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I was searching the web for something... Anything....

I was searching the web for something... Anything... That could help with my stress incontinence when I came across the Thermiva treatment. I hunted down every bit of information I could find on the procedure and read every review out there. From what I've read this procedure is more about vaginal rejuvenation than it is about reducing stress incontinence. Oh what the heck, I could benefit from a tighter vagina too so I decided just to go for it! I have nothing to lose except a little more sneeze pee!

The procedure itself was a bit awkward due to the nature of it, but it was absolutely painless. For some reason I expected that the wand used for this procedure would just be placed on the treatment area for a period of time. To my surprise, the wand is actually moved in and out of the vagina during the entire 20 minute internal treatment and is continually moved about the entire outside during the 10 minute external treatment. (Luckily lots of lubricant was used so there was no discomfort caused by the probing) The internal treatment was split into 4 sections and the external was split into 2 sections. Each section was treated for a total of 5 minutes at which time the machine was reset and the Dr. moved on to the next area. I felt a mild warmth during the process that seemed to get a bit warmer the closer it got to the end of the 5 minutes. The external area is more sensitive so the heat felt more intense but was not uncomfortable at all.

It's been less than 24 hours since I had the first of three treatments so I haven't had time to figure out if anything has improved yet. I did have one very hearty sneeze yesterday that I just let go without crossing my legs & I didn't pee myself! This is a pretty positive sign since the greater majority of my sneezes would cause some leakage. Hopefully something will trigger my allergies so I can sneeze some more! I'll post updates as I notice any changes (or lack thereof). My 2nd procedure is scheduled for in October (in about 5 1/2 weeks).

3 Weeks Results

Hello -

I have just had the one treatment so far and I can say that I have noticed some mild improvement with the stress incontinence. Let me clarify what I mean by mild improvement... Before this treatment I literally had to hold myself or cross my legs every single time I sneezed or I would leak. After the treatment, I went an experimental trial where I would just let my sneezes come without crossing my legs. I only experienced leaking a handful of times. All in all, I definitely leak less often, but not infrequently enough to recommend others have it done just yet.

In regards to the other claims that people have been so thrilled with… I have not noticed any difference in the external appearance of my genitalia nor have I noticed any improvement in sexual function. My boyfriend did not mention that anything felt differently to him either. ( I did not tell him that I was doing the procedure because I didn't want to plant any ideas in his mind). I did not have any issues with vaginal dryness prior so I cannot speak to that.

I am not ready to scream it from the rooftops and recommend people go for it just yet, but I am hopeful that I will see even more improvement after the next treatment mid-October.

I will update again after my 2nd procedure.

Final Thoughts

I completed all of the Thermiva treatments and am very late in updating my review. My apologize to those ladies who reached out to me directly seeking an update.

Thermiva offered a slight improvement in my urinary leakage issues but was not an end-all solution to the problem. I definitely do leak less these days, which is nice, but the difference is not so remarkable that I would recommend this particular treatment to women considering it strictly for relief from incontinence.

Now.... if you are a woman who has issues with vaginal dryness or if you are someone who wants increased sexual sensation then you may find Thermiva to be helpful in those areas. These are the areas where I noticed the most change after treatments. Vaginal dryness has never been an issue I had to deal with and it definitely isn't now! Thermiva absolutely increased the moisture factor for me. More is not always better in this department, but if you are someone struggling with vaginal dryness, Thermiva may be your solution!!!

In regards to sexual satisfaction & sensitivity, I have noticed that I "feel a bit more" during intercourse than I did before. No, I did not have the mind-blowing orgasmic experiences some woman have raved about in their reviews (darn!!), but I do have some increase in sensation. I'll take it!

For what it's worth, the appearance of my lady parts did not change (except for immediately after the treatments) so if your expecting to leave with a pretty little tight package you had at 16.... you will likely be disappointed.

So to summarize.... I would not recommend Thermiva for incontinence or for making your lady bits prettier. ****** I definitely would recommend Thermiva for women seeking the treatment specifically for the moisture benefits & for some increase in sexual sensitivity! ******

I hadn't really thought about it too much before because I tried Thermiva simply hoping to pee myself less during the day. But doing the treatments has caused me to become so much more aware of my sexuality and my lady parts that I am now looking into surgical options for a snugger vag. Thermiva was good for adding some sensitivity down there, but I just want more. Ive also learned that this topic is really a hush, hush one. I've really struggled to find a selection of Drs in my area who proudly advertise their experience in lady parts procedures. We deserve to feel confident about our bodies and have great sex too! Now I'm on a mission!
East Aurora Urogynecologist

So far my experience with this practitioner has been fabulous. The girl at the front desk was the sweetest thing ever as were the other ladies. Dr. Kirakosyan was very nice and answered all of my questions. I did not receive a follow-up phone call as I was told to expect, but that wasn't bothersome at all since the procedure was noninvasive.

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