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Here I go on the journey many of you have already...

Here I go on the journey many of you have already gone though.. I had my consult on Aug29 and I booked my surgery date yesterday, it will be on Sept 26,2016. I am getting a breast augmentation and doing liposuction on my upper/lower abdomen, flanks, inner/outer thighs and under my chin. I am 42, 5'3" 157 lbs. had 3 kids (youngest is 19 already). last time I was sized I was a 32D/34C although I have gained weight so I'm not 100% sure anymore. I do not even know where to begin, so many questions.
My surgeon said that I should go with saline implants because I am already starting with good breast tissue so I would not be able to see any rippling or anything should it happen. He says they will feel and look very natural. Before going in I thought I knew I wanted silicone and for it to be inserted through nipple incision. He is recommends an incision under the breast and says it will not be noticeable. Now I'm not sure completely cuz he says if I do silicone the incision will have to be larger. I go in for pre op to try on sizers on the 12th. I don't know what size I want but I'm thinking maybe a full 34DD... my hubby wants me to go big and noticeable but I do want a natural look yet still big enough to notice that they are larger than what I have naturally. What did everyone use for fading scars? pain? etc.
For the liposuction... I'm praying it looks good after. I see some people say where they can see more taken out in certain areas..ugh.. Does everyone get lumpy at some point? Did you have to do some special massage after? I asked dr and he says its not needed just a self massage. Dr provides and surgical bra after augmentation but nothing for the lipo areas. I said that I have a compression garment thing from VS and would that work for after and they said it would be fine. What do you all think? Will it be tight enough? I also asked about taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain for swelling and bruising- he stated some people think it works but he doesn't find it worth spending the money on. I have heard some good reviews so idk yet. Did you ladies use it?
I'm so excited and ready but also so nervous and, like all of you, Im afraid of going to big or to small.
I don't know if I will get much sleep over these nest 20 something days..... If anyone has tips please let me know. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you ladies and learning from you all. Thank you for your posts and pics, it has been helping me a lot. I will post pre op pics soon. speedy healing everyone....

5'3" 157lb ready for full breasts and smaller thighs and mid section

Pre op pics. 5'3" 157lb. Mom of 3. I am currently a 34C/32D last I was measured. Surgery date Sept 26. I decided to go with silicone. Not sure of size yet nor which profile for BA. My pre op appt to try sizers is Sept 13. Also Lipo to abs,flanks, inner, outer thighs and chin. I will have to figure out possible things to help cellulite later. Ugh. Pics really make me see how bad it is.
I think I have everything I need for post op shopping now.
I'm excited now that shopping and all dates are set. I went to primary care physician already so all that is done too.
I have no idea as to what size CC to get. I don't want to look fake like I have balls on chest but I would like breasts to be noticeable different without being huge. So many choices.... Hope all you September ladies are ready and or are healing well.

Not going to get sick

My day is getting closer. I went to my regular doctor yesterday and I have a sinus infection. She gave me an antiobiotic (10days) because I told her I cannot wait it out because I have had it far to long already and I have surgery coming up. Then this morning my husband wakes up saying he has a sore scratchy throat. I made him take emergencee vitamin c packet. I REFUSE TO GET SICK but this all makes me nervous. What else can I do to not get sick?

pre op appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow I go in for pre op and try sizers. I was so excited for the procedures at first and now for about the last week I go back and forth as to being excited then wondering if I really want to do this and then feeling so selfish... I just want it to be done and healed already, hehe don't we all?
I'm wondering if I will have asked all the "right" questions and stated my wants and desires clearly enough so I get just what I am hoping for. The BA, I'm afraid I will get to big or to small. I want to look natural but as you can see from pics I already have lots of breast tissue and I don't want them to look torpedoish nor do I want the "hard ball" look. I guess I will have to trust my dr once we talk tomorrow and I go over everything I am hoping for. As for the lipo, I'm afraid of him not taking enough fat out. During the initial consult he said he could't take our much from top abs cuz there wasn't much fat there but after he has be flex my muscles he said he could get more than he thought if I deceided to do it. I guess I'm afraid he won't take enough all over since I cannot flex or anything to get it all. I'm praying after all the lipo and I heal that once I start working out again my legs will tone up good so they don't look so terrible. Literally ALL the women in my family ( to include my youngest daughter) all have huge legs (from thighs to ankles) it doesn't matter how hard or not any of us work out. I'm hoping my results will come out good and that I can start working out after and get my body back in shape. I have lived in Hawaii for about 14 years and I cannot tell you the last time I wore shorts or bikini --last I recall is around early 2000's. I want to feel confident in myself again and look sexy for my hubby as well. Do any of you have things you wish you would have asked your dr prior or known prior? Are there certain things you bought or wish you bought prior? I will post measurements and stuff after my appointment tomorrow. I'm two weeks out til surgery.....

Tried sizer 450cc& 500cc /got meds

I went to pre op appt. with my hubby. I figured I would go a bit bigger but not that much bigger since I'm already a full C to smaller D. After trying on sizers I'm not 100% sure. I went up to a 450cc and thought that was big enough. Hubby says go bigger so I tried a 500cc and it felt huge and heavy. I thought maybe it was to big but the Dr and His helper,Jen along with hubby said it looked good on me and that it was proportionate. Dr said I would not look too heavy. So I said ok to the 500cc. I've had a week to think about it and now I'm actually contemplating if I want to go 25-50cc more to make up for going under the muscle so that my final result will look how the 500cc looked when I had it on top. I don't know anymore. I sure don't want to regret it and have boob greed but I don't want to look gianormous either. I just don't know how accurate the silicone sizers will be. I will talk to dr day of and tell him my concerns and let it be up to him if we stay that size or adjust a bit. He also said he will go as aggressive as he can for inner thighs and lower abdomen/flanks so that's good. Get rid of all the fat I can.
I got my pain pills, nausea patch and some sleeping pills from dr. After a few days I remembered reading many women say muscle relaxers are their best friends and I forgot to ask for some. Maybe later?
I will post pics too. The one of me in the beige bra is a before pic (obviously) in a non padded, lightly lined underwire bra. The pic below that is same with tank over.
The second pic is me in the tank on top one and bottom one is a 450cc sizer on left breast and a 500cc on the right breast. The rest are just pics of the last days of my old chest before my new beauties are created.
I have already stopped taking any supplements and trying to eat a lower sodium diet since my date is approaching now. Getting excited again but nervous as to how I will feel after. I have bought lots of stuff for post op so I hope I have everything.

Surgery was yesterday not as bad

Hello all you beautiful ladies out there. Yesterday morning I had my surgery. It wasn't as bad a I thought t would be. Don't get me wrong it is still painful however I thought my pain would have been worse. I'm 5'3" or 5'4. Was about 156 lbs. have 3 grown children. I had lipo on inner and outer thighs, upper and lower abs and also my chin. As everyone else says chest just feels really tight n swollen. Lipo areas are sore but not as much bruising bruising as I though it felt like I had. Went to post op appt today. Dr said all looks real good. Praying it stays all good. I can shower tomorrow so I will try get hubby snap a few pix. I only have one that I took when I open bra real quick. Omg is the top of vagina area is all bruised and super sore. Getting up and down is no fun and the garment from below chest to thighs is the most miserable thing ever. It hurts so bad taking it off and on every time I have to go pee, feels like I'm ripping my skin off. Luckily enough none of my incisions from lipo really bled much nor was there any discharge from it. I'm gonna have soooo many extra bed pads as I only have used 2.
Staying on top of my pain oils is a must at this point still. One didn't work so I have to take two. I hope all is well with the rest of you. Like I said I'll try post more pix after shower tomorrow. Most of the marks you see on chest is not bruising but the markers he wrote on me with and the stuff they washed me up in.

Bruised up and sore today first shower

Today is the most painful day yet. I really dislike this garment. Everything is swollen and sore. Breasts feel as though they will explode. Looking at them now knowing they are swollen and will go down makes me already wish I would have gone bigger. But at least they will be more full.
I was able to take everything off for my first shower today it felt good but it sure is a chore getting in and out of garment. Lipo areas look good. Chin fat is so flat and small looking, no more love handles. Thighs are smaller but still a little hard to tell how much smaller they are. And abs are pretty flat as well. Yeah!! The very top of inner thighs still have a baggy area and I think it's because the first two days the foam pad had slipped off that area and the fat hung with gravity. But today I've been trying to keep it under the foam. I hope it tightens up nicely still. I didn't have much of any drainage at all just a little on a few areas or garment and gauze. Bed pads have not got dirty at all. The stitch under chin is already super itchy so I guess it is healing already. I have been keeping up on my pain pills although I wanna get off them. When I let more than 4-5 hrs go by I get so tender and sore. I have gone 6-7 hrs a few times but then it seems to take longer for pain to go down. The ice packs really help me.
I'm so thankful for my husband, he is such a trooper. He has been taking really good care of me and even showered me today. Hope all the rest of you are healing nicely. Here are some pics from before and after shower. Not all the dark spots are bruised, some marks are his marker from where he wrote on me to know how much fat to take from where.

My update dates are not correct. I had BA and Lipo on Sept 26,2016

Subtract a day from what you read on my posts to get accurate info for ea day

New Pics....Can't wait for pain to be gone

Yesterday 9/30/16 was one of my most miserable days. The pain and swelling was really getting to me. The garment and foam are definitely working and keeping me more smooth but they hurt. I finally could not bear it anymore and switched to a bigger garment. When I removed the one I had on I could see where it was digging in and bruising me more. I was afraid to change it out to a bigger one thinking it may not hold me as tight and in return my skin in areas would be saggy but thankfully I have not noticed that. My breasts are still pretty hard and high. Although they do have a little softness at times. Sometimes they feel so tight it seems hard to breathe. It feels as though my left breast is bigger and tighter right now. The implants are a 475cc on left and 500cc on right. Icing them feels good.
I am able to get up and about on my own now without so much pain. I have to hold my stomach and breasts while hunched over until I slowly stand straight. The bruising looks bad and it hurts but not as bad as it looks though. I am able to take garment down myself to use bathroom. I don't have the female urine thing some of you have so I had to make a makeshift one using a small kitchen funnel to put in the opening of the garment to make going pee less painful with the garment. It has been a life saver. The stinging/burning under the breasts is no fun. I have my second post op appt on Tuesday (3 days away) praying all is going well and that I continue to heal properly and quickly. The Lipo areas still have lots of areas that are numb and feel real weird. Speedy recovery to you all. Here are pictures from yesterday 9/30/16)after shower.

Everyday gets better, good results

Well I still have some pain but mostly soreness and I still have swelling but everyday it gets better. I'm more sore when I first wake up and less swollen and as day goes on the swelling comes back. The garment is less painful to put on now but still not fun. I wear a smaller one with more constriction when I wake up then later in day I have to change out to a more stretchy one because I can't stand the way I feel. It seems to be working well. I don't have lines or anything from garment. I do have the hard lumps and a little unevenness but I just massage it a little bit off and on during the day and it softens up for awhile. As far as my breasts, they are still swollen and big, now that time has gone by and they are softening up, I'm glad I did not go any bigger. They feel large enough for my frame and my back does get tired since I am not used to all the extra weight. Stretching and massage really seem to help in all areas. Over all I am liking my results and I'm glad I chose Dr Dieffenbach.

18days post op. Healing up good

I'm doing pretty good. Still sore here and there but for most part doing ok. I went back to work 3 days ago. I'm soooo glad I had 2weeks off, I needed all of it. I'm glad the bruises are almost gone. I should have taken pics of scars under breasts, they are almost unnoticeable, only thing I used was the tape and changing it every 5 days. My left breast feels different than right as far as size and the air pockets. The air pockets get annoying feeling them every move I make but if that is the only issue, I'll take it. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's the air pockets or what but sometimes because I can feel them it feels like the implant moves around when I move, like the implant isn't going into the pocket that was made for it to fall into. Hopefully not. it's just such a weird feeling from the air pockets. My breasts are really softening up and feel natural. I still have pain here and there but not to bad. Let me tell you I Can't wait for the day I can sleep on my side again. I'm not a back sleeper. I'm trying to wait for my next follow up in about 2.5 weeks or so just because I'm afraid to sleep on my side then the implants move out of the area of the pockets they are suppose to fall into in time. I'm probably
To paranoid to ruin them. Lol but I'll wait it out if I can. We have the adjustable bed to raise head and feet but I've found the most comfy way to sleep is by keeping head of bed flat and using one of those pillow things with arms on it that people use to watch tv or lay on the floor, then have a few other pillows to go on top for head and back. I've literally tried everything else and that is the only way I can get comfy. The Lipo areas are definitely smaller and look good. Although I do swell up in the evenings or if I have been up and about a lot. That gets annoying but it is what it is. Sometimes I look real good and flat/tight, other times I look so swollen and fat still. The garment I wear is a tight one when I work (so about 10-12 hr a day) then when I go home I put on a more cotton type one to sleep in because I can't take the super tight one to sleep in. The area close to under breasts where bra is and then the garment top goes feels like it is raw it hurts to always have them on. I still have not gone without bra or garment for more than about 30-45 min once a day. I may start going without a bit just to breathe more. The incision scars from lipo are getting smaller and lighter on some but others are still fairly big and bright. I still have lumps in Lipo areas, sometimes they are not bad and other times they really hurt. When they hurt I try to massage off and on with a wooden massager with balls on legs of it. That usually helps a bit. I'm still happy with everything. Just can't wait for full recovery and both boobs to be the same and the Lipo lumps/pains to be gone. Now all I have to do is heal so I can exercise and get rid of rest of my fat and tone up. All and all- great job Dr. D. I would recommend him to others for sure. Happy healing ladies, enjoy your new bodies.
Oahu Island Plastic Surgeon

Dr. D and Jenn were both so kind and friendly. I was nervous to go in there and bare all my flaws to someone I do not know. From the first phone call Jenn has been so sweet and patient, she answered all my questions (phone, emails and in person) without making me feel like I was being a pest. I went in and filled out paperwork then watched videos in a private room. After videos were done I went to another private room and felt implants with my hubby while we waited for DrD. Dr. D was so gentle and kind, my husband even liked him. I didn't feel so bad baring it all in front of him as he was easy to talk to while he showed me things and made suggestions. He gave me options and never forced his opinions/ideas on me, only made suggestions. I felt a little weird cuz I did so much research and ended up bringing a big list of questions I had for him. Not once did he seem bothered and he even said many times "that's a great question". So far everything has been good. I would recommend Dr. Dieffenbach and staff.

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