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Just a little over 2 months to do before my...

Just a little over 2 months to do before my surgery! I've had a big chest for as long as I can remember, started wearing a bra in 4th grade and it just went up from there. I've always been self-conscious of my HH chest and this has lead to low self-esteem, poor posture, shoulder grooving, headaches, etc. You all know where I'm coming from! I'm a little nervous about the surgery and recovery, simply because this is the first time I'll be having general anesthesia.

I'm looking for some community and support from the RealSelf community. My friends and family are supportive, but I've faced more than enough "just send them right over to me" comments from other women ......almost making light of the medical reasons why I'm having this procedure. Anyone relate?

38 HH

I'm ready to say adios to these babies! Any prep tips? I've been more motivated to exercise arms and shoulders...I figure that can't hurt right!?

Starting to notice the 'symptoms' and they're driving me crazy!

As I get closer to the surgery date (less than 2 weeks!!!) I'm getting more and more annoyed with the 'symptoms' that I've lived with for so long. Yesterday at work all I could think about was how my shoulders were hurting because the bra straps and the little metal hook pieces were digging into my skin. I've obviously lived with this for so long, and don't even remember being so annoyed with it. It's like my brain is saying...."not much longer", "it doesn't have to be this way"! Anyone else relate? I was getting a head start on Christmas cookies over the weekend and I kept having to stand up straight (from leaning over the counter) to stretch my neck/back. No fun!

My Pre-Op appointment is on Monday. I'm to meet the anesthesiologist and the doctor and nurse again. I'm trying to come up with a list of questions to ask.....any suggestions are more than welcome! This is my first surgery (just wisdom teeth before) so I'm new at all of this!
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