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Ever since I was a little girl people have said...

Ever since I was a little girl people have said not so nice things about my nose. I always got, "Your nose big" or "Why do you sound like you talking out your nose?". And I think those comments made me very insecure about my nose. I am looking to get the bulky parts of my nose smaller and define the bridge. I have some septum and nasal problems that will have to be fixed as well. So I hope to find a Dr that is experienced in Ethic Rhinoplasty so that I can get the result I desire.

Looking for My Perfect Ethnic Nose!

Ok to sum up what I am looking for..., I am looking to narrow out the bulky parts of my nose and define the bridge. There are some pictures below.

Dr Choices

The doctor I am considering is Dr. Slupchynksyj (he also specialized in ENT/Otolaryngologist) and I will be getting a quote asap. But Dr Salzhauer work looks really good too. And somehow he keeps making it on my list for every procedure I wanted. I will have to get a quote from his office as well. Other dr I need to check out is Dr Kun Kim (he specialized in ENT / Otolaryngologist).

Quotes and Dr I Picked IT'S DOABLE!!!

Dr Slupchynksyj - Contacted office via email and got this email back for their office. "Consultations are conducted in person in our Upper East Side of Manhattan office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at his Chatham, New Jersey office on Wednesdays in the afternoons. We also offer consultations for out state patients via the Internet (pictures and/or a live Skype consultation). The consultation fee is $250 and that amount is applied to your surgery. Your consultation includes a Virtual Imaging Session wherein, using a computer, Dr. Slupchynskyj simulates what you will look like after surgery. You will also be able to discuss the procedure in detail and get answers to any questions you have.
Regarding cost, rhinoplasty typically ranges anywhere from $9,000-$12,000, which is inclusive of all OR and anesthesia fees. Following a consultation with Dr. S you’d be given an exact quote."

Dr Salzhauer - Contacted office and was told to send pics via email. So I did and explained what I wanted. Dr called me back in about three days. Dr Salzhauer has the best personality. He is very likable. He explained what he could do and told me my expectations were doable. He answered my questions and that was it. Now I am just waiting for a staff member to call me back or email me a quote.

Dr Kun Kim - Contacted office via email. Staff member emailed me back with instructions and price on the procedure: "In general, rhinoplasty costs $2000-$6000 depending upon the complexity of the procedure. This procedure is performed in our surgery room in our office in about 1 ½ hours. Dr. Kim uses silicone, Gortex, or cartilage to elevate the nose. He also performs cartilage refinement, bony reduction, and straightening techniques. A cast is worn over the nose for a week. Patients return in one week to have the casts and the sutures removed. Bruising and swelling varies for each patient.May I schedule a consultation appointment for you with Dr. Kim? Our office hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9-5pm in Doraville and Wednesdays and Fridays 10-5pm in Duluth. There is a $90 consultation fee; however, if you elect to do this procedure in the future, this fee will be applied to the surgery cost."

Ok only problem, I was an out of town patient. I quickly emailed her back to ask the process for out of town patients and she was nice enough to take my pictures and stated it would be 25% deposit to schedule the surgery.

Dr Kim got back to me about 5 days later: "This is a type of a rhinoplasty where we make the nose rather smaller, shapelier, and maybe even a slightly taller. We achieve this by narrowing the bony nose (top 1/2), and refining the soft tissue and cartilage structures of the tip, followed by alar-plasty (called Weir excision) to finally narrow the nasal base as well as reduce the flaring of the nostrils. You should be able to achieve what you desire.
The cost for a rhinoplasty such as this will be 5500 dollars and this is an all-inclusive fee that include the sedation, local anesthesia, and all the post op care and supplies with the exception of the pain medication (which you often do not need)."

I am most likely going to go with Dr Kim, because he specialized in ENT and I have nasal concerns I would like to talk to him about. He email seemed very through and he hit the hammer on the nail when giving his advise on what he could do for my ideal nose. Plus his price is prefect and I like his before and after pics. :)

Ummm I don't know about that Dr....

I requested quotes from two more doctors. Dr Basner and Dr Stein. I emailed both yesterday and Dr Stein office got back to me this morning and quoted me a price of 5900. Consult is free, but since I am an out of town patient, they accepted my pictures via email, so I'm just waiting for the office or Dr Stein to call back with real information. I have not hear from Dr Basner office yet. Will update with his quote when he does...

Dr Choices I think I found "THE ONE" Maybe???? LOL

Dr Basner - Has not gotten back to me.

Dr Kulbersh - Contacted today via email, office staff called me back asap. I was quoted $7500 - 8500. Dang I forgot to ask about the consult fee (if they were any). Oh Well!

Dr Chen - This dr is not on realself. I started looking local today, because this surgery doesn't take long. And I can save money using a local Dr. On with the facts… I emailed him today, office got back with me asap. Kristy called me back and she did not want to quote anything. She kept saying consult, consult, consult is for all of that (the consult fee is $125.00). But I only wanted a round figure. So, she finally stated anywhere from $7500 - $20,000. Now this doctor is well known and his work looks great. Not going with this guy just because I had to pull teeth for the range figure.

Dr Gunnlaugsson - Contacted today via email, office got back to me asap. Cee Jay quoted anywhere from $6000-6500. Consult fee is $100. Now this guys does not have before and after pics on his website. That was a concern for me because I am looking for a doctor who knows how to do Ethnic Rhinoplasty. I explain this to Cee Jay and asked her if I could come in to see photos. She stated that was not the normal procedure (have to pay consult fee lol) and she would ask the Dr if it was ok for me to come in to look at his before and after pics. THAT'S STUPID!!! I told her I am looking for a specific type of dr and your dr does not have photos on his website (even tho there is a link there for photos). So, I will not be going with this dr.

Dr Finger - Contacted today via email, office called back asap. BUT GUESS WHAT…. THE DOCTOR CALLED ME BACK! I was so excited. He said he had finish all his cases this morning, saw my email and just decided to call me. I was amazed. He was very sincere and confident. He stated that he was sure of his work. He likes to do certain surgery (Rhinoplasty being one and hands another), and there are certain produce he don't like to do. That made me trust him even more. He quoted $5500-6200. He told me to get in contact with Laura for further information. I am waiting for her to call me back. I think this is "THE ONE"! Maybe???


I don't know why people don't like when you tell the truth. I am a realist..., you will only get the truth out of me!

Dr Info Update

Dr Basner - Has not gotten back to me (I don't think they will).

Dr Kulbersh - There is a $75 in office consult fee and that fee goes toward your surgery. It seems like they do not really have a consult procedure for out of town patients. But the coordinator stated it would be $100 Skye consult fee and that fee does not go toward your surgery. That's too weird to me, so yeah not going with him.

Dr Salzhauer - Office emailed me a quote, $5495. (I really like his personality. He seems so genuine and concern about his patients and his work).
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