42 Yr Old 3 Csections Ready for a Change - Houston, TX

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I had my consultation today at Aesthetics Surgical...

I had my consultation today at Aesthetics Surgical Center (Dr Do) Angelique is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. One of my biggest concerns was looking like a box or have a square shape after the procedure. After talking with her I decided on a TT and a BBL which is one of their mommy makeover pkgs. I paid a deposit and booked my date. 7 weeks away and I'm so excited. I'll post before and wish list a later.


Going for my preop on 3/31. I'm so excited and nervous. I'll keep you posted


Well as uncomfortable as it is for me I decided to post pics. My body is so embarrassing and I can't wait to be able to post my after pics. After having 3 Csections I have diastasis recti and it's horrible. 3 more weeks. Yay



10 more days.

My transformation is coming and I'm so excited and nervous. I've started taking my vitamins and I've gotten all my postop prescriptions. Only have a couple of minor things to get. I think I'm most worried about positioning myself after having both of these procedures done. I bought a huge maternity pillow to help me lay on my side but I worry about riding in the car to post op appts. I guess it'll just be laying in my side. I also wonder is approx 500 cc each cheek will give me ok results. I don't want Kim K results just a nice rounded bottom. At any rate I'm ready.

One week to go

Got a call from Dr. Dos office yesterday. My last check had been processed and I'm all set for Monday. I got all my pre op meds including antibiotics pain meds and Valium. I got my sanitary napkins for the surgical site drainage and bought pads for my bed. I also have my pregnancy pillow to help with sleeping on my side. I'm a little bummed because I had gained some weight and I wanted to try and lose it before surgery but that didn't happen. This time next week I'll be on the flat side and I'm super excited.

Help What does 500ccs look like?

Dr. Do told me he thought he could do about 500 cc each cheek. I've been searching the internet trying to find someone that had 500cc with pics. I understand everyone's body type is different but I'm trying to get a visual.

Tomorrow tomorrow I love u tomorrow you're only a day away!!!!

Well... My surgery is tomorrow. Tummy tuck and BBL and I'm so excited. I'm also nervous and scared. I'm just hoping and praying everything goes right and I hope in the end it's worth it. Pray for me!!!

I'll be in the flat side today

Today is the big day. I actually slept really great last night. I didn't think I'd be able to. I'm ready!!!

Flat side

Well I did it. I'm on the flat side today. The pain is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. If it stays like this then I'll be ok. I have been getting up walking every hour and taking my pain meds every 4 hrs. I thought I'd be able to sleep but I actually was up all night long. I swear I saw every hour on the click. Anyway, about to get ready for my post op appt. keep you updated.

72 hrs Postop

Haven't noticed any major swelling. I hadn't read about Anyonr complaining too much about gambit I do notice a lot of painful gas and my back hurts pretty bad from walking bent over. Hubby bought me a walker to walk with and that does help some. I can't stress enough to take your pain mess around the clock the first couple of days and take yours stool softeners. I thought is be wearing a body suit but my Dr only gave me an abdominal binder. I went ahead and ordered one since I had a bbl with my txt. Anyway. I'll post better pics when I'm able.

Pics. Not the best but I'll try again later

Day 4 Post op

So youll have to please excuse all the typos in my previous posts but blame it on the post op meds. Well I'm a tad bit nervous I haven't had any of the post op swelling. Maybe just a tad bit on the surgical areas but not like I've been reading about. Also as long as I've been talking the hydro/Apap q4hrs I've been keeping my pain under control. I haven't really had any problems getting up walking up every hour. I do get pretty sleep after I've taken a nap and been in the same the same position a couple hrs. So I guess everything has been going pretty smoothly other than the killer gas.

2 weeks postop

2 weeks and I do notice some swelling. I've read and been told that's to be expected so I try not to worry. I can be somewhat obsessive about things at times. Overall I'm happy with tummy but haven't seen a difference in butt. Anyway I have appt today with Dr. Do and he says he was going to teach me how to do massages.

2 week update

2 weeks postop and I do notice the tummy swelling which I read and heard was normal so I'm trying not to obsess about it. I have spot today with Dr Do and he says he is going to teach me massage today.

Tires and sore

Well it's been a rough couple of days. I had so much to do and so much going on. I overdid it Thursday and Friday and am paying for it today. I promised myself I would relax all day today and tomorrow. Im really sore today and it's uncomfortable to walk. I'm ready to be back to my old self. My body reminded today that I'm still in recovery. I think I kinda forgot that for a second because I was feeling better.

3 weeks out

Well it has officially been 3 weeks since my surgery. I feel pretty good. I rested all weekend no ripping and running around which is exactly what I needed. I am supposed to be walking fully upright this week and ditching my abdominal binder for my bodysuit so we will see how that goes. I ordered a couple of dresses and I'm loving the way they fit. Post pics later. Have a great week everyone!!

One month

Well it's been a month and I'm feeling a lot better. I still get tired if I do too much but I'm starting to get back to my old self. I'm very happy with my flat tummy however I feel he could have done a tad bit more lipo of my flanks. Overall I'm happy with the results.

One month postop pics

My camera doesn't take the best pics. I'm loving my new look. My waist is much smaller and I have a tad bit more junk in the trunk.

2 months post op

Well it's been a while since I have been on here but I'm now 2 months post op. Everything is healing up nicely and I'm so glad I did it. I still wear my surgical garment because I feel more supported with it on. I'm still not exactly bikini ready but I feel great. I have another appt with Dr Do next week. I would most def recommend him.

3 months

3 months out. I'm loving every bit of my new self. Was it worth the pain? Absolutely. Do I have any regrets? Heck no. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Do to anyone considering TT.
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