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I am 37, 5'2" 133 lbs. I have 3 kids. Had two when...

I am 37, 5'2" 133 lbs. I have 3 kids. Had two when I was very young and had my youngest 3 years ago. I have had a breast augmentation 5 years ago and now excited to fix my belly. Finally narrowed down a surgeon and picked a date. Doing a lot of research online for people who have had this procedure done. So excited to share my experiences with others.

A few before pictures! 2 months preop

I put down my deposit today, requested the time off and doing my research. Planning on the next 2 months cleaning and organizing my house and planning freezer meals. So excited and anxious!

Goin stir crazy!

6 weeks until D day and now il considering getting a breast lift. Had my silicon implants put in in 2010 and had our last child in 2011 and breastfed and since I'm already going under the knife might as well do it right? Oh and also thinking a little inner thigh lipo. Let's see if we can afford it and if the hubby approves. ;) I'm nuts.

Pre Op Tomorrow

Im starting to get really nervous now. I have my preop tomorrow. I dont have a ton of questions. Just a few. Like how does he handle revisions. How much will it be to lipo my inner thighs. Then I will get all my scripts and guidelines. After this appointment, I will start shopping for my care items. I have quite a list of all the things I would like to get Like supplements, NuGel silicon strip, wife beaters for under my garment, Spanx and much much more. I have been working out a decent amount, but my nervous twitch is to eat. I need to stop eating everything. I wanted to drop a few pounds before the surgery, but I recently put on a couple. I need to get in gear. I'll post more preop pics soon.

Had my preop on Thursday

Spoke with the nurse she went through her run down of things to avoid and things to do before surgery. I also spoke with the dr to add lipo on my inner thighs. So excited to not have my thighs rub together when I walk and run. ;)

3 weeks in counting, bought some of my stuff I need from WalMart, gloves, stool softener, tylenol, wipes. Have a few more things to pick up. Just have to figure out what else I need.

I'm getting excited and nervous.

4 More Days

I try not to think about it too much. I have so much to catch up on at work so if I keep thinking about the surgery, i can't concentrate at work. I just want to make sure I have everything. I didn't do any freezer cooking like i planned, which is fine. On Thursday, I plan on picking up a bunch of fresh fruit and stuff for salad. Ugh! So nervous!

Day 1 review

6/26/15 at 2 pm had my surgery. I was realy nervous going in and my blood pressure was up, but it seems that it went well. waking from the surgery was painful. I didn't expect to be in so much pain. I had to take one of my pain meds right away. The dr prescribes only Tylenol with Codene and I thought that was a little light. After about half an hour or so was still in pain. THey said it was due to the muscle repair. I asked for a heavier prescription and thank god i did. All night i piggy backed the Tyleno and the Norco so basically every 2 hours i was taking something and let me tell you i needed it.
I dd not get a recliner, but i do have 3 pillows behind my head to prop me up, 2 fluffy pillows under my legs and a boppy pillow under my butt and a small pillow for my head just in case.
i have had several bouts of dizziness and nearly passing out. I'm thinking its just from the blood loss. so i tried to go the the bathroom and immediately had to lay down. And even one time was laying down and nearly blacked out. I was nauseaus at one point and almost vomited, but didnt thank god.
Another issue is i have only one drain and it is clogged and I can't milk it out. I will have to have the nurse look at it.

I feel like a totally different person this morning compared to yesterday.

I have my post op at noon today. ill have them take some pics.

Im excited to see my results, in the meantime i will enjoy the healing process and catch up on some shows.

Tips so far....

go girl- female urination tool- make sure have a good suction where it's against your body or you'll have spillage. I'd rather have a little spillage than have to sit on the pot.

Spanx like gear- have compression/smoothing gear on hand to change into in between cg use. I had to send my hubby to Nordstrom rack to pick up Spanx like shorts.

Side effects- know side effects of meds the Norco/Hydrocodone made me really dizzy.

Drink Lots of fluids. It'll force you to get up to pee and aids in healing
A good support system. thank god for my hubs and my older daughter. I can't do anything without anyone.

Have a few things working arms reach. Once you are settled in, it's really hard to get up and get something.

This is no joke! I knew it was major, I've read it's like a csection. No it's worse. Especially because of the muscle repair.
You will be groggy because of the meds and out of breath easily. It's hard to raise your voice to the dog or small children It's hard to yell for help. Many times I had to text my daughter who was in the next room.

Good luck to those that are healing and those that are coming up.

I get to shower today but with the pain may wait. Well see :) if I shower I'll post pics

Day 3

Just took a shower Nearly blacked out right before I got in. I'm thinking its side effects from Norco.

Day 3 review

So today has been really good. I was able to sleep flatter on my back on even on my side. It felt good. My lower back and shoulders are sore because of being bent over. I did take a shower today and didn't need to pass out. Yeay! Althought after my shower i had a difficult bowel movement. TMI***My first since before the surgery. It was like giving birth I literally had to count and breathe and couldn't push hard because of my belly. Finally got it done! I seriously blacked out while trying to go and my legs were tingling. It was painfull!

The rest of the day I pretty much hung out. I felt good so I was trying to pick stuff up off the floor, but I had to remind myself that I am still healing.

Tomorrow I get my drain out. Thanks goodness! That has been a pain. Everytime I move the stitches for my drain pulls. Then it bleeds. Not fun!

By Friday I wil get my stiches removed then hopefully I can go out in public. :)

Happy Healing everyone.

BTW for my showers I attach my drain to a lanyard around my neck so it's out of the way. It works like a charm.

I'll post more pictures when there is more of a change.

Day 4 review

The pic isn't much different but I thought I post it anyways. Got my drain out today. Doc wasn't concerned with the output but with the darkness. He almost didn't take it out but then decided to. He did say I may or may not get some fluid build up to get removed.

Today was a good day. I drove, went to lunch, went to my dr appt, took girls to pool while I sat in the shade, went home Took a nap then went to the craft store. I did a lot more than I have done and feel really good!

Still wearing spanx, doc said my swelling isn't that bad so no need for cg. Going in on Friday to get some stitches removed. So things are going really well!

Day 4 cont.

I did forget to mention that now I'm starting to guise in between my legs where the Lipo is. And some of my belly is turning yellow from bruising. My inner thighs are pretty tender I've been putting arnica gel on it. I just ran out of the arnica pills. I'm not sure if I'll pick up more or not.

Day 5 Review

Well I'm exhausted. I took it easy this morning and then showered and got ready to pick up my daughter from summer school. Already getting into the car i was exhausted. We stopped at a couple stores. I picked up some compression shorts. Then when we were going into Old Navy there was a blood spot on my dress. I lifted my dress and my drain hole was leaking and filled up my gauze, undies, bleed through my shorts and compression top and the inner liner of my dress. Thank goodness I had wipes and napkins. It was not great. The rest of the day I have been beat. I think tomorrow I may just stay home all day. I'm pushing it too much I think.

Day 6

Here's my Day 6 pics. I am really liking my progress so far. I am swollen but not too bad. I have little feeling on my skin. I can sometimes feel my muscles tightening underneath. Today I purposely did nothing I did not want to feel how i felt last night and this morning. I feel super lazy, but it's actively healing.

Happy Healing to everyone!

Day 7

Today was a good day. Had coffee with friends, went to the doc and got my abdomen stitches out. Doc doesnt want to remove the belly button stitches out yet. I have an appointment on Tuesday. My drain hole started seeping again. I showed the doc and he said to keep nursing it. Basically it needs to heal from the inside out. The nurse also said to to start massaging scar to loosen up the skin and break down the scar tissue. The doc also said to start using Scar strips. I bought the NewGel+ csection scar sheets. I will wait a few days. When the nurse was pulling out my stitches I was bleeding a little. It's best to use them when the wound is totally closed.

After my appointment i did run an errand then went home and totally crashed. I was beat.

Day 8

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. It was a decent day, but I'm paying for it today. I have not been sleeping well the last few days and waking up with headaches.

If you look at my pic I have a good sized bruise, which hurts! I think it hurts so bad because it is so big.

I rested most of the morning then we went to a family party in the afternoon. Of course I ate too much. I was trying to walk and act normal. I had walked to the park several times with my daughter and to watch my husband and kids blow off fire works.

I started wearing my NewGel+ silicon strips, by the end of the day, I noticed that the middle of my scar was bleeding a little. I had thought my incision was 100% closed, obviously I was wrong or the strips irritated the incision. I will wait a few days to start those.

My drain hole is still seeping. I have to change my gauze and pads a couple times a day. I really can't tell if it has gone down at all. I just have to be patient.

I will post a little later with my Day 9.

Day 9

Today was a good day. Was able to lay in bed most of the morning then went to a friends house where the kids could play for a few hours. Of course I ate too much again! Once I started feeling my back ache and pain in my belly I left and parked my fanny on the couch. Everyday gets better and better. Although today I did feel a little incision pain. I massaged it a little to help loosen it up and break down some scar tissue. 2 more days off of work left.

Oh and I'm walking nearly 100% upright except when I first get up off the couch or bed. I felt good today!

Day 10

Tried to take it easier today. Still probably did too much. I do have a little incision irritation. My bruise is getting better. My skin is quite right around the incision and I have been massaging it a little. Not using any oils or lotions because of the incision still scabbed. Tomorrow I see the doc to remove my stitches around my button. I'll ask him about the incision. I wonder if I can use neosporin.

I go back to work the day after tomorrow. I'm readyish. I will have the energy for it. My only thing is when I first get up I am pretty hunched over.
Tomorrow I only have a few errands then I'm vegging.

Day 11

Just got back from the doc, they took out my belly button stitches. There was a little fluid build up that he drained. Did not hurt at all. I feel quite swollen and tight today. I asked about the scar as it is quite tender and some parts red and dry, he said to use polysporin, not neosporin on it. Of course I bought neosporin prior to surgery. They gave me a few samples of bacitracin. I put it on right away and massaged the scar.

I also asked about the pleating and pulling of my skin, he said it will loosen up and redrape. I will post a pic later. There isn't much change.

I see him in another week

Tomorrow I'm back to work. Boo!

Day 11

Day 12

First day back at work. It was really hard to walk around. I was hurting a bit because my seroma has increased. I called the dr. I'll go in tomorrow to get it drained. I told everyone at work the I hurt my back because it was quite obvious I was walking slow and hunched. Once I got home i laid in bed. I did have to make dinner but I hung out the rest of the night. I hope tomorrow is better. You can see in my pm photo a little swelling. Even with such little swelling it hurts. I'm happy with my thighs so far. They are still healing and will continue to contour. I'm excited to see final results.

Day 13

Today was a much better day at work. I really learned how important compression is. Yesterday I had my spanx type shorts on but today I had that plus another belly band thing and what a huge difference from yesterday. I still had a decent amount of swelling but I was much more comfortable and I was walking much straighter. Even though I have a desk job I do walk around the office a decent amount.

Went to the doc and he aspirated only 30 Ccs but I could feel a difference the minute I stood up.

Really the only discomfort is my skin. Sometimes it feels like a burning sensation all over my belly. It's tolerable but annoying. Every once in awhile around that bruised area I have some stinging that is also the area he aspirates the fluid. So that part is healing slowly.

The pleating of my skin is getting better. About 1/3 of the incision does not have any scabbing on it and it's starting to look good. I massage the scar a couple times a day with bacitracin to help break down the scar tissue. Im gonna wait another week before I go swim suit shopping. Hopefully by week 5 I'll look normal enough for our vacation. If not that's ok

Happy thoughts to all of you.

Day 14-2 weeks post op

Everyday is better than the last. In the mornings I'm walking straight up no issues. But as the day goes on I get slow and hunched. It's hard to keep a clear head at work I just want to lay down, but I go through the day with no major pain. I did take Advil and Tylenol throughout the day. After work I visited my family. They are 30 min away. That's probably the most tiring, driving.

I'm hoping to veg all weekend. Hopefully I can! The only pain I have is right around the bruised area. It's like a stinging pain. I'm thinking there's still a lot of healing to do in that are.
In the middle of my incision it's still quite tender and the scab is quite big. I'm being patient and letting it heal and massaging it a couple times a day.

Hope thoughts to you all!

Day 15

Took it easy most of the day. There were a few hours where I didn't have my compression shorts and band on because they were in the wash so I put on compression under armor capris. They were nice and tight. After awhile I noticed a stabbing pain again by my bruise. I was trying to figure out if it was the incision or the bruised area and I think it's a little of both. I see the doc on Tuesday. Hopefully it'll be gone by then. I put on my regular compression stuff on and it did feel a ton better. Little swelling today, not too bad. I do see a little fluid build up but not too concerned about it. Everyday gets better. Can't wait to feel more normal.

Day 16

I feel like not much has changed but when I put the pics together I see a difference.

I did take one dose of Advil this morning and some Tylenol this afternoon. The sharp pains were there but then subsided when I was at the pool (legs in only) and more active then sitting around at a birthday party this afternoon. Weird. I am still taking arnica but not 4 times a day as instructed. Maybe 2-3 times. But the bottle is almost empty so when that's done I'm done with it. My bruising in my thighs is gone because of the arnica gel.

Now I was lay and relax, while the hubby makes dinner. He's an angel, well sort of ;)

Next part is TMI not for the prude. SORRY IF I OFFEND ANYONE. Well against Drs orders I did have relations with the husband a few days ago. He did not lay on me or put pressure on my legs or belly. I did not move. He did all the work. It was a little awkward but it was good. We typically have a very healthy sexual relationship. That will hold me over for at least a few days. It's so hard because now that I'm feeling better and sexier so I can't be tamed. Lol. I'll wait at least another week before we try again.

I'm nervous about the week to come. Full week at work. Hopefully it's better than last week!

Sprinkling happiness to all you beautiful ladies. I appreciate your support and I hope I help someone along the way.

Day 17

Hello my beautiful headless TT Friends!

So it's Monday, worked today. It was an ok day. Was able to walk a little faster, more upright. The only issue I had was everytime I stood up, there was burning feeling on the skin of my belly. It was not pleasant. I did take a few doses of Advil and Tylenol. When I got home, relaxed for a little bit then made a nice dinner. I was feeling like my normal self, then for some reason I started getting that pain in my lower right belly by my bruise again. It was quite painful. I took some advil and put Ice on it and now I am relaxing. I don't know what makes it hurt. I assume activity. It does look like I have a little fluid under there.

I see the doc after work tomorrow. So, hopefully he can drain it or tell me something. Besides that pain and my skin burning sometimes, I feel really good. Planning our family vacation to South Carolina in 3 weeks. I hope I will be able to be more active for our trip.

The picture is from this evening. Even though it doesn't look like it, I am swollen. It's pretty tight and uncomfortable. Whoever said this recover is like a csection is full of it. This is way worse than having a csection, especially because of the muscle repair, The scar is much longer and the fluid build up. I remember having my csection thinking it was pretty bad, even though that was 15 years ago, I still think this is worse. Also, with a csection, you have much more time off of work, but at this point I don't regret it. Just Getting a little antsy.

Happy thoughts to you.

Day 18

Everyday gets better. Work was good! Less pain, less burning, less drugs, less hunched over.

Went to the doc and he did extract some fluid. Only 10 ccs. Having a seroma really isn't that bad except having to go into the dr every few days to get it drained. Not a big deal for me because his office is on my way home from work. I won't see him again for 2-3 weeks. My pick on the bottom is a closeup of the middle of my incision where the last scab has to heal. Other than that I'm liking how it looks. Still a little tight but will loosen up and flatten out.

Taking the hubs to dinner for his birthday tonight. He's been really patient and such a good support. I think this weekend I'll go bathing suit shopping. :)

Day 20

The last couple of days have been ok. In the mornings, I feel like a spring chicken and i can move really good. As the day goes one the burning in my belly starts up when i move. I stil have the pain in my right side especially in the afternoon. I'm trying not to take too much Advil or Tylenol. I'll take a dose in the morning and if really necessary in the afternoon and I'll take a night time dose to help ease the pain for sleep. I can't wait until I can move more freely. I was expecting that I would be in better shape because my first week went so well, but it is a major surgery and our bodies went through a lot of trama. It's crazy!

I have 2 weeks until my beach vacation. I ordered my bathing suits. Hopefully they look ok.

Day 21-3 weeks post op

Well I made it to 3 weeks and today has been the best day yet. I felt great most of the day. Had a super cute outfit on and wedges. I felt like a million bucks ok well maybe $100...after work I even went to several different stores, starting to shop for our vacation in 2 weeks and got a bunch of stuff for the road trip from the dollar store. It's not so much the shopping that is straining, it's getting in and out of the car. I even bought a bunch of cute tops and dresses from H&M. I love that store!

The sharp pain in my lower right side was minimal. Only felt a few stabs throughout the day and nothing terrible.

So excited I feel so good!

Happy healing!

Day 22

Well today has been a really good day! This morning I had coffee with a friend and was only in minimal pain but took a couple Advil. After coffee ran a few errands, which involved going in and out of a few shops. After relaxing a little, we decided to go to the pool. I was able to wade in the water and wore my one piece suit. I don't want to actually go in the water yet. One of my scabs just fell off so it is a little pink. I don't want an infection I'll wait at least another week.

After a little bit of pool we went to the park and hung out for a little bit. We then relaxed at home and I felt really good. I was tired, probably from getting up earlier than i should have.

Every day I am so hopeful. I can't wait until i have the green light to workout. I need to start eating better though.

Happy thoughts to you.

Day 25

Day 25, and I feel pretty good. This past weekend I was able to do a lot of stuff with minimal pain and swelling, then back to work yesterday, Monday, I was in a decent amount of pain. Basically by my seroma.

Today I feel pretty good. Not much pain today, just a little by my seroma. I called the doc and he wants to see me on Thursday to aspirate if necessary.

I'm liking my results. The only issues right now is my scar on my belly button and my incision has a decent amount of pleating. I assume once i stop swelling it'll get better. If not, I'm sure the doc will be able to fix it.

Happy Healing all!

Got my bathing suits

Got my suits in the mail today. Not sure how I feel about them. I'll have to try them on for my husband and see what he says. I think I got the wrong sizes. I just never know. My 3 year old says I'm sexy. I texted the pics to my older daughter and she says I look good. I'm not sure about the peach one and the glitter top I think is too small. Ugh. Now I have to return them and find other options.

What do you think?

4 weeks tomorrow

I'm cleared to go in the pool, cleared to low impact workout. Yeay

I got a sample of some dermablend for my bb for my trip next week. I only put it on less than half of my bb and it covers real nicely. Super excited. I don't plan on laying out with bb exposed in the sun but at least I know I can walk around in my bikini and not be self conscious about my scar.

1 month

Officially one month post op. Yesterday was a great day. Actually the last several days have been really good. Have been nearly back to my old self. Except towards the end of the day I get swollen and tight and need to rest the remainder of the evening. Did some shopping went to a block party and did some cleaning yesterday. Oh and I found some bathing suits. Woot woot. Here's a picture of one of them. I'll take pics of the others. I got the others from old navy on clearance. So excited. :)

4 1/2 weeks post op

I am basically back to my normal self. I think it helped the I moved around a lot post surgery. It was a tough first 3 weeks but after that I was pretty good. I have been going to the pool with my two piece of course. Going on 2 mile plus walks. I had my 1 month post op appointment and doc says I have no restrictions. I could even start running if I wanted to. I might wait on that a couple more days. I still have a warm feeling in my belly from time to time but no pain. I can move freely and no pain. I can carry my 3 year old. she is so happy about that.

Now I just need to plan my workouts and I'm golden! So excited!

6 weeks

Well as of 2 days ago I am 6 weeks. I'm just getting home from our family Myrtle Beach vacation which included beach/pool days everyday. I felt comfortable with my body in a bikini except for my belly button and I needed to make sure my bottoms were covering my scar, which it was. I was able to physically do everything I wanted. I even was playing and running around on the beach. Fun!

7.5 weeks

I am 7.5 weeks post op. I am not 100% but I am almost there.

I have been running. I'm up to 3 miles. I'm hoping to do a 10k at the end of September.

I still have swelling and I still have a little pain in my belly, especilly when I do a lot. I have been in my bathing suits a lot lately. :)

I can't wait until the scars start looking better.

8 weeks tomorrow

Still healing at 8 weeks. Still get swollen. Wish belly button wasn't so pink. The middle of my scar is nice and flat just dark. The sides of my scar are pleated still and above the scar puffs out so its not so flat. Hopefully it will settle better. Otherwise I'm happy. Need to eat better and workout more. :)
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