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Today I am having a tummy tuck and lipo on the...

Today I am having a tummy tuck and lipo on the flanks. I am beyond excited, I am ready. I am 32 years old, with 4 children. I have a 15 &10 year boy and 6 & 3 year old girls. I have been married to my husband almost 11 years and we just moved to Hawaii, this was the perfect time to do this surgery. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to pay for this surgery.

Home from the surgery

I words can't express how good this surgeon and his staff makes me feel without being over the top! Really glad I made the choice to have Dr.Healy do my surgery. Pics to come

First night

First night went well!
I slept in my recliner, with 2 pillows behind me, on pillow under my legs. My husband slept in the livingroom too. He's been a great! Today at noon I go back to the doctor and I will talk my phone so I can take a pic.

A few hours before my post op appt

I got up this morning and my husband drained my tubes, went upstairs and changed clothes , brushed my teeth and washed my face now I'm back downstairs to eat.

Post op visit

They met me outside with a wheel chair to keep me from walking. Then they checked my vital signs, and then the doctor came in to talk with me, and to take the bandages off.i got a little nausea so he laid me back and patiently waited for me to feel better.after that we went over things for me to do around the house and what to do when I can shower and so fourth. Then he rolled me out of his office and Ms.Jackie presented flowers to me, along with a free laser facial! Then Ms. Jackie walked me outside as my husband went to get our vehicle. So I'm home resting now.


Here are pics from today-1 day post op


I had a huge hernia by my belly button and the Doctor fixed it.

Another picture to show

This is a very good close up of my tummy before and 1 day after . Each day will get better.

Friends came by!

Thank you Heather and Brandy for coming by! I really appreciated the company!

My husband is cooking dinner

I can't cook for at lease a week or two. My husband usually doesn't cook so I went to the grocery store and brought 14 days worth of meat, cleaned and seasoned it and store it in the freezer for him to cook!!

2nd day post op 3:16

I had alot of gas last night, but no feeling like I needed to make a bowel movement. I'm still sleeping in the recliner and walking the long way to the bathroom.

2 days post op pic

I brought this to wear after surgery I was so ready to try it on and I'm super happy!

Gas Gas Gas

has anyone else, had this issue? out of no where I just pass gas.

3 days post op

I'm so excited for my results!

3 days post op

I'm so excited!

3 days post op

Sorry I keep hitting post update without the pic, that's how excited I am !


My husband made a fish stick sandwich with cheese, tamatoe,jalapeƱos, and ketchup with mustard!

More before and after pics

One of my friends said to me I didn't need a tummy tuck , I sent her a few pictures and she said oh yea you do!

Another pic

Here's another

My first bath after surgery!

My husband brought me a chair to put in the shower, at first I was against it! But then I said what the heck, so he helped me with my bath, and lotion my body and now I feel refreshed! I love him dearly!

My pain

Just wanted to share that my pain is manageable, one doctor quoted me 1,000 for a pain pump. I didn't get one with Dr.Healy and actually I do fine with what he gave me!

Post op day 4

I am feeling tired, the last two days I had a lot of energy so today I am going to take it easy. Maybe no pictures today. My stomach is swollen, and my back is hurting a little bit. I also had lipo in my back and sides, and those areas are sore.

Day 5

I had my first bowel movement. I took my stool softeners as directed and I didn't have ant problems. Please listen to your doctor!!

Day 4

I'm no longer in my re Linder, I couldn't take it no more.even thigh in the re Linder I would wake up climb the stairs to brush my teeth, wash my face and get dressed. I would sit outside or the garage. Not today I've stayed in the bed all day besides using the bathroom. So I need to start eating healthier snacks how about special k bars!!! There so great!

Sorry July 22 should be day 5


Today was a little rough

Today was a little emotional, which I guess is expected when your on different medications. I reached out to two friends and they made me feel better plus I got a private message from another community member that suggested I watch a funny movie! Any suggestions!!!


Tonight was Zumba!!! I was there in spirit ladies!?????

Day 6

The computer will say different times then I will depending on the time of the day it is since I'm in Hawaii! Yesterday was very emotional as I layed in my bed all day long besides going to the bathroom or getting my shower. So today I won't be in the bed unless I am taking a shower. You know life is too short to be unhappy and if you are unhappy try and fix the issue the best way you know how or let it go. This time in my life is amazing, I can shower and see my feet, I can tie my shoes without my stomach in the way....Now I can walk damn the stairs and say damn I look good with no Girdle on because I went and seen Dr.Healy! I am truly blessed that I had the ability to do the surgery, and my husband right there along the way! Here's a photo of my view today! I'm loving Hawaii!


Communication is therapic for me! It helps me understand my self better, it helps me clear my mind. Lastly, I love to catch up with friends from past duty stations and hear wonderful news! ????????

Here's a funny one

I got a phone call from my doctors office that I have an appt to rove my drains, but when I look down they look like balls! Lol Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Tomorrow marks 1 week that I heard my surgery!

I really haven't been in alot of pain, just uncomfortable for the most part. I have so much support that it is very over whelming for me. I have been really trying to relax with my feet up, I have been walking around the house alot like I was asked too. So I told my husband today, I think I wanna do my breast, just lifted and a small implant, just alittle. Hey people say you can't just have one! Lol so there you go! I will be returning to Doctor Healy! They also have a spa too, I think their gonna get to know me there!:-)ok so I am posting 2 pics, one is in a swim suit that I brought 6 years ago. And it finally looks right on me! And 2nd was a sports bra and panties. My tummy is still a little swollen but I am finally seeing my belly button and my back is smooth!


This is a wonderful website to share your stories a s pictures! I have enjoyed reading many blogs on here!:-)

Busy busy busy today

Although it is 2am Thursday morning, I am referring to Wednesday which was one week from the day I had my surgery. Tuesday was very emotional for me, Wednesday I woke up cheerful to talk to my mom but shortly after that I was in tears, like a baby, all because my husband was going to get the tire fixed and didnt offer to make me breakfast first. Then as I'm eating I get a text asking if I wanted to join a new friend with her family and another friend at the beach....my eyes read pool! So I jumped on it, because our poor is very kid friendly so I don't have to get in. But I read her message again and realized it said beach! What a dork, so I had to decline because I still have tubes and I didn't want to get sand anywhere near them. So since my sons friend was suppose to come and spend the night, I called his mom and said let's go to the pool for 1 hour. So my husband dropped me off as close as possible ( road work in progress) so one of neighbors and another women is walking down to the pool. We are all neighbors I learned, and another woman came too that is a neighbor. Im new to the street, so I didn't know them but they sat with my friend and I. I tell you what, that was so wonderful it reminded me of my good friends Leslie,Tanya and Margo! It was a refresher today and I appreciated the laughs and the one neighbor getting on me for being out the house!!!:-) I love my life, the transformation body is going through and husband that does so much for me! I forgot to mention he shaved my legs today!:-) I thank god daily for all things in my life, even the things I don't understand yet, and I'm sure I will in due time. God has truly been good to me, and my family. Feeling blessed!!


Another thing, today my akin has itching uncontrollable ! Is this normal????? Is it because I can't take a really good shower? Please some suggest something before I be walking up to the doctors office scratching and something I got something?!!!! It's behind my thighs and on my butt. ????

typos typos typos

I am usually on my phone when I update my blog, so please excuse the typos. I don't talk like that in person!

3 hours before my appt and I'm ready! And Me, I'm not always on time!!!

It's gonna be a good feeling to wear my clothes without these tubes all over me! Lol

No more tubes!!

Ok so that wasn't bad at all!!y drains are removed now I don't feel like a Kangaroo with babies holding on to me!!! ;-)

Quick update!

Taking the tubes out weren't bad, but they were further in than I thought. It was like a burning sensation when they came out. I am healing great, already standing up and walking in wedges! Just to the doctors office tho. I am not going to over do anything I promise. So I won't see my doctor for 2 weeks! Just want to say one more thing, I couldn't of asked for a better doctor. When he smiles it's so genuine, and so is Jackie who helps the patients, I believe she is the office manager. I feel very blessed!!!!

did a little to much today

I had my surgery 9 days ago, and I have been in pain so I do not feel the need to take the meds, but after going to kmart, and the shoppette a few times to day my body aches, so I am going to relax for the the next week that my husband is off.


Just a instragram pic!

My tummy tuck

I have to ask my self is this gonna make me stronger person emotionally? I did this for physical reasons, but inside i still feel emotionally lost with my self. One day i feel good and then this feeling comes over me thats indescribable.
I am glad about my decision for sure, for some reason im just a little sad tonight.

12 days post op and i cant believe it!

Im appreciating all the support and love i get from my friends. Even those who aren't registered to leave comments read my blog and text me! Thank you! I was prepared for the surgery and those who know my emotional weakness it came to surface but i will pray and ask god to help me to continue to grow and leave that all in the past. I am here in beautiful Hawaii and i want to enjoy this time here, i hope three years feels like 5!

Few more pics

12 days post op pics

My stomach

feels very swollen today!

In denial

I believe that before my tummy tuck I was smaller than what I was, because I purchased size small shirts, sometimes I purchased medium but wow I was in denial. Now my clothes actually fit and look nice. I searched throw so many pictures to find a picture of me and my stomach looking horrible, most I am sitting down, or something is hiding my stomach. My doctor told me in time my old stomach will fade in my memory and its already doing.

Grease stain on Brooklyn B

I put Vaseline on before entering Brooklyn B a friends car ! My bad! Even though her running im the ocean after flip flops was funnier than greasy arms! so inside jokes!Fun times! Soon we'll being drink Rum and Red bull! ( more like sining the song because i dont think i would like that.) lol

My scar

My scar lies under steri strips and I've been advised to leave them alone until they fall off.

Oh and im 2 weeks post operation new tummy!


15 days update

Today is my first day in jeans!!l their stretchy so their fit fine around my waist!:-) it felt great not sucking in my stomach!

Steri strips

Only on my left hip has my strips lifted, and its due to my extemely dry skin, I think. Imma buy some tape and place it but in the meantime i will place a band aid.

Im horrible with the days but tomorrow is 3 weeks post operation!

I am posting pictures of my incusion that you really cant see which I am amazed at it. Some of my steri strips are still on me and they dont seem like their ready to come off so i am leaving them alone. Sunday night after i showered most of them were hanging on my skin so i took them off. Im still a little swollen but nothing major. I have a doctors appt on Thursday and I cant wait to go, I even brought a new outfit!;-) hahaha yes just to go to the doctor! The women who work there look great, so why shouldnt I. So again im posting pics of my incusion area, and a sneak peak of my 2 piece buying experience!;-)

ook I think I really need to get off my feet

We were making plans to go to the beach, but I need my feet up. SO I am getting of the computer going to get some water and lay down! I need my stomach to get un swollen! LOL

Where my drains were

Oh my goodness it's unbelievable! But i have a Dr appt in the am so i have a few questions about the itching, i usually shave and im not sure if I can right now, so i will ask tomorrow.

My doctor

He doesnt look like his picture!!! Lol i have to remind my self to tell him that tomorrow.

This site

This site is simply amazing!!! Great support!:-)

Today is 3 weeks and 1 day!

I went and seen my plastic surgeon, and felt great to see him!!! I had alot of questions and he answered them, but i have to run so here are a few pics and I will be back later!

Something that is important to know

So three years ago I had a baby, a few months afterwards I went to my medical doctor about having diastasis and he said not only did I have that, I also had a hernia. He schedule an appt for me to see a surgeon, to fix the hernia and diastasis. So when I seen the surgeon he said I did not have a hernia. So I moved to Hawaii ( 3 years later) and visited a PS and explained to him my back ground so he told me I had two options. If I had hernia that I should get it fixed either before or after my procedure because he would not be able to fix the hernia. Ok, WOW! Is what I am thinking plus his fee was 12, 800 which was not including the flight he wanted me to take to Maui. Plus he wanted me to do blood work and a physical at the military hospital and bring it back to him. In my option that was too much to do on my part for all that money he wanted me to spend. If I knew that there was no hernia, and I lived in Maui, I might of went with him. So I am not here to knock him, my point of this post is to say if your thinking of ps, its best to go with one whose back ground is a general surgeon as well. I mean I was not feeling paying nearly 13,000 and couldnt even get my breast lifted and then to be left with a hernia. Ugh! So thankful I came across my doctor. When I first met with the first PS I had 101 questions, and so did my husband so when we met Dr.Healy we asked very few questions which makes me giggle a little bit because I remember first meeting him, and I just didnt have alot of question because I had done so much research. Plus the patient consultant sits down with you and shows pics of recent patients of the doctor and she gives info like, what their situation was. ( Not all their business, but for an example one lady was a runner and have just a little saggy skinny and had a tummy , info like that) This has been an great experience, and now when I go to my follow ups its I eager to ask questions to I can post the information to this site!

Round 2

There is a possibility that I may go for a lift and maybe a small implant. Im all about breast, but I feel the same way about a bra! LOL so It would be nice to walk about with stickers on my nipples and no bra! haha totally kidding, but I am in my senior year of college and I was suppose to go to Panama to see a very good friend of mine, but now she is here in the US so maybe I will get my breast done! What the heck, you only live once, and I am trying to get my sexy back! :-)

Exploring Hawaii

I was bored out of my mind today so my husband and the three little ones drove around the Island! Here is a great pic!

The flat side

So over the last 4 weeks, I've read a number of profile updates about being on the flat side. Clearly I understood what that meant, and even though I will be 4weeks post op on Wednesday , today of all days I feel on the flat side! I am still a little swollen but today I feel not as swollen as in a pair of jean capris!

Transformation happening

I believe week 3 can be tricky can you feel like I'm half way to the 6 weeks mark, yet I'm so swollen... I can stand but not all day. Im moving into week 4 and feeling pretty darn good!

My profile

So most of the time I update my profile from my phone and autocorrect can be so mean at times! Taking my words and making them something else, but in all I have to say I enjoyed reading my own blog. Through the typos, emotional roller coaster, good supportive moments, and my progress! I couldn't be more happier with the decision I made of getting my tummy tuck. My doctor is simply amazing! When I go to his office, well this last time , I had a lot of questions and I tell you what he did not make me feel rushed and I appreciate that. My swelling is starting to finally go down. I can't wait to start exercising!!!! This site is so much fun, to reading and giggling about how so many of us are sharing the same experience, such as the drains being a pain in the butt, feel refreshed after our first shower, our first driving experience and other little things that were so much bigger to us.

1 month post tummy tuck operation!!!

So today on my right side you can see where my side is starting to look like I got lipo where as my left side is still swollen. So everything is going good and I took some pics, and I will caption them.

My binder

I never went out and brought a different one, however my doctor gave me two, and i am wearing both right now, i think I need an extra small one. I also broke down and brought a scale, yikes!!! I dont like having a scale, cause I will weigh my self too much.

Umm I called my self being careful

I shaved yesterday, to trim back alittle ... I thought i was careful. Or when I tried to lay on my belly... Im not for sure, if I will contact my ps yet. Its not bleeding. He has me to apply tape to my incision everyday it helps to flatten it out and when i removed the tape this morning , i had dried blood thats why I am thinking it was from shaving.

Beach day!

Ok so i would wear the first bathing suit but im only 4 weeks post op so im not really ready to be without my binder.

Heres some beautiful pics of Hawaii

Heres some pics of Hawaii @ the beach!

Today I am post operation 5 weeks

Wow! I cant believe its been 5 weeks already! I really am glad things never worked in the pass for me to get my surgery until now. My surgeon and his staff meet my expectations and then some and to top it off, my husband really shined with helping me through the first two Weeks. He is still helping but i slept in the living room with me and just was there emotionally too. So my swelling still exist, thats to be expected. Over the weekend I had two small areas that were bleeding, that were tiny. They are good now and not having any problems. I have to say my timing was great too! I cant believe it went by fast! I consider my self to be moving into phase 2, working out soon. Not sure that my body is ready zumba but i can walk!

NO pillows under my legs

So last night was the first time I slept on my side in 5 weeks! I really think it was in my mind to sleep with a pillow under my legs for so long.... I am sliding back into reality............. mommy duties! Ahhhh snap! Next surgery please! LOL I really am going to miss my husband doing just about everything, or my kids pushing the vacuum cleaner.

Picture update

To be perfectly honest. I am happy with my results, obviously my doctor did a great job! I just hate that i have stretch marks! Ugh!!! But if u look at my before pic my stomach was really bad! From stretch marks, to wrinkles to extra skin! This happen when i was 16, trying to be grown and have a Baby. I pray my daughters will not walk in my foot steps! Not only because my stomach, but to enjoy their adolescent years, go to college, (graduate) fall in love and etc. i love all my children without a doubt! I just (like most parents) want the best for my children.

One more pic!

Sorry thought i added this one

6 weeks check up

Today I seen my PS for my 6 weeks check up.
We went over my scar, my concerns, and getting back into my routine. I felt a little overwhelmed today because I was hoping that he wasnt going to take pictures because im so swollen still. but one thing I really like about my PS is that he listens, he doesnt rush me, and he gives good explanations for me! So I will go back in 6 weeks!! I know I usually have a lot to say but I have a slight headache, so off to bed!
Oh yeah, got the green light to work out! And i dont have to wear my binder but I will because its my security!:-)


That i uploaded two different pictures

Checking in!

I had the post tummy tuck blues lately, but Friday something came over me and im feeling so much better!

It will be 2 months on Wednesday

I couldnt be more happier with my decision to have a tummy tuck, I feel great. I hope to have a BA next year by my doctor, because I wanted to do it when I was looking into the tummy tuck, but I had a budget that I was willing to spend and I did not want to finance the surgery. I dont see nothing wrong with financing at all, I just dont want no more bills at the moment.
So I am still dealing with the swelling, It can be crazy at times, i havent honestly been drinking water like i am suppose too, but this week I will.
I have been drinking fruit smoothies for breakfast and a cup of coffee.
Lunch- sometimes good sometimes bad.
Dinner- i have been eatting grilled salmon , stir fry veggies ( bell peppers, onions, cabbage and zuchinni) a little scoop of rice
Snack- a fruit smootie
I dont walk a straight line with my eatting.
I cant believe that it was nearly 2 months ago. Sometimes I lay down and think about that day of my surgery, and all the time my husband was off he did a great job taking care of me. I really appreciate how he was there for me for something Ive been wanting to do for so long. Then yesterday I said to him, I think I want a BA, he said Ok honey what ever makes you happy. Sweet!!!! Lol anyways now Im rambling! Last thing, I am done 9 lbs from my consultation with the doctor. I hope to be 130 when its all said and done. Im bout to start working out, which we all know at the beginning you lost the most weight. I hope to get into crossfit! Here are some pics! Have a great day Real Self!!!


Wow! I have been extremely busy and my inbox is over flowing with everyone elses comments, I cant keep up with thats out there for me. Is there a way to change it?
I have to say that three weeks ago, I had the blues, then felt better and then last week I was very concern about my stomach, even though my PS had told me that i still had wrinkles because the scare tissue needed to heal and expand. Well all of sudden i seen the wrinkles more, but I didnt want to call the doctors office, because I have to let my body heal. But everyday all day I was stressing about my stomach. So then Ruebix and I spoke( through our blogs) and she reassured me. Then over the weekend, my stomach felt extremely tight, but it started looking better in a matter of days. I know wierd! Lol so anyways . I am here and well , im only posting a picture because I am posting a update, but i will upload alot of pics tomorrow. Oh my sides are tender, and my lower back. But all is well! Hey Sunnysidenc!;-)

9 weeks post operation

This has been a great journey with some bumps along the day but I have no regrets.
So here I am 9 weeks from a nasty elephants ass stomach! Whoop whoop! Crazy as it sounds, i dont care to show my stomach! I am way to hard on my self I know.
6 weeks check up, i spoke to my PS about my stomach wrinkles at times. He told me when my scar tissue heals it will expand.
Then 2 weeks later, OMG! I was thinking I need another tummy tuck! Lol my stomach was ugly and wrinkle but only for a few days.( maybe I was dreaming) I seen Ruebix had updated her blog and something told me to say something to her and we had a chat about our stomachs and I felt better. My stomach is looking better too, i am still swollen and my sides are very tender.
I did Zumba last night, and it felt great minus the jump i did that caused me to have a headache, i kept going minus the jumps and did a modified jump.
I am hoping that by next month I will be able to do R.I.P.P.E.D dont know what that stands for but the D must stand for DONE! Lol ( i heard that last night)
And I am gonna try Crossfit!!!
So i hope everyone is doing great! I am really glad i found this site, i have been able to come across alot of women that Ive enjoyed talking,joking and crying with!!! I even found a shout out buddy-sunnysidenc!!!:-)

10 weeks post

I know I havr been MIA! I have been busy with midterms, papers and everything in between. Everything is well with my healing, swelling comes and goes... Still dealing with the wrinkling of my stomach, not too sure about it and will talk about options at my appt in 2 weeks. I miss chatting with you sunnysidenc!!!! This term, i took 3 classes which was too much considering my husband taking over N not being home alot, homework with the kids, playtime outside! Ugh dont call me supermom call me WonderWoman! Cause I cant firgure it out how I am still functioning! Oh my pics will tell that story!!!! How alll my realself sisters all doing well!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxo

11 weeks post op

Here are two pics! I have an appt next week and I will give a full update.

12 weeks post

OMG! Totally thought my appt was at 1150, as I am getting ready for my appt I seen I had a missed call from my PS office. It was at 1110 not 1150. My husband was already there waiting on me, so they told him for me to come on. I was so glad they did not reschedule. I have been totally stressed about the bottom of my stomach, because its wrinkle when I sit down. I have been stressed for like 3 weeks about it, and I should of just called my PS because he reassured me that it will tighten over time, and if not he will do a revision. So relieved! Then Ms.Jackie the patient coordinator put the icing on the cake when she hugged me and talked about how great I looked! I really am glad that I made the decision for Dr.Healy to be my PS. Dr. Healy and his staff are very genuine! I am one happy lady!

Meant to upload a few more pics

Here is what i look like 12 weeks post op with clothes on.

Beach day yesterday!

So I usually dont parade around the beach in my bathing suit but yesterday was a different story thanks to Dr.Healy and staff!!!

Working out

I love Zumba and always will! I was introduced to Cross fit yesterday, and omg im addicted!!!! Yes! Sunnysidenc!!! Ive made it to the cross fit side and lovvved it! Lol

Time is flying

I know that I have been gone for a while, but I started a part time job, reactivated my facebook and just been busy working out. I have been working out for 1 month straight now, and only missed 2 days. I have been doing crossfit along with insanity. If I can do Zumba I will but my job is a night time shift so it makes it hard to go to Zumba. I have dropped 4 pant sizes. I was an 8 before surgery, after surgery 6 and today I were a size 4. I have cut back on sodas, and white rice. I have incorporated alot more fish in my diet, drink more water and most importantly I dont go to bed with my cell phone allowing me to get more rest.

Almost 30 days until my next appiontment

Not much has changed! I am still working out, I am missing more days it seems since I started working, but I am not going to work after Christmas! I have to focus on my body! I love sweating and going hard and letting out a shout as I push throw my work outs. I love people encouraging me on, and then they jump on board! I am loving life! My results ( I will more than likely get a revision but will still go through my doctor and gonna look into a BA, yahhhh) and being in Hawaii!

I'm still here!

My phone is constantly telling me to update my profile.I can say that I was 146-147 before surgery he took off 6 lbs, and I'm down to 132! I have been doing crossfit, and love it! My stomach is still wrinkled, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

My stomach

Lately I have been ignoring the fact that I had a tummy tuck because I am really amazed after spending 10,000 that my stomach still looks like an elephants ass and everyone says it looks great! Well id appreciate it if people wouldn't lie to me. It does however look better than before surgery but I paid for a flat stomach without a bulge above my belly button and for no more wrinkles. It's ok to have the stretch marks but not the wrinkles. I have been working out still and eating right. I will post a few pictures! Hope all is well with everyone, I have exchanged numbers, emails, Christmas cards and made Facebook friends with some of you!!!:-) it's been an over all learning experience!

1 year is steady approaching

I am almost 1 year post ob, I am just NOT Happy with the results, the top portion on my stomach fills like it is full of air. I am continuing my workouts, and eating right.

Changed my profile saying I am not sure reason below

The Doctor by far was always nice to me, and very professional him and his staff. I am just not happy with the fact that he thought my stomach looked fine, after my swelling went down and it was wrinkle just like before, at the bottom. As far as the bulge at the top of my stomach he told me i should be able to get rid of that with my workouts, it has only gotten worst looking. I dont even tell people that I have a tummy tuck anymore! I HAD love telling my story but not anymore.

this has been a journey for sure. 1 year mark!

I am thankful for my experience, and I am sad that I have to do this yet again. My bottom part of my stomach is very wrinkled. I have learned quit a bit with my experience. Number 1, dont be in a rush for surgery. 2. Talk to mutiple doctors and look at their work, experience, and listen to how they speak about their work, do they have a passion for cosmetic surgery? Dr. Healy really impressed me up until my swelling went away, I was so hurt by him saying my stomach looked great that I had to seek a 2nd and 3rd opinion. So here I am, I have about 6 more months, and I will be getting a revision by another doctor, who has a passion for cosmetic surgery and is one of the top surgeons in Hawaii!

picture update 1 year later

In the picture I have posted is before the tummy tuck, after, then I started working out, losing inches, fat, and I cut my hair all off! I feel wonderful! !!! Until I see all my stomach that is wrinkled.

Started my other review

A year and a half later and it'ste for my revision, however I'm doing a mommy makeover!

My new review has my latest surgery pictures!

I finally have a stomach, and my new surgeon is wonderful and taking care of me through my recovery! No more surgeries for me!
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

So far I feel very comfortable with my decision to make him apart of my journey. When I first visited his office, I sat in his office and told him why I wanted this surgery, and how long I have been wanting to do this. He talked about his back ground a little bit with the Army and being a Surgeon. I did not ask alot of questions, because I wanted to listen to him and what he had to say. So after we talked we went into the next room where i undressed and Ms.Jackie and the Dr. came back in room. Jackie took notes as he looked at my stomach. So then I went into Jackie's office where she went over the other patients procedures, and their pictures. I didnt feel as though they were forcing their practice on me. I am looking forward to today!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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