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I am a 28 year old mom of two with one on the way...

I am a 28 year old mom of two with one on the way in early January. I have been considering plastic surgery for a little over a year. I lost over 50 pounds after my second pregnancy. I weighed around 180 when I had a couple consultations. I am 5'6 so that did still put me in the overweight category, but each surgeon said that I was a good candidate at the time.

My goal is to lose a crazy amount of weight in a short amount of time (very wishful thinking). I know I will need to lose a minimum of 35 pounds judging by the last prenatal visit. I don't know how much more weight I will gain in these last few weeks of pregnancy, but I have my fingers crossed. I have always had an issue with emotional eating, but prior to this last pregnancy I was on the right track.

Some questions/concerns I have are:
-Can you drop weight quick and get a mommy makeover with good results?
-Will my surgeon still think I am a good candidate?
-Will my surgeon suggest other procedures and add to the total cost?

I have been emailing a patient care coordinator from the surgery center for the last couple months to get some of my questions answered. My consultation went very well, but I had concerns about paying for my surgery. I found out through one of her emails that I did not have to have a surgery date to start making payments. This made in real for me because my quote was 11,890. This sort of money is pretty huge to me so part of me never thought it would happen. Since becoming pregnant I have been sending money each month so I will have it paid off well in advance. I know I will need some extra time to get all the weight off.

Thanks for reading and I will update when I have some new info.

Mommy makeover
full abdominoplasty
liposuction on my hips and thighs
saline breast augmentation with lift

I can't sleep because of one of the many joys of...

I can't sleep because of one of the many joys of pregnancy...heartburn! I watched a couple videos of tummy tuck transformations to try to make me sleepy. I can't help, but have this feeling of being out of my league. When I am not pregnant anymore and start my much needed weight loss, I will post some pictures.
My thoughts right now are "I can't afford this, I'm not rich," and I don't look like any of these other women before their procedures." Yikes, I have a long way to to.

I just sent a $3000 check yesterday to the Surgery...

I just sent a $3000 check yesterday to the Surgery Center, which makes my balance $7268. I have less than $5000 to go, and I will be paid in full! I hope that having that done will motivate me more to get the weight off quicker. Has anyone else done things so backwards? I just don't know if I will have to cash in the future so I want to get it paid for while I am able to. Very exciting!

I am thoroughly irritated with the patient care...

I am thoroughly irritated with the patient care coordinator. Maybe she has been out for the last several days, but I would like to think that even though my surgery isn't scheduled that my questions are important. I have been religiously reading other ladies' reviews. Being so pregnant and overweight has caused quite a disconnect to this whole process. I am still really happy to have a little over half my surgery paid for, but it doesn't seem real. Maybe somehow I don't think I deserve such a wonderful but expensive gift.

Today I called my patient care coordinator instead...

Today I called my patient care coordinator instead of sending an email. I hadn't been able to reach her through email, but today she answered all my questions. I was told that any of the garments that I will need are included with the quote expect maybe ted hose. The four prescriptions aren't included either. They will give me an anti-nausea med, muscle relaxer, Hydrocodone for pain, and an antibiotic to take the first few days of being home. I called a motel that was listed on the surgery centers website and they offer a recliner to patients at no additional charge. That seems like a good idea! I am thinking that my pre- op will be scheduled in May, and I will shoot for June for the surgery.

I just sent my second to last payment to the...

I just sent my second to last payment to the surgery center today! Petty, not for me. This is huge. The financial aspect of the whole thing is what worried me the most. Now I will need to start focusing on pregnancy weight loss and things like, "Will I wake up after surgery? What size of implants should I get?"

30 more days until my surgery is paid in full! I...

30 more days until my surgery is paid in full! I have been counting down for a while so this isn't major, but 30 days makes me happy. I want to lose 10 pounds per month until June which is probably when I will have my surgery. Yay, for me!!!!

It has been nearly a month since my baby has been...

It has been nearly a month since my baby has been born and I have already lost a good amount of weight. Today I weigh 186.8. I will be scheduling my second consultation in May. I called the patient care coordinator and asked if I could see some of Dr. Bruneteau's work personally and, she said the surgeons don't have personal portfolios. Would this worry anyone else? I will have another consultation with him again before I schedule my surgery, but know I am a bit more nervous. My surgery is paid in full, and I can't see any of his work? Why wouldn't you should potential clients what you can do?

I scheduled my second consultation for May 8th. ...

I scheduled my second consultation for May 8th. The lady I talked to asked if I was still thinking about wanting a mommy makeover. Now I'm kind of freaked out because since my first consultation was over a year ago, can they change my quote? The patient care coordinator said the doctor wouldn't, but since I worked really hard to get it paid off that would be just my luck. I have 34 days to think about it.

I made it!

My mommy makeover was done May 17th. I was nervous going in, but everything seemed to happen really quick that day. I needed to be there at 7:30 to fill out various consents. My surgery was started around 9:30. My nurse, Nicki, was really nice and put my mind at ease. I got a full tummy tuck, liposuction on my hips and thighs, and a breast augmentation with a lift. I think it took abut 4 hours. I was really groggy when I woke up. My aunt and Grandma took me back to the motel where I mostly slept. I woke up every couple hours, but I still slept good.
I think it is finally time to put some pictures up. I love looking at other ladies' pictures so I figured I would contribute.

A couple more things...

I almost forgot...
When I went in for surgery I weighed 168. I will have to start exercising when I can because I have a lot of toning to do. How long did everyone else wear the panty hose? I have taken mine off already because I need to wash them. Do you think that is a problem since it has only been three days? They said not to take them off for the first three weeks, but I had to wash them. Also, anyone else not feeling so bad after surgery? It has only been three days, but I want to get up and do things. How long did everyone wait before they started back with their normal routines? I am sore don't get me wrong but not like I thought I would be.
I see Dr. Bruneteau this Thursday to get the pumps taken out.

One more thing...

I forgot to mention, I am in the process of of divorcing my husband. We were together for almost 12 years. It really sucks. He cheated on me at least three times ( that is all he will admit to). He has been verbally and physically abuse at times and yet he was the one to leave me. After he was gone a few days I decided to file for divorce. It was a really difficult decision, but I don't want to waste my life on someone who is not invested in us. This isn't really relevant info, but I thought I would include it. I would probably be enjoying my mommy makeover much more if I wasn't at such a hard point in my life.

Day 8

I'm still pretty sore. My legs are terribly bruised and it takes some time to get up and down. I feel like I am still really swollen and have strange tingle sensations through my abdominal. I'm sure I just need to be patient. On a completely different note, my husband who just left proudly posted a picture of girlfriend number 2 on Facebook. He is being very bold. You would think after being with someone for 12 years, he might wait a little bit or at least not be so public about it. He is hurting me very much. I should be focusing on healing not this crap.

I need to post some more pictures...

So it is day nine and my boobs are really starting to feel nice and soft and drop. They are what I am loving the best right now. My legs are extremely bruised right now, and I can't really tell a difference from the lipo. I guess it is because I am so swollen. I look at my tummy and I get so discouraged right now. I feel swollen and sore. I seem to look bigger than I was before. I know that most of the stretch marks are gone, in my tank tops right now I still look the same. I feel pretty down. How long can I expect to be so swollen? Any advice? I still have the drainage tubes in, also.

I just took these this morning

more pictures

Here are the pictures I said I needed to post.

7 weeks post op

Sorry ladies, it has been a while. This really has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I have ran into some issues/concerns. First my surgeon has discussed with me possibly needing liposuction on my stomach because I look uneven. Look at the picture, and let me know what you think. Also, I want to know everyone's thoughts about Vitamin E oil. I picked some up at Wal Mart which I have started rubbing on at night, but does it actually help? I have read so many mixed reviews.
I was told at the last follow up by a nurse that if I felt brave I could pull out some of the stitches on my own if I noticed any. At first that idea seemed creepy, but I now just want them all out so I have started to pull a few out. My question is shouldn't they be gone by now? I don't know how long they are suppose to stay in, but just yesterday I pulled out a couple more. I am kind of surprised to still be finding stitches. Anyway, that is all I have for now, but I will try to post more soon. I like doing it because I love getting everyone's opinions. This site is such a great resource. I am so happy with my results except for my stomach. Advice/Opinions? How do revisions work? When can I start talking to surgeon seriously about it? I paid so much money I want to be satisfied. The flatter tummy was a major part of the transformation, and I don't feel like I have what I asked for.

8 months post op

Aesthetic Surgical Images

I was calling other plastic surgeons in my area and had two consultations in person. One was in Lincoln and the other Omaha. I felt very comfortable at Aesthetic Surgical Images and didn't think I needed to look any further.

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