After 6 Years I Ave Regained Every Ounce and Now Have a Host of Horrible Side Effects

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My starting weight was 340. After my surery I lost...

My starting weight was 340. After my surery I lost 165 pounds in less then a year. I had no major complications at first and was happy as a clam with the results. Fast forward 6 years later. I have regained all the weight plus an additional 45 and now weigh 385 plus i have bald spots, multiple vitamin deficiency that has led to weekly vitamin injections, all my top teeth are gone due to acid wear. I look 60 instead of 40. Like many I am have uncontrollable flatulence and smelly stools. Due to this I am no longer welcome at most family gatherings. I am now trying to just hang on, emotionaly and spiritually.

Two of my sisters who were as big as me opted to try eat healthy foods, mainly a plant based diet and have shed 90 pounds over a period of 4 years. They look young and beautiful. We went out last week and I was mistaken for their mother and they are both older then me by 18 months and 3 years.

I would give anything to go back in time and opt out of this barbaric procedure.

I sit around eating ritz crackers and blending up Ben and Jerry smoothies. These are some of the few foods I can keep down and yes I am an emotional eater. News Flash - the gastric bypass does not change your behavior!!!

My advice to anyone considering this is to listen to what people say that have had it going on 5 years out.

If you had asked me one year out I would have recommeded it highly.  I also drink now and I never did before.

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