Dr. Ghurani: Tear-Drop to Bubble Booty: Au Naturale Results

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*Treatment results may vary

*BBL scheduled for a date in November 2013 (Not...

*BBL scheduled for a date in November 2013 (Not the date listed).
-10% Deposit-Made!
-Booking Accommodations- In Progress...
(*Any comments/recommendations will be taken very seriously. I am considering the Serenity Recovery Retreat. Please let me know your thoughts).
-Nurse? - Looking for one.
-Prep Bags- Building it.

Need plenty of advice so please feel free to share.

Possible Roomie???

I have booked accommodations about 20 minutes outside of Adventura, FL in Pompano, FL. I am considering a Roomie since I am staying November 22, 2013 - December 6, 2013. A roomie could split the nightly cost for some days in between these. The room is huge with plenty of privacy. Just an option to consider. I am picky about people rooming with me. No nosey, rude, nasty, or crybaby people. I like to relax when I'm hurting soo, no drama people.

Hell, maybe I should just room by myself?!? Lol.

BBL Journey___Helpful Points

Soo, I am getting everything in order still for my BBL. One thing I've noticed is that you should take quite a bit of time off from work to do right by your body. I have decided that I will be staying at the Serenity Retreat post-op for some R&R. I've put in to take 4 weeks off of work since I will be getting arm lipo as well. I take pain fine, but Pain + Work + People + Noise + Questions + Anything else that may arise = One Mega Super Bitch of Me so I won't push it. I know my boundaries and my line shortens with pain and inconveniences, so I will stick to my plan.

If you have hemoglobin or hematocrit problems like I do, this is what I am taking (Megafood:Blood Builder) found on Amazon.com I don't know if it works just yet until I get another blood draw (on Oct. 14th, 2013) so I let you'll know before(s) and after(s). But it had great reviews. I am also using cocoa (found in chocolate, hot cocoa powder, etc.) and the basic foods and meats to help naturally boost my H&H as well. Google it to find out more about these things if you prefer to eat your way to better blood levels. I have also added elbow and knee pads to my packing list (arm lipo), as well as a costly but worthy portable inversion table.

Ok everybody, inversion is one of those things that will reverse signs of aging, enhance blood flow to the brain, decrease back pain, elongate the body for a more statuesque walk and stand (I do pageants, so trust me, I know) + so much more! Everyone who has taken my advice and purchased a Inversion Table for their home has thanked me for it. I have two (my husband has since claimed one which cured a number of ailments for him since he is a fitness junkie and also helped me keep my sanity with massaging away all of his injuries). I highly recommend doing some homework and purchasing (And Using) one of your own 2-3 daily on a life basis.

Neither of mine are portable and Portable Tables are nearly impossible to find, so I included a photo for you and I purchased the Mini Table from this site:


This thing is absolutely amazing for decreasing swelling, relaxing the mind and body, and just everything! I can't wait to use this one some time post-op to see how it works. Okay, I'm off my inversion soap box. :-)
I have more to come. Let me know if you have any questions. Mrs. (G.I.D.--R)

Before Photo 1

Before Photo 1: As you can see, I have some curves, but this is with weight gain. Stubborn abdomenal fat is difficult to lose with 100+ crunches per night (weight gain tough on abs, but great on the booty).

I just want some body sculpting with a well defined waist, hips, a buttock lift, some projection, and butt cleavage that extends all the way from the outer hip base, under the butt cheek, to the inner thigh.

Wish Pics!: Getting Rami-fied!!!

Soo, I'm a big fan of the Bubble Butt. I need some lift in my own buns and definitely could use the Projection, but I'm Not a big fan of the Shelf Booty either.

I love what is called tge Gentle-S curve butt. It has everything I need, but I love the fullnest and roundness of the Bubble Booty. I'm so torn!!!

My Current Shape from the Side

I definitely have curves as you can see in my image above. But Dr. Rami will enhance what I have and give me an awesome, updated version of an already awesome body. I am very excited! Trying to get my Hemoglobin and Hematocrit up is my big challenge :-?

Blood Builders: Does it Work? (Anemia Blocking my Donk)

Okay so, my biggest stumbling block has been my Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels. I've been on iron all my life, been on Vitamin C all of my life, and yet it lingers on (that weak a** blood). Well, it is the only thing that may stand in between me and my donk :-(

Soo, for the first time in my life, I'm trying the Blood Builders. I've been on them now for a little over 2-weeks (17 days) to be exact, and my regimen involved taking one a day on an empty stomach for the first week, then one in the morning and one before bed on an empty stomach.

My Baseline Lab Values:
Hgb: 10.5 (taken July 2013 after a long iron, vitamin C, and folic acid regimen)
Hct: 33 (my Hematocrit has never been over this number).

Normal Values (range)
Hgb: 12.5 - 17
Hct: 36 - 50

I get my blood drawn tomorrow. I'm hoping that my blood levels reflect as good as I feel...Because these Blood Builder sure got me feeling right. C-ya tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Blood Builders Doing a Body Good!

Okay so I finally got my labs back! I been on the Blood Builders vitamins for 2 weeks now and here is where I am at:

My Baseline Lab Values:
Hgb: 10.5
Hct: 33 (my Hematocrit has never been over this number).

Current Labs:
Hgb: 11.7 (Yessss Lawwd!!!!!)
Hct: 36 (These are a LIFETIME of blood work record-breaking digits!)

Dr. G absolutely REFUSED to operate with a Hgb of less than 11.5, so I'm on my way to the top! Unfortunately though, my mensus is approaching so this week I will start taking 3 tablets a day to help my poor body compensate for the blood loss. I didn't make it this far to lose what I got.

Ohhh baby, I can just see it now! One day, me shaking my jelly to Beyonce or something with my beautiful little fatty sitting up back there. I already get to much attention (my screen name is not just a name)! But, Real Talk...I deserve to be in Love with my body; in particular when I run, lift weights, eat healthy, work, do school, pay my bills, be nice, be honest, love God, and do what I can do to be the best person I can be all the way around. YaY!! I'm so happy for me!!!! :-)

BBL Prep Finally Done: Lets get it started.

I'm pleased to report that all is done on my end now. If I haven't inboxed you back, sorry, please check today for additional rooming stuff.

On another note, I've decided to purchase most of my supplies in Florida. There were several BBL sisters who inboxed good info. Thank u! I'm going to take your advice and keep things most things simple and plan on seeing some of you there. I will pray for all of us; that we wake up in good spirits, with minimal pain, no infections, scarring, or burns, with a good support system and great results. Keep your messages and postings flowing as the information seems to never cease on BBL planning. GL Gals! I have to wrap up some business here, and then my next stop in a few weeks is an OR table in Florida. -Mrs. BbB

Dr. Ghurani BBL = Make my Husband Smack That Thang

I have all my ducks in a row and I've long since worried about the surgery but the closer I get to my day, the more calmer I get and I'm thankful for that. I've been quite busy with school and work and thus got a little careless with my planning documents and now I think my husband is getting a little suspicious of my upcoming "Conference Meeting" in Florida once he got a hold on my accommodations confirmation.

Okay, a little bit about my husband. He is type A personality all around, appears controlling but everyone loves him because I often my way. He is strong, a protector, and a man I've yet to see miss a single day of work the 9 years we've been together. He surprised me and returned home from an 8-month deployment this weekend and needless to say things have been on and popping in my home :) but we won't talk about that kitten in the wild.

Some 2-years ago my baby was quite clear on how he feels about this body alteration I wanted. He said "No" and he told me that: "I'd enjoy a bigger, rounder a** on you but I married the a** I love..." And although sweet, I translated this Man-talk into: "Honey, I won't get mad and tear some sh*t up if you disobey what I said." -Let's hope Dr. G does such a good job that my husband forgets about that part while he's taking a bite out of that cookie...And he will be biting that cookie, I assure you, lol.

He's decided that the Florida sun would be great for his "skin color" right now and will be joining me during the latter part of my recovery. I'm staying until I'm about 1-month post- op so I'll have to enure I'm ready to explain once he arrives to my suite. Uggh, I'm more nervous about that than the surgery. Pray for a Sista! :-/

New Pics: x 2

This is my current shape. Dr. G said I had an amazing shape already. I hoping for just a little bit more

Pre-op Tomorrow!!!! Soo Much To Do!!!

My pre-op Appt is tomorrow, surgery on Tuesday. I'm so ready. I have so much to do at home, it's ridiculous. So I've decided that I will fly back home maybe once or twice in between my recovery to get things done. Then return to my resort in Pompano to finish my recovery.

Yes, its a Shame, I got that much to do. But anyhow, I will pack my bags tonight. I'm bringing print-outs of my wish pictures to ensure I have a full understanding of what can be accomplished with my body type and what can't. My packing list is small but useful since I work with surgeons:

1.) 2x2 and 4x4 sterile gauze with tape
2.) Drain clips
3.) Triple Antibiotic ointment
4.) Hibiclens
5.) Saline
6.) Q-Tips and Cotton balls
7.) Vasaline
8.) Fragrance-free baby & mineral oil
9.) Hypoallergenic baby wipes
10.) Styrofoam cups (flexible, used to pee in)
11.) Thermometer
12.) Warm and cool packs
13.) My portable inversion table will be sent to my suite.

And of course vitamins, arnica, hydrocortisone cream, and post op meds, a swivel seat (for my tushy), my favorite pillow, a few simple dresses, t-shirts, jump suites, and sani-pads, my Nutribullet, a back scratcher, elbow and knee pads, and A Grabber due to arm lipo.

I like to pack light and like to be a minimum maintenance chick (although I'm not). I have been driving with a cushion I created to support my back, neck, and thighs to leave my tush extended mid-air since I will be picking up a rental at 10 days post-op.

All this planning is for comfort only and my 4-week stay is a mini vacay away from most of humanity. I feel like I'm crazy for going through with this; but what's a world without Brilliant, but craZy people? [Purgatory]

Day of Surgery: Leaving the Serenity Retreat

Justin with Serenity Retreat transportation just picked me up. By the way (Eye Candy he is!!!) I enjoyed my night at the Serenity Retreat. Met 1 girl in another room who is post-op 1-Day with Ghurani. She had a tough night (primarily nauseated) but today, she's up trying on a new dress, talking, smiling. It shows you the skills of that man!

I will be highly Recommending the Serenity Retreat and will be posting pictures. Mrs. Irene one of the caretakers is the best. She sits occasionally but appears to always be waiting on you hand and foot! I'm so grateful for her! She reminds me of my mother :) Soo caring.

We got a 6 month post-op Ghurani surprise this morning. Miss thang came to the house from Miami Beach and showed us her results. That donk was beautifully fitting and she told us how the fools at the Beach had been battling to just buy her a drink. Lol.

Well, shout out to DreamBodyVixen!!! We had a great meet-and-greet over lunch yesterday. We think so much alike. Great to have someone to relate to.

I am here at my Day of treatment appointment. Wish me luck gals. The next time I update, I will be a post-op Ghurani girl!

Correction: *DreamBootyVixen*

Shout out to you girl!

Post-Op Dr. Ghurani: Days 1 & 2

The first couple of days has been a challenge, and I Thank all of you well-wishers. On top of that, the staff here at the Serenity Retreat could've made it any better, I'm here to tell you.

1.) Having other girls around has been the Best. There are 3 of us here currently at the Serenity Retreat and all of our needs are well taken care of. + We get extra staff visits and post op visitors from Salama and Ghurani's office.

2.) Day 1-2 has been tough but doable. Recovering immediately after the surgery is a different kind of pain and discomfort. Numbness, aching, throbbing pain. + stiffness, being tired, and dealing with all that is a nuisance, but you get used to it.

3.) Thinking positive is key: I haven't experienced that "Depressed phase" yet, and I don't plan too. I took a long look in the mirror before all of this and I knew exactly why I'd decided to do this. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired--if that makes any sense.

4.) Being realistic is important. Everyone thinks everyone else's results are just Fabulous, but we all see minor imperfections--some that will fade with time so I am being patient.

So far, I like what I see. Post Op Day 1 my right cheek looked to be a little flatter than my left. Post Op Day 2 my left cheek looks a bit flatter than my right. Tomorrow, who knows what I will see! Lol. My waist is very tiny and Dr. Ghurani filled in my hips without filling them in (only a skilled surgeon can do that!)

I am burn free and currently infection free, and I have an ass when I look in the mirror. (800cc per cheek). I had No special requests, just wanted a fuller, more Natural Booty and so far, I'm feeling like Dr. Ghurani is the Man!!! I will keep you posted on my thoughts and progression.

Post-Op Day 1: Pictures

Post-op Day 1 images. (I am currently post-op Day 2).

Day 3: Post-Op, First Massage/Back Drain Removed

I couldn't get comfortable last night. That back drain hurts like hell. I swear it's true, those drains are the Devil.

But thank God the good Lord hath not forsaken me because I had such minor fluid buildup in my back that both Celia (the masseuse) and Nomie agreed that my back drain could go ahead and come out; and so Nomie pulled it out. It was totally painless, I swear I didn't feel a thing and instead had a sigh of relief for having a free-flowing ass back there :)

I still have the front drain but I swear to you that Back Drain being out is like 1-step closer to normalcy, and I'm only 3-days post op.

Celia milked the hell out of my body for my first massage. I mean she literally milked a chunk of meat or tissue out into my drain. I was ugh wtf?!? I played with the chunk in the drain, showing all the girls at the House how cool it looked. Lol. Well, we all had some tissue massaged out; I guess I just had the biggest piece :)

My massage felt so good. It only hurt on my arms where I had arm lipo and lots of swelling and near the drains. The pain was sharp, lasted briefly and was over. I felt like a million bucks afterwards. Got my 2nd stage garment (Which was super tight and yet I felt it felt better on me than my Stage 1 garment). Then we headed back to the Serenity Retreat. It's still early, but it's been a good day.

I also had my first bowel movement yesterday and it went well (slid 1-piece of a flushable wipe through my ass cheeks like dental floss and left it there, put on my gloves, grabbed 2-more wipes, bent over, and captured the clay-like turd on the wipes (toilet seat sat too low to squat). I dropped them in the toilet, wiped my bum til nothing was present, slid the wipe that was sitting like floss back out from in between my ass cheeks (this acted like a barrier and kept the doo from entering the tight, closed part of my butt), wiped a few more times, flushed, washed my hands, showered, put on my garment, and I felt like new! The end.

Post-Op Day 4: Feeling Like Crap

It's strange, I woke up yesterday feeling like I could conquer the world! Today, not soo much. The Serenity Recovery Retreat has been the best. Hot meals, warm showers, transportation by sexy, eye candy Justin, Comradery with others like myself, and wonderful caretakers. Nomie checks on us a lot. Nancy and Cynthia came over last night bearing gifts (Food!!!) There was already plenty of it! But they take special requests :) yummy!
Me Love 2 eat!

But back on my misery soap box: The Drains are the Devil and the Stage 2 Garments are the Spawn of Satan. I couldn't get comfortable last night to save my life and let me tell you, the whole House could not get that Garment off of me so I can do the doo last night. It was terrible! Honestly, for the first time I wanted to cry and just go postal and cut that Damn thing off--I am not kidding! Mrs. Irene has taken care of hundreds of girls and couldn't get it over that ass. Nomie was called and she talked me off that ledge, but I still wanted it off. My bowels were screaming!

Thank goodness I was at Serenity, because 2 (or 4-Minds in my case) is better than 1. And after taking a pain pill and an iron pill (to slow my GI tract) I purposely slept and awoke with a plan. We pulled the top of my Garment down to give more slack in the unforgiving crotch area, I donned my gloves, pulled that crotch slack out and away from my ass crack as far as possible and held it there, I faced the straddled the toilet bowl with the seat up, squatted as low as I could (I never sit on public toilets) and then let the dogs out of the house. I was sweating holding that crotch out and to the side, trying not to crap on my own hand, pissing everywhere, thighs burning, but I didnt give a sh*t. I had to go!!!

I swear, I nearly lost it last night, and nothing gets too me like that. Nomie, Cynthia and Nancy were going to make a special trip to rip it off but my butt couldn't take any more of the pressure.

Massage #2 is Monday and guess what, ghat Garment WILL NOT be coming off until then. I will bathe through it because I nearly lost my marbles messing with that thing. It was WAR! And I won, kinda :-?

But anyhow, everyone in the house keeps saying how my ass bruises are going away quickly (I haven't taken a single Arnica pill: I left them at home) and my butt is softening already in certain areas. The key=very light rubs. I been lightly running my fingers all over my ass since the surgery, also putting firming lotion on it. I use rubbing stimulation on my patients often; it stimulates blood flow to the area (think about what happens to your arm if you rub it in one spot; it gets warm and inflammed if you do it too much, but light rubbing like rubbing on lotion will stimulate blood vessel regeneration and blood flow). I never give out medical advice per se but when people ask me what I do I share what works for me. Now the other girls are lightly rubbing their asses after touching my softening bum. It's so firm and sits nicely. I see one minor dent on my left cheek (the other girls have more)
and I'm working on that one. I love my shape but the Garment brings suffering.
No pain no gain.

Day 5: Ghurani Ass is looking pretty good

Feeling better. Ready to make something happen.

Drain - Drain :(

On post-op Day 10 I took out my front drain and good Lawd! It Felt like a butcher knife 10 inches long slicing through me (No lie)! I don't mean to scare anyone but this is my experience with it. The pain shocked me soo, I accidentally let the drain go and it slide back into my incision (Not Good). My second mind kicked in at that time and I had to pull it out even slower with a cool pack and cold water running over the incision site.

I mean, the pain was hot, and so sharp that I broke out into an instant sweat on my forehead and then contemplated calling my husband home from work to finish it. But I didn't.

Some Anatomy on Drains: Tissue does grow into the drain. The body hates the drain and tries to heal itself around the thing. So when you take it out you may rip through some tissue (perfectly normal-unfortunately perfectly painful when its already surrounded by inflammed, healing tissue). In my opinion, the longer you have to keep the drain in the worse.

MY EXPERIENCE WON'T APPLY TO EVERYONE (I had no pain meds on board) but I am here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.

They are in briefly and serve a good purpose but all BBL sisters should talk to your surgeon about the need for them, as they add to some the nuisances of the post-operative experience (not too mention some scarring and infection risks).

Knowledge is power and I like to be informed. DON'T go out there and not book your surgery just because your wonderful surgeon uses drains..just know your options, as I wondered why one great BBL surgeon (like Dr. Markmann) avoids using drains and has great results with swelling while other great surgeons use them every single time. It makes me wonder about Lipo technique. Food for my thoughts just in case I want a round 2 due to Booty Greed!!!! hehe, :-)

Day 13: Pics: No Garment, No Bra.

Post-Op Week 2 Dr. Ghurani: Pictures & X-tras:

f I hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day! I know I did. I am 17 days Post-op and it was interesting not sitting as I ate and socialized. Brought my Boppy (as I bring it everywhere) but still haven't sat on it.

I didn't wear my Stage-2 Garment for the first time since my surgery (only for Thanksgiving Day). I came home in a Large Stage-2 but I bought a Medium Stage-2 from the Fajas y Mas store in Florida before I left. I attached a picture of the pink bag I had my merchandise in if you guys need to call or find the place while you're in Florida.

But anyhow. For Turkey Day I wore only my (Small) Waist Cincher Squeem on the tightest set of hooks. Let me stress that I only had lipo of the arms, back, abs, and flanks (no thighs). Well, about 4 hrs into the day, my Squeem felt loose, so I had my husband add the foam and board back into the waist cincher in the family bathroom. (Trust me, I brought everything with me just in case I had some surprise swelling--and I did).

I made it through the day sitting on a yoga roll well behind my knees for 10-15 minutes at a time, and kneeling down to chat and play with the kiddos in the family. I walked and kept business bringing people drinks (while at family members houses) and doing small favors to keep from having to take one of the many seats being offered to me. It worked out well, but I wish I had brought my compression socks.

At the end of the day, I had only mild swelling on the hips, arms, and a bit on my upper thighs (remember, I had no thigh lipo). I remedied this at Bedtime by taking a warm shower, putting my Stage- 2 on w/foam and board (adding foam to the upper hips to compress the new swelling), and adding my Small Waist Cincher Squeem on top of that; I put on my arm Compression Garment I ordered from contourmd.com, and then I slept on my side/tummy/then other side on a Heating Pad. I also took two small heating pads and wrapped them around each arm (on low setting) and secured them with a loose rubber band. I'm telling you, I slept like a baby and woke to loose, flexible muscles with almost zero swelling on my hips, arms, and upper thighs. I also took 4 arnica tablets, 1-Bromelain capsule, and a Fish Oil before sleep to help with my joint pain and stiffness. I massaged myself whenever I woke to stretch and potty and went back to sleep. Today, I'm back to normal.

I ate tons yesterday so I ensured I had my Probiotic capsule, multivitamin, a large bowl of fruit (grapes, cranberries, and a plum) for breakfast and a bottle of water. I had to do the #2 1-hour later and it went well. I'm doing great (today), But want to warn others of the blow back.

In essence, the attention was alarming. My younger brother noticed immediately and asked to see my ass (we cool like that-no incest intended). He saw "Wow, sis why you're hips look wider and your butt soo big" (No hips done, Dr. G did that lateral fill and shrunk waist to give that appearance). I pulled my sweat pants down so he could see the ass was real and he was confused. He was in awe at my physique.

Got a little dressed up the next morning (Turkey Day) and the hubby's male cousins, boyz, and uncles had the hardest time keeping their eyes where they belonged (not exactly the attention I was looking for) but they are men. Some followed me, some made ridiculous small talk, and I stayed near walls and away from those with wives I adored. Things were a bit insane and the hubby handled it well. He had my back. Well, time to hit up these Black Friday Sales!!!! Talk to you dolls later!

19 days Post-Op: Garment, Itch, & Bitch

Today is post-op Day 19 and I'm definitely looking and feeling better. My swelling has drastically decreased and hips/butt is at a perfect 44 inches (I was 46 in. post-op day 2, & 44 1/2 post-op day 10). I still wake up nightly to muscle pain, back pain, stiffness and body aches due to the Garment and Squeem Waist Cincher. Face still swells in the AM from sleeping on my stomach but it subsides very quickly.

My Garment Journey:
-I awoke in a Stage-1, 2XL Compression Garment. It was very loose even then.
-Post-op Day 1 appointment, the office added lipofoam to the Stage-1 Garment.
-Post-op Day 3: I had my first massage at Elite PS and was moved from a 2XL Stage-1 to a LgeStage-2 with a tight fitting t-shirt and Lipofoam.
-Post-op Day 10: I went into a Medium Stage-2 (self-purchased) w/lipofoam and Ab Board (courtesy of Dr. G's office).
-Day 15: I added a Small Squeem Waist Cincher on the first set of hooks on top of my Medium Stage-2 w/foam and board.
-Day 17: I Moved the Waist Cincher to the last set of hooks.
-Day 19 (today): My Stage-2 Medium is a little loose even with the foam and Small Squeem Cincher. I ordered the Small Vedette 128 Compression Garment and an XS Squeem Waist Cincher. When they arrive I will put that on and plan on taking my Medium Stage-2 to a local Seamstress for extra tightening. I will sell my Medium Squeem Compression Vest in black as I never got to wear it. If you interested ladies, inbox me.

The Itch:
Yesterday night I had a slight tingle in my lower back. It was mild but a sure nuisance. I got underneath the Garment to it and soothed it, then returned to sleep. Last night, it was war! My body went mad over the lipoed areas. My torso itched violently and my abdomenal skin, although it's looking wonderful, is still a bit numb. Numbness and itch, it's an oxymoron but at onset, it'll make you drop a small child on the head, because Good Lawd, it hit me all of a sudden. I cleaned my abdomen with warm soap and water and added like half a tube of Hydrocortisone cream from Walgreens to my whole torso, arms, and buttocks. It took 15-mins to kick in and even still the tingle remained, but just right below the need to scratch it. This morning, the tingling is still there and it's so annoying. I have my 5th lymphatic massage today at Massage Envy (I get 3 a week) and swelling has been responding wonderfully to it. I have my masseuse alternate between deep tissue and lymphatic and it works wonders on me!

The B*tch:
Needless to say, I am 2-days from 3 weeks Post-op and there has been no intimacy been the husband and I. He has been so wonderful helping me and I felt guilty because he's been catching some hell guarding these goods. I mean, I've always gotten honestly more than my fair share of attention, but lately I been cleaning house everywhere we go. Black, White, young, and old...The booty been calling these brothers in Walmart, while Walking my dogs, at a business meeting for my job the Chief of Surgery couldn't help himself, it's been real. My husband is a real hard worker, a serious white collar professional w/a sharp, military background who came from the bottom. He has the skill set and the knowledge base to handle anyone legally and illegally if know what I mean, and many will never know it from looking at him...lol. Thus he don't play. He grabs me close with that look in his eyes ("Don't start nothing it won't be nothing...").

Well, I had to do that yesterday. It isn't uncommon for women to follow my husband around at the store. He is a Stallion. A bitch with red hair (white chick) did and I liked to had to pull out them boxing gloves on that ass watching her trying to flirt. He played it cool, but at home he said he's dying. I have been soo wrapped up in healing and working, how did I miss this? Dr. Ghurani says no sex for 4 to 6 weeks but lets be real, my hubby is ready for me to mount that Stallion and ride off into the sunset. He's soo sweet, he said the sweetest thing to me..."Bay, you got one of those video girl booties..." Awe!! Almost better than I love you! (lol).

But anyhow, seeing Miss B*tch flirt with my husband from across the grocery store somehow sparked a fire in this new Ghurani ass, and come 3 weeks, my hubby will no longer have to massage his meat to a picture of me in the shower (he admitted to doing that). Is this TMI.......... .......??? Notice how I waited to put the question mark (because I don't care, b/c we all grown). Hard booty or not, my next stop is the Sunset...

Day 20: Received My Vedette 128

So, I received my Vedette 128 today. I can't wait to try it, but my xtra small Squeem has not arrived yet so I'll wait until my next massage to change over into it. I read a few reviews with some BBL sisters just going through the Blues with the recovery process and it broke my heart. This process is truly painstaking and nerve wrecking. You'll be left with bruising and possible dents, swelling and body aches; some said they had burns (which usually will heal scar-less) and others are just fed up with the discomfort of it all And/or are not happy with their results.

I couldn't image experiencing such dissatisfaction all around. My abdomen is hard, my tummy is lumpy, and every other day I think my ass looks half the size it used to be even though the measurements say otherwise. I have some new fish to fry with this body and garments, and I promise you, I have not slept a single night as peacefully as I have pre-op because it sucks. I thank God for my husband, because I couldn't have made it without him. I am sorry these girls aren't living it up, but it doesn't have to stay that. Before you do this, make sure your support system is in line. Someone, if only one person will do.

Sleeping and comfort are mere luxuries and don't come easy anymore. I slobber now on all my pillows, and I never use to do that. My husband keeps washing them because they're full of white slobber marks, lol [embarrassing], but whatever. My Pooh thang hurts because the stage-2 is trying to slice me a third ass cheek, so I had to remedy that. And I have a massage table that I use and rotate back and forth between that and my bed almost every night. It really sucks. But I know it's temporary. Ladies try to keep you outside stress down because inside you'll need it.

If it helps, I use these back support and lumbar support pillows for brief sitting and to sleep and they are Amazing!!! I lay face down across the back support pillow (the very top of the pillow should rest at your collar bone face down). The lumbar support pillow is hard, but covered in a thin cushion. I sit on this under the thighs, sometimes with a bed pillow on it and prop my Boppy at my lower back it works like a charm! So much better than the yoga roll, yoga made, bed pillow alone, towels, whatever...I tried them all. This works this best. I wish all the post-op ladies better days as I'm always looking forward to them. Hit me up if I can help you with anything!

SPAMASSAGE brand Lumbar Support turned Thigh Seat

Here is an image of the exact pillow I purchased at Wal-Mart. It was $9.84 and the best thing to me since sliced bread. I drove 8 hours in one day recently with this under my thighs (added a bed pillow I keep in my vehicle at all times to the top of it once just to add height to myself but this alone is the perfect height and feel.) Try driving on a yoga mat or roll for that long and feel the difference in leg circulation or if your head is touching the ceiling in your vehicle. Big Difference for me.

3 weeks + Post-op

I am 3 weeks and 3 days post-op and I included a photo of my progress. If any photos look like the booty is flat or wide or small it's not! The booty is COLOSSAL, perky, and yes! It jiggles at 3 weeks :)

The left cheek is out of control but the right cheek "jiggles righteously" as my husband says. My cheeks are even, no hard fat lumps felt, and any cellulite you see, I had it before surgery and will exercise it away when I'm cleared by Dr. G to return to the gym.

Okay, on another note, I would advise against purchasing the Vedette 128 as a Stage-2 CG replacement. It has it's pros and cons (it's beautiful, a thong, hooks at the crotch for opening) but I'm in a Small from a medium Stage-2 and the compression is mediocre at best. I added the foam, board, and a Small Squeem Vest and that did it. Unfortunately, it only has 1-set of hooks on the V-128 as well, so no tightening it beyond extra foam and a Squeem.

But of course, the husband loves it. I walked by, them cheeks jiggled, and he about came in his pants watching the show, so, I will reserve it for those intimate moments with my Stallion while I'm recovering. In the meantime I ordered an xtra small Vedette 136 as bigbootytinywaist suggested. I'll put it on between weeks 4 or 5. I'm still waiting on my xtra small Squeem waist cincher.

Recovery is going well. I suggest if you go to Massage Envy for your post-op massages, try the warm towel therapy with the Biofreeze treatment. Try it just once on your tight areas and you'll be in love! I joined their 1-yr Wellness program and the husband and I have committed to getting 1 massage together each month. This people are amazing on the body!

Measurements: 36-29-44

ttyl Beauties! PM me with questions or concerns.

X-tra Pics

**X-tra Pic**

This is a better comparison of my surgery results now at post-op 3 weeks & 3 days.

1 Month Post-Op: Dr. Ghurani: Results Holding Strong!

Whew, 1-Month Already??? Nah, let me quit. I been well aware of this whole month and I hate not sitting on my butt. :(

To be honest with ya'll, I was watching a movie the other day and a littel girl was chatting with her friends. But while doing this she threw herself back onto her bed, tushy first and I remember thinking, "Wow, I can't wait til I can do that...!?" Yes, its been that pathetic I know! Lol.

But anyhow, My measurements are holding strong at 36-28-44. Lost 1-in. in the waist, but had no volume loss in the booty beyond week 3. Please note that weeks 2-4 are when I thought my butt was looking the smallest so ladies be aware of the volume loss during this time. Swelling has drastically decreased at this point [Which is good]. I dropped from getting 3 to getting 2-deep tissue massages w/biofreeze and hot towel therapy per week at Massage Envy. They do lymphatic massages but this type works better for me I think. Okay, ladies, always be assertive in what is and isn't working for you and on your body. I also tried a male masseuse once and fell in love. I mean, don't be afraid to try new things either because it can get even better. He is my main masseuse now instead of the female I had. His ability to apply the pressure and getting that fluid and swelling out where I needed it is phenomenal. It hurts a little more than the chick, but I noticed his after-effects ladt longer.

I am still in the small Vedette 128 w/foam and board (no t-shirt) and small squeem vest or waist cincher over that (I alternate them depending on what I'm wearing). My Vedette-136 hasn't came yet, but I did {finally} receive my x-small Squeem Vest and Waist Cincher yesterday. I feel great, been keeping very busy with work, I have finals at school this week?YaY!!!-Not?and I plan on hitting the gym for the first time next week because I do miss my running.

Unfortunately however, I will began sitting not at the 6 week mark as often recommended but for the first time (on my Boppy Pillow) when I make 5 weeks and 4 days. The husband and I are finally leaving for a long planned and much needed vacation out of this country. Our flight is 11 + hrs. with only 1- layover. This trip (and school) highly dictated when I was willing to book my surgery but in September 2013, before I booked my surgery, Nomie and Dr. G's office assured me that I would be ok to sit long term on my butt with my Boppy at 5 weeks and 4 days so I will be putting this booty to the Ultimate test. Oh, I can't wait! :-?

I'll let you sistas know how it goes. As always, continue inboxing me with your questions if you don't want to post it to my blog. Luv you ladies and tty dolls later! ?[Work hard, Play Hard[er]?

Indigestion Ugh: 1-Month 5 days Post-op

I have the worst indigestion from all this waist training and laying on my tummy. I hate it. I try to eat early and while I'm on the move, but it persists. Uggh, I hate it. Tums Xtra Strength, here I come. [2-days from 5 weeks and I can't wait to sit down once I make 5 weeks and 4 days]. I'm actually not sad at all I won't make it to 6 weeks, because this recovery has been for the birds.

I feel really good. Booty feels norm, soft, and I have full control over them. Scars (only from yhe drains) are noticeable but minimal, and my waist is still shrinking.
I am in the Vedette 136 CG with an Xtra Small Squeem Vest with foam and board. Still 2-massages a week (I'll stop when I feel I don't need them anymore) and no volume loss in booty; I'm still holding at 44 inches since week 3. I sit only on my thighs and still lay on my tummy. I am ready to sleep on my back and sit on this butt. I am ready to be healed.

5 weeks Post-op: Dr. Ghurani

I am doing great ladies; And on my free time, I've been experimenting with the booty. I'm an avid runner, pilates, and flexibility guru, so time out of the gym has been like singing a sad stong during Christmas. Throughout Week 4, I returndd to the gym. Sorry, I don't know what the doctor's orders are but I had to get my heart rate over 140 or I think I would die!

At the gym, I began my extremely light cardio with muscle-building. Treadmill wise, I set the incline up between 8 and 10 (variable) and a speed of 3.6 to 4. Nothing builds up the ass, thighs, and legs like speed walking up a hill. A high incline is the key. I wore my Xtra Small Squeem Vest on the tightest set of hooks with foam and board, with a pair of boyshorts underneath my workout clothes. Wow, it was lovely!!

With my heartrate at 156 I sweat but only minimally on my face, arms, and legs, but when I took that Squeem Vest and foam off, WHOA! My abs were soaked! My booty I'm not worried about it shrinking because it's been holding at 44 inches since week 2, and well, I take care of my body so working out is not for me to question. So after my workout, I hydrated and pee'd a ton for the next 12 hours. I mean I must've seriously dropped a pound of fluid within the next 12 hrs from that boost in my metabolism because by the next day nothing fit me. I washed my Xtra Small Squeem Vest to make it shrink and I still got it the last set of hooks with extra foam. After my workout I always feel like a million bucks!

Well, I've done this twice a week for 10 days and I've dropped 5 lbs but the Booty grew from exactly 44 inches to right over 44 1/2 inches even with a 5 lb weight loss and super loss in fluid.
I used to work in a bridal shop for MANY years before graduating from college so I used to measure people for a living. I'm a professional at getting accurate body measurements for bridal gowns, tuxedos, and suits, so getting my own measurements are exact each and every time. I double check using my husband and the ass is still there. It's just more formed just from incline walking, my minor cellulite on the upper thighs is disappearing and the booty is just Colossal and shapely! Ohh I just wanna F*ck myself = Yum-Yum! :)

Well, I'm more of the fitness model type of girl rather than the booty model but I'll keep it slow until about 2 to 3 months. I usually keep a WWE Diva bodybuilding type and I'll return to that after the 3 month mark.

I'm in an Xtra Small Vedette 136 that I Love! (*Pictures Included*) and I refuse to let go for right now my 1-2 deep tissue massages with biofreeze and warm towel therapy at Massage Envy per week. It's an extra $40-$80 a week expense, but hey, I do WHAT WORKS FOR ME!. Hit me up with questions or concerns babyz!

**Xtra Pic**

Go With Doctor Ghurani If You Want To: He Did My Body Right!

I've spoken to some Sistas about my results and I just want to clear the air. I love my results for 2-reasons:

1.) It was what I asked for
- And even still -
2.) I got a little more than what I wanted.

I am a business professional with thousands of dollars in clothes that I love. I have involvements in many community and civic ventures where eyes are watching closely how I present myself and unfortunately this includes my clothing. I didn't want to be knocking glasses off the table and frames off the wall with my Ass. I specifically told him, I said Dr. G, "I DON'T WANT A GHETTO BOOTY, and "NO SHELFY BOOTY!" I want a NATURAL BUBBLE which I believed I had the biggest potential for coming from a Tear drop Booty. All of my stuffing settled at the bottom of my butt.

Sorry ladies, I wanted to fill in my clothes, not repurchase them. Well guess what, I still will have to repurchase them and I don't mind because he gave me a Fat, Bubble Ass and I love it! I can dress it up even more, but barely dress it down as a Fireman directing traffic the other day had people running around everywhere blowing and stuff while he was trying to look at this Ass. It's POW (like one Siata suggested on my Blog) outside of the Vedette 136 just as you see in Week 3. No photo-shopping, just Projection Madness.

If I ever wanted a Round 2, I don't know, I think I'd just be crazy. The attention has been hysterically out of hand, a bit annoying sometimes, having girls and guys follow me around, hitting on me every second of every day. In Starbucks the eyes were crazy mad over this booty. Old white men smiling, winking behind their wives and young black men sitting closer to me. No matter the race they like it and it's harder for you especially if you're married and have a thinking mind like mines--wondering if they all up in your face just cause of the Booty = Ugh.

Bottom-line: 60% of what I do is in the professional realm, 30% in the personally fun realm, 5% in the Club, and the other 5% is elsewhere. NATURAL BUBBLE is what I asked for, NOT YOUR DRAMATIC, GINORMOUS DONKEY ASS BOOTY, So Choose a surgeon who is Board Certified in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, who emphasizes safety, who produces quality, and who can give YOU what you want. Not every girl asks for the Donkey Booty. Judge the surgeon not just on the before and afters where you are looking for the results to be what you think they "should" want for their body type, but on the Review of if the client is Truly Happy and got what they wanted. Sorry but you'll be forced to READ to do so. I like Duran's work, but I'm Team USA even if you die. I was torn between Dr. Markmann, Dr. Kenneth Hughes, and Dr. Ghurani. Salama is great but he isn't right for me. Jimerson is great but he wasn't right for me either. I chose the right man and I'll do it again in a heartbeat. No revisions needed as of yet. If I ever wanted a Round 2 (which I don't right now), trust, you ladies would be the first to know. Right now, I'm just gonna work this Huge Ass 44 1/2 in. Booty to my new Beyonce Music Videos because I'm such a Groupie. ~Smooches Dollz~

7+ Weeks Update

I recently returned from vacation and the booty is very massive. Honestly, I don't think there is a picture that can actually portray how fat it is. I mean, I was a walking human trophy. I felt like Jessica Rabbit walking around in the airport trying to get something to eat...The triple-looks, the smiles, and all the small crowd of people that seemed to be congregating behind me.

I caught a ton of white girls staring at my rump (and their boyfriends too). I mean, I don't know if they were wishing they had my booty or if they were thanking God their booty wasn't that big but it caught their attention every time :) And when their eyes rose to meet mine, I got a big ol' smile. Honestly, I haven't found man yet who could resist gazing upon the Ass, and I swear it just doesn't look that big to me.

I cleaned big mansion-type of house abroad. I mean, when we landed at our destination, taxis were stopping showing old geezers smiling and winking, and the local younger guys could barely contain themselves. My husband is bilingual by education and he was quick to get on guys being sneaky and getting too close in their own language. I couldn't understand a word they were saying and I was honestly no help. After 2-days of unimaginative attention, I tried to dress down my booty.

Well, off my vacation woes for a moment, I been sitting on my butt since 5 weeks and 4 days and I'm wondering if that has made it bigger. On vacation, I ate way healthier than I do in the U.S. primarily because we traveled to a remote location. The food was well proportionate, made fresh daily from all local animals, and we literally went outside and picked our own fruit off of the growing fruit trees. I have a single drop of grease the whole 8 days we were there and we also worked out daily. We paid for some touring excursions that took us mountain climbing and hiking up to ancient places and My legs are still sore to this day from all the exercise so needless to say, I've lost even more weight. My booty however sits higher and is plumper. It's just crazy how the shape changes with every little thing I do.

But back to my point, I did Not bring my Boppy on my 16 hr flight so yes, I sat on my butt. It was very uncomfortable after only 15 minutes so I took my travel neck pillow (which is just a miniature-sized Boppy pillow) and put that under my thighs. It flattened out instantly so I had to sit on the buns. Needless to say, I was completely uncomfortable by the time we made it to our vacay spot and I ran straight to the restroom to examine my rump. It was pressed in a little from the sitting, but I didn't care...I just wanted to shower and to get some rest. After I got out the shower, the booty had popped back out like a spring or something. My husband said "Ooooh can I smack it!?!" NO! Sitting for the first time is uncomfortable and tender, but now (after sitting for nearly 2-weeks), my booty meat is tougher than me. It jiggles, still a little tender if I sit in the same position for too long, but I'm in control. I don't sleep on my back however. To be honest, I can't. My booty is soo projected, when I try to my head, back, and legs aren't touching the bed and I feel like I have a small child hiding underneath me, pushing me up, so I sleep on my side.

I have a full day today so I'll post again later. Gotta go. Later dollz!

2 Months Post-Op: Dr. Ghurani (BBL)

m I'm 2-months and 2 days post-op and things are going pretty good. I'm going to share some of my insight into getting this surgery:

1.) The Winter recovery is the best. Especially if you want to stay discreet and comfortable in your clothing. I recommend an early winter surgery date. If you sweat in your garment YOU WILL DIE!

2.) Do not pack on the pounds for your surgery unless the doctor specifically tells you he needs more. If he is a good surgeon then he'll get that fat. This will avoid the need for those infamous "touch-ups" on areas you've already paid for but was "missed". Trust me, No. 1- you will not want to have to lose a single pound post-op because your booty will shrink with it. And read around ladies, if you gain extra weight and there is a ton of fat in say your gut or thighs, then why lipo more areas says the surgeon? Ladies are seeing surgeons skipping over or barely lipoing their other parts like the upper and/or lower back since so much fats was taken from the thighs and stomach. Put your $$$ and surgeon to work--get down to your IDEAL weight then make sure that surgeon gets upper, lower back and all areas in your paperwork.


3.) Continue to wear camisoles under your Garment if it's comfortable for you. At some point you won't need to wear t-shirts anymore, but even when you change to Vedettes, Waist Cinchers and/or different Fajas, once that Garment hits your skin, you ARE at risk for garment burns. I got two of them at 4-weeks post-op on my hip area and on my upper back right at the Garment line. I treated them, then added back my tight cami or spaghetti-strap shirts. They've since peeled and are now gone. The point is that no new ones came after that.

A quick update on me specifically though: I NO LONGER NEED MY GARMENTS or VEDETTES or WAIST CINCHERS (Although, Ladies (and some Gents) please do not try this at home). To be honest with ya'll I have been nearly 2 weeks without them and I have zero swelling. Needless to say, this may not be recommended for everyone by your surgeon but I tend to march at the beat of my own drum with something things so I take no responsibility for what you choose to do. Just know that I am a cardio enthusiast. I sweat it out every night at the gym with the hubby doing elliptical training, losing more weight. I have a relatively strict and low Sodium diet, I drink 3-4 cups of green tea daily (I piss like a horse) but it keeps the swelling away. AND I eat extremely healthy...kale, tuna, and many strange drinks using my Nutribullet. Now there still remains mild tightness in my abdomen, but it muscle tightness that subsidies with a single warm towel. My stomach is flat and the skin soft and smooth. I had swelling before so I know what its like and on days I eat that All American chilli cheese dog with extra cheese and relish, and southern style chicken sandwiches from McDonald's....umm yeah, I swell up like a beach whale and I hop in my xtra-small Vedette 136 for a few days until I get back on track. It's less swelling each time and I'm being patient about when it will fully subside. Otherwise, I get 2-deep tissue massages with biofreeze and warm towel therapy a month at Massage Envy now and I KNOW getting 2-3 of these per week for 4-5 weeks helped the swelling tremendously so now getting them it's mainly brain and body therapy for me.

I can't run yet (it really hurts the booty meat) So I'm bummed about this. I ordered some compression shorts and will try those to see if helps slow down the buoyancy of this rump so I can get my run game back on. Other than that I been sitting none-stop since 5-weeks and 4-days post-op. You all can look at my pictures and tell me if you think I had some volume loss. P.S. The red dress was lose and needs to be taken in.


Look at my healthy lunch Ladies :)

Dr. Ghurani Update: 4-Months + Post-Op

So, I've taken a little hiatus from RealSelf and for good reason. Real life has been real busy and yet I'm happy to report that the Booty is still just as plump and juicy as ever. Yep, it's still round and bouncy and just the apple of many men eyes (And women too). It's funny though. I'm 4-months post-op and I feel like I've had it all my life, but I'm telling you ladies, I'm still adjusting to it. I've always been called super cute and super sexy and I was even scouted by Wilhelmina Models at a very young to do jean ads so this decision wasn't a self esteem ploy. Black men loved me but white men would kill for me. I had that perfect rack and the perfect tear drop booty white people love to see.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the white girls, but I always feel like Black is the thing to be...So here now, I feel like I have a Black girl booty. I love my bubbles and they love me. I noe my bubbles are beautiful and I've never once asked my husband what he thinks because they are All Mine. I am lucky to never regret any decisions that I make, and I added this one to the list. I'm so pleased that I feel like I owe Dr. G something, but that $8000 I paid him will have to suffice.

I see some ladies on here are still struggling with the issue but I know you'll make the decision that's right for you. This is not a fad for you though so make sure you keep it like that. What I mean to say is that when girls were getting their nails done, I wasn't into the acrylic nor press-on stuff and I'm still not. When chicks were rockin' the colored contact lens, I wasn't into it and still not. When people were getting lipo and their boobs done, it wasn't something I was ever interested in...Noticed I said "I", But a BBL "I WAS". It was my decision, my money, and my time so leave those not in your best interest OUT OF THE DECISION. I was already fit, Dr. G said don't loose a pound, I eat healthy and exercise my temple. It's all that I've got so ladies don't let any ol' cheap, sloppy, assembly-line type of doctor operate on your temple. If you feel violated at the end of it all, it's best to start with the person in the mirror for some of the blame. Work hard, take the time to gather your duckets, and pick a doctor that cares about life and results and you'll be fine. There will always be minor imperfections and minor complications but minor is the key word here. Take care of your bodies, learn what to do to keep it alive, and work with your Surgeon not against them.

And finally, I'm usually not bias but I recommend staying away from any facility with a history of misconceptions AND patient reported lies. Elite PS isn't the best, hell no facility is but they have a history of delivering and positive patient reviews. Still, I say proceed with caution. And lastly, I serve as a witness...If you get that booty too big, your days of being able to do sit-ups and OVER!!! Damn booty feel like I got a backpack under my ass trying to do a sit-up. :-?

Other than that, the ass has been alright with me. I added a few post work-out photos for you ladies' viewing. See ya'll on the next set of Sir Mix-a-lot video because Baby got Back! :-)

Dr. Ghurani 4-Months Post-op: 1-Extra Photo.

I added an extra photo to show my petite little booty prior to my BBL. Remember, I ask for a Bubble Booty, but all Natural (No fillers, lol). Well, I said No
Ba-donk-a-donk and No Massive booty. I still wanted to fit my clothes (but I can't, lol), but I'm Happy. I've squeezed this ass into a couple of pairs of my old jeans more recently but I still wear a ton of leggings.

I had my BBL with Dr. Ghurani in mid-November 2013 and what can I say; I'm alive, I'm infection free and burn free. I was transformed from a Tear Drop Booty to a Bubble Butt and my results are amazing! He's a great Board Certified Surgeon and I'll consider him for any other work I may want in the future. I did fly-in to see him for my initial consultation since I'm highly picky (I would recommend this if it's feasible for you), and face-to-face I knew he was right for me. I booked my surgery that same day and the rest can be read and seen on my blog. -Good luck to all you sisters in choosing the right surgeon and getting your BBL done! PM me or hit me up on my blog with questions or concerns.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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