32 Years Old, No Kids, Breast Reduction (Finally!) and Lift - Akron, OH

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Just a little over 2 months to do before my...

Just a little over 2 months to do before my surgery! I've had a big chest for as long as I can remember, started wearing a bra in 4th grade and it just went up from there. I've always been self-conscious of my HH chest and this has lead to low self-esteem, poor posture, shoulder grooving, headaches, etc. You all know where I'm coming from! I'm a little nervous about the surgery and recovery, simply because this is the first time I'll be having general anesthesia.

I'm looking for some community and support from the RealSelf community. My friends and family are supportive, but I've faced more than enough "just send them right over to me" comments from other women ......almost making light of the medical reasons why I'm having this procedure. Anyone relate?

38 HH

I'm ready to say adios to these babies! Any prep tips? I've been more motivated to exercise arms and shoulders...I figure that can't hurt right!?

Starting to notice the 'symptoms' and they're driving me crazy!

As I get closer to the surgery date (less than 2 weeks!!!) I'm getting more and more annoyed with the 'symptoms' that I've lived with for so long. Yesterday at work all I could think about was how my shoulders were hurting because the bra straps and the little metal hook pieces were digging into my skin. I've obviously lived with this for so long, and don't even remember being so annoyed with it. It's like my brain is saying...."not much longer", "it doesn't have to be this way"! Anyone else relate? I was getting a head start on Christmas cookies over the weekend and I kept having to stand up straight (from leaning over the counter) to stretch my neck/back. No fun!

My Pre-Op appointment is on Monday. I'm to meet the anesthesiologist and the doctor and nurse again. I'm trying to come up with a list of questions to ask.....any suggestions are more than welcome! This is my first surgery (just wisdom teeth before) so I'm new at all of this!

Surgery Center Check-In Appointment

Hello! I had my pre-surgery check in appointment today at the surgery center and honestly it was a little frustrating. The nurse doing my vitals and 'new patient' paperwork did not make me feel 'at ease' at all. I'm hoping that it was just a bad day and that next week with my actual doctor will go better. I was hoping to get some questions asked but the nurse said that she didn't know the answers to any of my questions and that I'd need to ask my doctor the morning of my surgery. I plan to call his office tomorrow to talk to someone there.

I guess the pre-surgery jitters are starting to make me cranky about it all!

I'm also having trouble with FMLA paperwork. I work for a public school and plan to use 5 of my 70+ accrued sick days (then the rest of recovery will be over the winter break). I didn't realize I needed to do FMLA paperwork for using sick time? Anyone in Ohio know the rules about this? A friend who works in HR for a large company came with me today and she said she knew nothing about FMLA when the employee has sick-time available.

Tomorrow's the day!

Less than 12 hours from now I'll be a new SMALLER woman! I can't wait! It's currently an icy snowy mess here, so most of my anxiety is coming from all the traveling that needs to happen early tomorrow, but I'm also so excited! I don't imagine I'll get much restful sleep tonight. My house is clean, my bags are packed (a few days with my Mom), and I'm so grateful for all of the support I've found on here!


Now the hard part begins I suppose! Surgery went well today and I've been feeling good. No nausea thanks to Scopolamine patch I got in recovery. The doctor took 2.5 pounds from the left and 2.0 pounds from the right. So now hopefully symmetrical!
The surgery center staff made me feel right at home and took great care of me for my first ever surgery.
Sorry I'm rambling! Meds!
So far....absolutely no regrets!!! My shoulders feel better already!

New size

While of course I don't know my new size yet my mom made the comment that I'm back to my age 14 size so that's good! I'll try to do photos later when I shower.

Ugh the surgical bra.

Tonight I took off the surgical bra for about two hours and wore a "champion" sports bra (that I used to layer over a regular bra for added support). I still had the padding in place but it felt heavenly. The surgical bra has been irritating my back and shoulders and the band was SO TIGHT. Anyone have any suggestions? I know to wear it but it's so very uncomfortable. My follow up appointment isn't until Tuesday.

Side Sleeping!

How long did you all wait before side sleeping? That's my natural sleeping position and I'm having an increasingly hard time on my back. I go back to my PS on Tuesday and plan to ask, but I thought I'd see what you all thought. It's comfortable to lay on my side for short bouts.

One week later!

Today l go to the PS for a one week checkup. I'm not expecting any bad news, I'm thrilled already. I do hope he replaces the tape, cleans, and adds new tape. The dried blood under this tape is from surgery day, I'd not had any "New" blood or discharge on my gauze/padding.

I'll update later!

Pain after stitches out??

Well I had my 1 week checkup today and everything looks good! the nurse removed a few stitches from under my armpits and tonight that area is so sore.... is this normal?
The doctor said I can go to wearing "regular cheap sports bras" "like from Walmart" (I've not fit into cheap bras since I was 15!) I'm having a hard time finding ones that fit comfortably with swelling in my band size though.... any suggestions?

Has anyone used the Genie Bra?
I'm regularly a 40/42 but those I've tried on have irritated the incisions within a minute or so.

New bras

Well aside from the complete "overwhelmingness" of bra options (!) and colors (!) I'm having a hard time finding a bra that is comfortable for the whole day. I find myself switching between compression and soft-and- comfortable depending on my activities. Running errands and long car trips require much more tight stabilization than lounging around at home. I am also finding that my stitches feel much better when I'm not wearing compression all day.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? I dont want to be the only one carrying a bra in her purse for all the long days of Christmas festivities!!!

A first experience

This is totally rediculous, but an experience I never thought I'd have.....comfortably wearing a "regular" champion sports bra and not even spilling out of it. I've had this one for years as a layering tool, but it never covered everything before! I am so happy and excited!

First day back to work.

First day back to work and of course I'm exhausted but other than that there don't seem to be any negative side effects. I was able to have three full weeks off because of Christmas and New Year's falling in the middle of my recovery time. I was a little nervous that people might say something because only a few close co-workers knew what I was having done but nobody mentioned anythin...g I did wear a scarf and a cardigan over my shirt though.... but that's very normal winter time apparel for me.

One month ( & a few days) update

Today was my one month check-up with my surgeon. I can't get over how wonderful I'm feeling, how many fewer back and neck aches I'm having and how much more confident I am. My surgeon said that everything looks good at this point and then I should start to use lotion or cream or coconut oil on my scars to keep them moisturized. I'm allowed to return to all normal activities except swimming and allowed to wear any soft cup bra that I choose. If you're on the fence about this surgery I highly recommend you do it sooner rather than later it really is so worthwhile.

Bra size comparison!

Here is one of my new bras tucked inside my favorite of the old ones (the only one that didn't go right into the trash at the end of the day the week up to my surgery!) This is the difference between a 38H and a 38B/C!!!
Akron Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wagner was very caring, kind, and made me feel 'at ease' right away. I had no nerves or fears and have a wonderful result. He thoroughly explained everything that was going to happen, answered all of my questions, and did quality work. I had no complications or even bleeding (no drains) from his surgery. My scars are healing quickly and one month later I'm back to normal and feeling awesome. I highly recommend Dr. Wagner.

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