CHIN JAW CHEEK Implants with LIPO - Agoura Hills, CA

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I've realized that has helped me make...

I've realized that has helped me make a lot of choices so I think it is fair that I tell my experience. I believe I am an okay looking guy but my lower part of my face is too short, it bothers me. my face is too round and my cheeks are too chubby. I feel uncomfortable smiling because my "malar fat pad" is too big. I've been told it is very difficult and risky to reduce that area but I will have my first personal consult tomorrow with Dr. Edward Terino. I flew in from Texas to LA because I've researched and realized he is the best facial plastic surgeon in the country if not the world. He has been very insightful and has taken time video chatting on my possibilities.


My consult with Dr T was unbelievable. We spent 4 hours going over my options on the size of implants. He was very thorough explaining everything about the implants and procedure. We finally came to an agreement and understanding and I walked out of the office completely confident that I was going to get exactly what I wanted.

5 Days after surgery

Yay! The surgery lasted around 8 hours. I had no complications with the surgery or anesthesia. Dr T spoke to me afterward and explained everything. I was out the door and back to my hotel 20 minutes after waking up. I went with 14mm custom jaw implants, Terino Style 2 chin and 5mm high cheek implants. The pain was intense! After 4 hours and a few painkillers my pain went down and has been very very mild since. I would say the only thing I have felt is discomfort due to the swelling. I am 5 days post surgery. Swelling is still bad but improving. I saw Dr T for a follow up 2 days ago and is pleased. I will go be going tomorrow to remove the stitches. I am nervous to see how I will turn out but recovery will take some time. I will keep updates on my recovery.

12 days post op

My swelling has decreased so much every day. I am very frustrated already but I knew it would take this long. I am very happy with my jaw and my cheeks but not with my chin. Not even a week after the surgery I realized I was not happy with my chin. I spoke with doctor Terino about this and he was not upset about my opinion. On the other hand he was very happy to change it and offered me a lesser price for the procedure. I will wait until the swelling goes down so we can choose the proper chin for my face. I believe there was a honest misunderstanding about my chin so I am not upset.

2 weeks post op and LOVING IT!

Swelling has decreased so much day by day. My jaw and cheek implants are still swollen but I'm already happy with the way they look! Dr T did as much lipo as he did so I am really looking forward to the chisled look. I have absolutely no pain from the implants . I'm still on soft foods thought so I don't damage the stitching inside my mouth. My chin is turning out ok, maybe it's growing on me. I will wit 3-6
Months to go back for a consult on my chin if I choose to replace it. I'm still 80% sure i will Just because it is not exactly what I wanted. For anyone has any questions feel free to ask!!! Thank you for sharing this life changing experiment with me
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Terino is EXTREMELY insightful and has literally spent at least two hours video chatting with me on the possibilities of improving my face. He never forced a procedure onto me only suggested and asked how I would feel about it. I've researched all his achievements and look forward in speaking to him tomorrow for the first time in person.

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