on an emotional roller coaster during healing lol. I had times where I was like "omg what did I do to myself!? What if I can never sleep on my side again?" Well I know I will be able to. I'm starting to sleep on my side more but sometimes it's uncomfortable. I ran away from a wasp yesterday and f*cked my left boob up for a second! I got a huge shooting pain after it jiggled! It's fine now though and I don't see that it damaged anything. Note to self-- no running while free boobin it. With small boobs running with no bra was ok... Big boobs not so much. Someone at work said that they make my waste look smaller! Woohoo! I notice that when I have a bra on at work by the end of the day they feel like caged animals that need to be set free Hahahaha! I'm serious though. Overall I'm happy and it is totally worth it. I did some shopping and that was fun/not fun bc I have gained a few lbs :(. I can't wait until I can work out again (with a super supportive sports bra to prevent jiggle pains). Anyways I was just checking in! I'll post photos Thursday. Cheers!

Tape came off

Ugh so I'm sort of hating my left nipple. I'm going to give it time and let it heal and see how it settles but right now it sucks. :(

Tape off

No support

Thinking about possibly not posting on here anymore. I haven't gotton any support lately. Nothing. Feeling some boobie blues.


I love how I am filling out my clothes and bras. I have developed stretch marks on both breasts more on my right and I'm pretty disappointed. Can't blame anything but my genes :(. Hoping they fade with time and are less noticeable.

About 8 weeks I think

Going on 8 weeks. I'm not very happy with my left nipple but I'm not going to worry about it for now. Stretch marks suck but overall they are pretty awesome. No pain anymore just the occasional zinger which are becoming less frequent. I've gained a bit of weight from the surgeries I've had and I have to get It off! I'm so annoyed!



62 days post op

Every time I get upset about the stretch marks or my nipple I'm going to look at this picture. There is a drastic improvement and my breasts look so much better!

7 months post op

I go through times where I feel like I made a mistake and then I have times I love them. Its a love hate relationship at the moment. I love the symmetry and the shape but hate the stretch marks and the fact that I still don't have my feeling back completely. I get chest pains sometimes but I don't know if Its from the implants, probably is. I used bio oil and my stretch marks improved immensely. They are still there but much less noticable. I am trying to learn to love myself and realize my breasts do look good. Sometimes I don't see it but that's my own shit I have to deal with. Anyways enough of that. Here are some photos of me 7 months out.


Pretty unhappy. I have been having chest pain and shooting pains even after a year post op. Went to the doctor today bc I found a lump in my right breast so now I have a mammogram and ultrasounds scheduled for next Friday. I honestly feel like these have been more of a burden than anything. I don't like he way they feel in my chest and I am starting to worry about my health. Depending on what comes back in my tests, I may consider explant. I am really worried about it because I feel like my boobs will look terrible, but my health and comfort is more important. I wish I would have never done it. Some women love them and do great and some don't. All I know is I'm tired of always being bothered with them.

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