29 Years Old 2 Children, Tummy Tuck and Lipo with Doctor Martynas Norkus Wellness Travels - Lithuania

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I have decided to make a review for doctor Norkus...

i have decided to make a review for doctor Norkus as despite extensive research I can not find many reviews for him on real self so I am going to share my experience. After having 2 beautiful children my stomach isn't what it used to be. I am not after perfection I just want to be rid of my excess skin (mostly below my navel) and achieve a flatter stomach that is more in proportion to my small frame. I have been a dancer for 10 years and I hope that my tummy tuck and lipo will reveal the muscle definition that's been hiding under my overstretched skin..we will see :)
I am due to travel to Lithuania in 10days for my surgery. I'm so nervous!
I have sent pictures over to be reviewed by the surgeon and we also had a Skype consultation. He plans to perform a full TT with lipo to my upper and lower abdominals (although he said that this will be limited to ensure proper blood flow and limit damage to vascular structures) with extensive lipo to my flanks. I have been communicating with wellness travels and I must say so far they have been very patient with my numerous questions and I always receive a quick reply even when it has been rather late. I can only describe wellness travels as the facilitator between myself and the surgeon, they assisted me with flight and hotel booking answering any non medical question and forwarding any medical questions to the surgeon. They are basically organising my trip to Kaunas and ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible..
So far so good, I hope this level of care continues once I get to the aesthetic surgery centre.
I will be travelling with my sister my 9 year old son and my 3 month old niece. I will try and post regularly in the lead up to surgery and afterwards.

Nervous and excited 2 days to go!!

Today I received my travel pack from the clinic introducing me to Lithuania and local places of interest. I will be given a phone when I arrive to make unlimited calls for the duration of my stay, so I was also given some useful numbers that I may need. Im getting nervous now as I hate flying, I'm more anxious about the flying than the surgery at the moment lol..

Arrived in Lithuania!!! SURGERY TOMORROW

So we arrived safely in Lithuania, we were greeted by the representative who couldn't do enough to help us. He transferred us from the airport to the hotel to drop out bags and check in, and then dropped us to the clinic to met the doctor and have a consultation where he waited patiently for a couple of hours. He then escorted me to the bank after I realised the surgeon didn't accept GBP (euros only or credit card) and I converted my cash.
I finally met martynas norkus, he made me feel so at ease. He explained the procedure thoroughly and answered all my questions in detail. He measures and marked my body preliminarily for surgery and I will be arriving at the clinic tomorrow morning at 7.45 for my surgery which will take place at 8am. My sister son and Bruce just went out for a lovely large meal as it will be my last meal before my surgery tomorrow...
I'm excited to get everything started and over with now, I will update tomorrow before surgery

Day of surgery...

I am on my way to the clinic, not sure whether I will have time to update before surgery as I am scheduled to go in in less than an hour
I will update as soon as I feel well enough to. More excited than nervous at the moment. I hope everything goes well. Omg!!

1day post op :)

Sorry I haven't updated as quickly as I would have liked to but I was feeling so tired and sluggish after the operation I just didn't have the energy. Right now I am REALLY SWOLLEN, I hardly recognise myself lol. The pain is manageable it is comparable to a csection however the fact that I am unable to stand up straight is probably my biggest complaint right now.
I am super super happy with how low the surgeon managed to position my scar it is literally in the crease at the top of my pelvis and runs neatly along it. The surgeon also managed to remove my belly button completely so I avoided having the vertical scar which I was prepared for tbh.
He wasn't able to completely remove my old piercing hole so that sits just above the top of the incision. I still have my drains in as I have a lot of fluid to expel, but doctor norkus intends to remove them on Monday so that would be 4-5 days after surgery, we fly home on Tuesday. So far so good, I can definitely reccomend the clinic and wellness travels they have been brilliant so far and doctor martynas norkus has been amazing. I am happy to be out the other end..
Dr. Martynas Norkus

So far my correspondence with doctor Norkus has been satisfactory. He has always responded in detail to any medical questions I have had. Although sometimes he isn't as prompt with his reply as I would like, although I have put this down to his busy work schedule and slight time differences. I am looking forward to meeting him in person as his reviews and credentials are very impressive.

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