29 Years Old, Mommy of Three, Desperate to Find Something to Help my Skin!!

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Hello everyone. I wanted to share my experience...

Hello everyone. I wanted to share my experience with you all, because maybe some if yous are looking into doing the same type of procedure. So i have been having skin problems all my life, but more recently now that ive gotten older. (Im 29) ive always had breakouts & stuff, so for a long time, i would lay out in the sun in the summer trying to clear my skin up.( i know, stupid!!) but the fun WOULD ALWAYS help clear my skin up. Well around the age of 25 i started to notice tiny lines on my forehead. Fast forward to now... The jibes had gotten a little deeper i now had the (parenthesis) wrinkles. Not deep, but noticeable to me. I also had tiny crows feet lines. So i found out over 2 years ago that i had fibromyalgia, which completely dries me out. (Skin, eyes & mouth) well it took a huge toll on my skin and i started getting acne scars!!!! Ive been completely devastated by this! My skin has been my biggest insecurity now. I look at my friends skin & sisters and stuff and their skin is flawless!!! It makes me so sad! Like why do i have to be cursed with bad skin!!! So ive tried a lot of things to help my lines and scars but nothing works!!!! Ive spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars???????? my next step was Botox and microdermabrasion. So in December i went to a spa, and had her take care of a broken capillary i had on my face. & my nurse has to be in her late 40s. Well.... Her sling was effing flawless!!! Line free, pore free.. I was shocked! Of course i had to ask her what she did!! She told me her AND her husband (who works there as well) both did a CO2 fractional
Laser treatment!! So she have me all the info for it and quoted me 700.00, which was a pretty good price to me. As i sat there getting my consult, i cried to her with tears telling her how much it would change my life if it worked. I never wear my hair back, i wear really think face makeup which i hate and im sure everyone notices how much i wear, and it pretty much just makes my self esteem like shit! So she assured me it DID work & sent me home with her FB page to "like" and all hers and her husbands before and afters were on there along with other peoples. So i looked and yup! They were amazing! He had REALLY REALLY BAD pox marks/ acne scars and now his skin looks amazing! I would've never known. Soooo... I had to make an appointment!

Before pics

Ok so these are my before pics. I do think the light is making it look alot worse than it really is! I have a few tiny lines on my forehead, acne scarring & tiny crows feet. I also hate my neck! From gaining and losing weight so much, i feel like it looks horrible:(. So i never ever wear my hair back or anything!! Im hoping the procedure will tighten my jawline!


Ok do i got my CO2 fractional laser treatment on saturday. First of all i wanna say that last night i was reading a few reviews of CO2 fractional laser treatments, & im so so so scared now!!!! Not ONE person said they had good results! Everyone said the treatment ruined their life and their skin permanently!!! Idk what to think. I hope & pray to god thats not my case... But only time will tell. The hope that i have is, the lady who did my face, also did her OWN AND HER HUSBANDS, & they look amazing. Ok soo here's my review, i went in the office at 10:00 am. I had to put numbing cream
In my face for 1 1/2 hours. After that my face & neck felt crazy!!! And i accidently got some in my mouth lol so my mouth and tongue were numb!!! Anyways, she came in with her husband and they told me they were gonna start the treatment... When they started( right away) i felt EVERYTHING!!!! I swear that numbing cream did not help AT ALL!!! And i thought it was gonna be a laser that went over my whole face, well nope, i was wrong!!! It was a tiny little laser that they had to move all over my face one tiny burn at a time!!! It wa harsh. They had to keep stopping for me. I was cussing and everything lol!!! The worst part of the face was between the eyebrows, forehead, around the eyes and jawline. I guess its cuz thats where your bone is close to the skin. I could see smoke and smell my skin burning!!!! Yikes.... But they were true angels throughout the whole process, which i appreciated so much. So afterwards, your face burns for like an hour! So they had me for back with cool rags on my face which helped a lot. Also, before the procedure, she had given me a valume. So i was sleepy. Then they gave me a care package and explained everything and sent me on my way home. In it was cleanser, instructions & a mixture of sunblock and like Vaseline . So i came home and my darn kids were scared of me lmfao!!!! Hell, i really look like i belong in a scary movie!!!! So that night i was told i had to sleep sitting up:( it sucked! The next day i woke up looking a tiny but better but still red AF! You can see time red squared all over your face & my face & neck are soooooo swollen . I pretty much have been hiding in my room so no one can see my SCARY face lol. I can say i dont see any lines right now or scars, but my face is swollen so i dont want to get too ahead of myself! Last night i had to sleep on my back so that way im not putting pressure on my face( which is hard lol cuz i usually sleep on my side) so today is monday and i went outside for the first time (to take my kids to school)& im worried about hyper pigmentation. I heard it happens from the sun. My face is still really red. I see squares everywhere. My neck is dark:/. I text my nurse to see if its normal and she said yes! Also, for some reason the CO2 makes you get white heads like crazy!!!:(sooooo now its pretty much the waiting game. Im praying so hard that it didnt ruin my skin:( i wish i would've read these reviews before i did it, but hopefully i have good results!


You should train yourself to sleep on your back! It avoids nose wrinkles and parenthesis wrinkles!

What i left out.

So supposably i will only need one treatment.& what the co2 laser is supposed to do is produce ALOT of collagen for 6 months! Then at your 6 month mark, whatever collagen you produce is supposed to stay like that for 10 YEARS!!!! I know, sounds amazing right!


Gosh im so sorry about my spelling errors. I just went over my review and seen that my stupid auto correct just puts in whatever words it wants to!!!!! Sorry, im not illiterate lol my phone sucks. I'll update when i see a better change in my skin


Hi, i wasnt going to update for a couple days , but i had to::((. So i washed my face this morning and tonight.( im only going to start washing twice a day.) Well this morning i noticed my redness has calmed quite a bit , but i was still really swollen. I have great lighting in my bathroom so right after i washed, i was observing my face. Everything seemed to be going good. So i put a frozen bag of broccoli in a towel and put it on my forehead for like 30 mins. So tonight i washed my face and noticed the swelling had went down. So i starting looking really close at my face. Well......... I noticed that my scars are actually still visible & i started to see about three lines on my forehead! Im absolutely devastated. I just cant believe after only 3 days, im seeing all my old marks::((. I had a breakdown & was crying soooo much to my hubby. Not only was it expensive,( to me), but it was painful and is wasting my time BIGTIME!!!! I cant do anything!!!! And most importantly, i jeaprodized my skin for something that didnt work!!!! Now alls im praying for is that my face goes back to how it originally was before this. After reading all the horror stories, im seriously so stressed out! Im sad, like broken hearted. I kind of felt in my heart that it was too good to be true, but i was still hopeful. I have to go meet the lady who did my face tomorrow to buy more face wash (ugh). And you better believe im going to give her an earful. I know i sound naive , but she swore to me that itd take care of ALL my skin problems with that one treatment. I feel like i was lied to & taken advantage of...& mostly i feel like shes gonna lie to me tomorrow and feed me some more BS. My hubby wiped my tears and told me theres still hope, like maybe it gets worse before it gets better.. Idk .... At this point alls i can do is hope & pray:( and lastly... Im breaking out SOOOOOO BAD!!! With all this ointment on my face, im super breaking out, which contradicts this whole treatment in the first place!! Ummmm... Breakouts lead to MORE scars!!!:( fml...

Day 4 feeling way better

Hello. So im sorry about my breakdown last night. I was panicking lol! Ooooopsie. So its night 4...& today i went and talked with the lady who did my procedure. She assured me that over the matter of 6 months, my collagen will build and build especially in my problem areas. & i also i researched a whole lot today and i actually had all the success stories say the same thing! So im pretty happy again. ::)) also, after today, i NO LONGER have to wear aquaphor! Im so happy about that. But i still need to keep my face out of the sun & when i go outside i need to put on heavy sunblock with a high SPF. So now that im not wearing aquaphor, my face feels sooooo tight and dry, & its starting to flake & peel (which is a good thing) im seeing less LASER SQUARES which is awesome too!! Im still kind of breaking out but i guess its perfectly normal...
FYI:DONT PICK AT YOUR SKIN. I guess you from a bunch of white heads:( but they actually kind of just wash of when youre using your cleanser. Oh and they started me on the next cleanser & toner for the 5 the day and so on. Its a LACTIC CLEANSER called SANITAS. I still have swelling but its went down a lot . I'll post a pic of my face when it starts peeling more so yous can see what it looks like. Anyways, have a good night everybody& remember to sleep on your back!!!;)


My face itches so bad!!!! And i cant scratch it cuz its still somewhat sore when i touch it!!!
Anyways my face is peeling but its not bad at all!!!! Not what i expected. Today is my 6th days and my redness is all gone! And i still have a little more peeling to do, but this is my observation as of DAY 6...

I can see like two VERY LIGHT, TINY lines on my forehead. I also see TWO VERY LIGHT acne scars. But no matter what, as of right now, they look waaaaay better!!!! Way better than BEFORE i did the laser. So even if my face stood like this... Id be happy i did it. But since they say my face will gradually still get ALOT better over the course of 6 months, that truly truly excited me! I cant explain how much better my OVERALL face looks. Like, my forehead had tiny lines and it LOOKED SOOOOO DRY!!& now it feels sooooo soft and i dont see dryness or tiny pores. It looks very smooth!!! My whole entire face does!! I think i will wait a couple more days til i finish peeling to post a pic.... But just to confirm SO FAR, SO GOOD! IM HAPPY HAPPY I DID IT!!! Oh and my neck is actually still healing, its a lot lighter though, and most of my squares are gone. Ok so I'll ttyl RS.:)

14 days after laser

Hi everyone. So i was kinda waiting til i had my 2 week follow up until i wrote on here again. I had it yesterday. Basically they told me that i wont see maximum results til the 6 months pass. So unfortunately thats not for quite some time. I was looking at before & after photos, & i saw people seeing pretty good results at the 6 week point. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

As for now, my skin is not swollen anymore. It was last week though. Aaaaand...... Now that its not swollen, i honestly see absolutely no improvement. I THOUGHT i did before, but its cuz my skin was swollen and not settled yet:(. I can still see all my lines and scars clear as day. It did not help (yet) with my uneven skin tone either. I dont have much else to report. Im hoping & praying that my collagen is going to reproduce & make my skin look better , even if its just a tiny bit better :(.

My skin is still sensitive to the touch and peeling a tiny bit still as well.

Not sure yet...

Ok yall so first off i wanted to address my last post was 16 days post op, not 14. So today is 17 days post op. One thing i noticed is that this is definitely a cosmetic procedure and youre gonna have your days where u think things look good and where you think things look bad:/. Today i put pic collages together for you guys and i actually THINK i see a difference in the befores and afters! Yous can be the judge on that. But minerals do wish my redness would go away! I hate that!!! I cant wear makeup at work ( i started a new job) so i feel really insecure:( but anyways im still wearing SPF 100 everyday and still using that lactic wash and toner! And now i just gotta play the waiting game. I asked Stephanie if she thinks i needed Botox or microdermabrasion but she swears that i wont as soon as the results start coming in. I aint gonna lie, that made me feel good. I really hope shes right. Ok so I'll update as soon as i have something else to report. Have a good day!

Ps... I feel like i see a difference in the pics!! I hope its not just me:) (happy)

Still waiting

hi yall just wanted to update this profile. I honestly havent really seen any changes at all. To be honest my scars seem worse:( my neck is still really red i think its ruined.... N as far as an even skin tone, it does seemto be a tiny bit better but nothing to drastic:(. Ugh im still waiting for maximum results but it just dont make sense to not really see a change at all. Idk, im still thinking about botox so i guess ill wait it out a little more and see if theres any changes:/


hello everyone, so its been over teo months since the procedure. Here are some things that have changed. I am not breaking out. Its weird, i usually do but since the procedure, my skin has been very clear. Also, fir some reason now, my skin is the oiliest its EVER been!!:( i hate it, idk why its happening. Another thing is my beauty marks seemed to have faded alot!!!! ???? it sucks:/. But besides that, everything is pretty much the same. Still see scars, still really red, still see lines and pores! Ugh so i made an appointment with a dermatologist on tuesday for botox. I bought 25 units. Ugh im so effing scared. Idk why cuz im sure the laser was 100x worse!!! But the thought of a needle in my face is terrifying:(:(. Soooo ya, ill let yous know how that procedure goes.

She was great! She made me feel as relaxed as possible & answered all my questions! I loved her customer service and overall great attitude!

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