Tummy Tuck, liposuction of hips and flanks. Super excited and nervous at the same time.

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I went in yesterday for a consultation on Tummy...

I went in yesterday for a consultation on Tummy Tuck and liposuction of flanks, and back I just wanted an all out overhaul after loosing 125 pds from gastric bypass and working my azz off in the gym. I told the surgeon I had a Pulmonary Embolism 10 years ago and a IVC filter placed along with me taken Warfin and the surgeon said he wouldn't do it at first because of that but then he said he would do it if I had clearance from the hemotologist. I really need to get rid of this excess baggage. Has anyone been through this? I made appointment to primary care doc and hemotologist in which they said it wouldn't be a problem for clearance the surgeon would just have to take extra precautions such as leg compression, lovenox, ect. I really want this doctor and I just pray all goes in my favor. Any insight?

Getting worried

Surgery scheduled for March 14th . The nerves ohhhhhh the nerves.

Lost 125 Ready for Next Step of Confidence.

I have worked hard to get where I am today. I want to be an inspiration to others seeking to make a sound decision on their decision. My surgery is coming up next month and although I'm nervous I'm ready!! I will be uploading pre op, wish pics and post op pictures lol. Stay tuned!! Their are not many African American men posting on here so hopefully my uploading of pics will help, because I know we are getting it done

Feeling Good

Had consult with physician who will be doing my procedures and went to PC and hematologist to form a plan for my history of blood clots. A plan for a bridge with blood thinner injection is in place, the same plan that was in place for my R &Y surgery and I have an IVC filter that was not removed.

Pre Appt Monday

Can't wait to get this lack of confidence off!!

All p$id up!!

Did my pre op appt yesterday and paid my remaining balance. I'm stoked!!! I did a walk through of the facility and got nervous all over again but It's in the good lords hands, so I know I'm in great hands!!!


I'm soooo praying that helps with the pain so that I can move around quicker to help with recovery. That was an extra 500.00 so prayerfully it helps. March 14th!!!!


Worked my ass off loosing weight and toning up. I'm ready to add icing to the cake!!


My surgeon says I may not need Plication, muscle tightening. I just pray that when he goes in and notice it's a need that he takes heed. I really need to have full service if needed.

Need help

Will I need one of these? The surgeon gives me a wrap with surgery but do I need a second stage compression garnet? This looks like a woman's is there one for a man?

I can't wait!

I always imagined seeing my feet before my belly. That's about to be realistic. Lol

No tightening

What do you all think? Doc said I may not need it?

7 days Lawd hammercy

Lord please give me strength. I sooooo need this!!

Scar cover ups

Oh and wish pics lol

Super Excited!!

I'm days away from what could be the biggest confidence boost in my career. All glory to God!! Check out what some of the docs answered to the question posed. Mann oh mannnnnn... This could really be it!!

Just got nervous!!

Picked up my lovenox to assist with lovenox bridge with not clotting. Lawd please be a fence.

Recommendations (5 days to go)

Hello beautiful peeps, my surgeon gives me a binder to go home with. Can anyone here recommend a I guess stage 2 compression garment for men that will keep waist small and aid with swelling and healing? Thanks .


I think I played myself. When I went to research a surgeon I found one who was double board certified and looked at pictures which appeared to be his work but noticed that in fact it may be the work of him and two other surgeons in his office. I have been calling today to maybe cancel my procedure for Monday and maybe rethink this thing because if he's not going to be aggressive I really don't want to waste my money because I worked hard to get this 7ooo up. He's a top doc on real self and his ratings are high on all forums dealing with plastics. Lord please guide me. I have got to get this off me (excess skin). My surgeon is definetly personable and care about my wellbeing so I will def pray on it.


My surgery is Monday and I thought about fasting drinking protein shakes and water Saturday and Sunday. What's you all thoughts on that?

Day after tomorrow!

I'm taking a laxative tonight and drinking all protein shakes tomorrow. Here we gooo!!!!


Is the day. Lord please guide me!! I'm a nervous wreck.

Today is the day!!

I prayed and here we go!! Glory!!!!!!

It's done!!

Glory FATHER!! pic upload soon enough. Too doped up nas.


Not as bad as I thought. All glory to God!! Thanks guys and gals for the uplifting to endure what was to come. I'm feeling great but don't want to over do it.. I'm resting in God. Good night. Ps I refuse to look until my post op appointment this Thursday, smile :)

Day 1 post

Good day beautiful people. Today is the first day out of surgery and I feel great, no pain as of yet. So I went in yesterday, prayed before I walked through door and then went in holding room to talk to staff. Doc came in to mark me up and off to surgery room I go. Was told to lay on table and the sleeper said I'm about to give you some laughing gas, I remember saying glory father and next thing they were waking me up lol. Last night my surgeon called to check up on me to see how I was doing and I told him good just doped up. He then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't lipo the fat in the flanks flanks because it was hard fat (whatever that means) so he actually cut the fat out, either way he go rid of it. He said I didn't have a 6 pack he said I had a 8 pack and we both started laughing. When the nurse wheeled me to the car she said I didn't know you had all that under there (chest and arms), so I'm definitely excited about my reveal Thursday in hopes that drains come out. Thanks you all for the love!!


I had this. I was nervous and excited all same time. Everything worked out tho.


How long does it normally last. I really don't see much a difference. Well I do but not the 8 pack doc said I had but that's probably the swelling hiding everything.


Need help badly. Itching really bad. Is there something I can take or do that would potentially help?? I put on a tank top and fastened the binder on top of it. Other recommendations are greatly appreciated. Also I'm super Swoll in my ass and thighs in which no surgery was performed in those areas. Anyone know what that's all about???

1st post op appt

Doc said everything looked great. No drains out yet but I ain't tripping rather collect the fluid than having it remain.

Compression Garment

Where the fellas at? Need to know what's a good Compression garment besides the binder the surgeon gives you that has the Velcro. I need a good one to conquer all this swelling in stomach, ass and thighs. Any help greatly appreciated.

4 days post

Took some pics and I'm so so about results so far. We only wish we could get some of the percentage of some if the great results we see. I'm stupid Swoll so I will be patient because I have no choice. It's just that I haven't heard of any guys going through this, unless they just haven't said anything.


I'm so ready to get it popping!!


I'm starting to finally see some!! 5 days post. Still super Swoll but I can already see form developing from years of hard gym work. Good GOD!!!!!!

In Emergency Room

I knew it was to good to be true. No pain after surgery but u end up with what I think is a hemotoma. Major swelling on right side of incision and bleeding from drain insertion on both sides. And not to mention I'm on blood thinner along with a lovenox bridge to help with blood clots so I lost a lot I blood today. I'm so disgusted right now!

Emergency Surgery

Lawd hammercy. I had emergency surgery Sunday @3am in the morning. My surgeon is a really Kool dude he showed up all energized and comforting. Because I'm on blood thinner it caused blood vessels to bust , creating a hemotoma which required emergency surgery but all is well prayerfully from here. I'm just happy to be here

I guess!

Not to happy this am with lipo work or maybe I'm still swill and don't see the final results but right now I'm certainly not happy. Only time will tell. Ugggggggg

Weight gain

Did anyone eat to much after surgery? Just sitting and laying around us getting kind of hard not to eat bad goods to release the stress lol


To stay focused!! Prayerfully my flanks turn out just as great as the front view. Binder xtra tight!


I had surgery and a week later I had complications and it's now 5 days since he went back in to get rid of the hemotoma. I'm greatful but just hope and pray that these flanks are still on Swoll because if not I will certainly be going to another surgeon to get rid of them. My main concern has always been my flanks I literally hate them, so we shall see. Other than that I'm happy even though my stomach looks like a bird beek due to swelling.

Swell bullshiz

I didn't sign up for this but I signed. SMDH I took some progress pictures today and tried on some damn pants and couldn't even get them up my big ass swollen thighs. I guess that's good and bad. My flanks have gon down some and I'm still Swoll so I have some more time for them to go down. Stomach coming along pretty well.


Is it to late for me?! I had surgery Monday before last and ended up having another emergency surgery due to hemotoma. I been eating not so good foods. Is it to late to get it together and keep the weight off my new belly even though I can't work out yet. I ate great and consumed plenty of water today and my ass is still Swoll. Ugggggg I see why the woman be looking hella good after their surgery their ass and hips are Swoll with a small stomach lol

One drain out

I ain't tripping. Other one comes out Thursday. Progress!

Could be worst!

But I'm definitely praying their is hope for these flanks! To God be the glory for continued speedy recovery.

Last drain removed today

No drains, thank you lord!!! Doc said I'm still Swoll and won't be able to determine revision until 6 months out. If these flanks are still here 6 months with all the excersising I plan on doing I'm cutting them off!!! I literally hate them!!!! Stomach for the most part is winning even on Swoll. Thanks everyone for the continued love.

Need help

Doc said wear binder but it's not working with clothing so I brought an adryess for men. It's tight and snug a small. Will this work as good as binder keeping swelling down?

Doctor Cochran

Is who I'm looking at to do revision of flanks in 6 months. In so not satisfied with the look of mines and although I'm 3 weeks out and or 2 weeks with set back of hemotoma I'm still not that Swoll to where it should be looking like they do. I'm beyond thrilled about my stomach but when I went in for consult I expressed how I wanted my flanks removed badly. I just think the Doc wasn't aggressive enough. I hate that because I only wanted to tackle this one damn time but now I gotta go back under the light for completion but I know it's definitely worth it.

Quick Question

question , if it's not to your liking does the doctor normally do revision for free?

4 weeks

Coming up on 4 weeks Monday PO on initial surgery and 3 weeks post op after complications. Flanks still seems to be going down. We shall see 3 months from now.


I'm treating my scars with silicon strips , bio oil and palmers oil. Will the silicon stips hold with all that oil on that area?


It's 5 weeks I'm praying swelling in my ass and hips go down by Memorial Day weekend. Please!!!!

2 days away

From 6 weeks check up. I'm happy with the tuck but the lipo sucks and I'm already setting up consultations for it. I'm definitely considering Dr Cochran in Columbus Ga. We shall see. My very concern was the flanks I honestly could have lived without the tuck.


To go play in the gym! I'm going hard this week. Last week I was released but went easy. This week I'm going all in. I'm ready!!!!

2half months

Almost there!! Revision in three months on flanks with Doctor Cochran Columbus Ga

I guess

The swelling in my ass and hips will go down one day. SMDH not a good look at all. I'm still a little Swoll on the stomach but because I wear the binder the fluid goes to the legs. I just can't wait till I can get in my pants!!!

2 Months out!

Very happy with Tuck. Headed to Doc Cochran next week for consultation on flank revision. I'm ready!!!


Sooo I went for my consult today for the revision on my flanks and Doctor who will be performing it said to wait 3 more months due to swelling in which I wasn't having it done soon just wanted to get a price. He said once I come back we can make a decision to cut it or lipo it depending on what's all left because he said I'd be surprised how much the swelling can take them down whe it's settled. I feel great about that but he said if push come to shove he may have to cut them off, which would make my total procedure combined with my new tummy tuck a beltoctomy if I'm saying that right lol. I'm super excited because that's what I should have did in the first place but thought the lipo with tuck would suffice. So in three months I go back and his prices are damn GREAT!!! Wish I had known of him before hand but to be honest I'm definitely satisfied with my TT. I'm still wearing my garment and brought a waist trainer that I west alllll day. It works and I just ordered another one for a smaller size. I even work out in it. I just still hate this fluid is on my azz and hips because it's not Kool at all with me being the man that I am but I'll suck it up cause I'll be back Swoll for the final finale . Can't wait!!!


Starting to see the definition. It's one week away from 3 months. I'm feeling great and looking even greater. I work so hard to achieve what I go after. Thank your lord for giving me the financial freedom to obtain the financial resources to even begin this process. Flanks cut off in December and I can't wait!!

Extended Tummy Tuck

is what was needed before I had my initial tummy tuck but shouldn't the surgeon have known that? Now I have to go back in and have them extend the incision around my flanks to have them cut out. I was going with Dr. Cochran but I will call my surgeon who did my tummy tuck and get a price on such, because he did a great job with my initial tuck. What do you all think, should he have known??


Still have no feeling lower part of belly button. Does it Come back ? I'm 3 mths out. It itches and I can't relieve it.

Still winning!!!

Can't wait till October. Sides(flanks) be gone!!!!!

Paid my deposit

For complete flank removal!! The sides will soon match the front! :)


Swelling has gone down ladies and gents! I'm now able to get in my pants. I'm loosing weight do when I have my flanked done in a coupe of months I will lipo my stomach and upper back lats. I can't wait !

Feeling good, feeling great!

No swelling and weight going back down. We have to learn during this process it's all about patiences and that's something I just don't have lol. Enjoy the process!! Good luck fellas and ladies on this new journey.


Don't let the ladies fool ya. lol I used this as my second stage compression and went from 3xl down to Lg as of this very moment. No one sees what you wear under your primary shirt so do what's best for great results to mold you where you desire to be after surgery. Happy journey!!

Top today bottom 3 mths out. Flank completion October. I'm ready!!

I'm back for my second and final consult

And here we are to complete this task!! Doctor Cochran lets do this!!!

Nervous Already

Surgery October 12th and I'm back to square one!! Nerves kicked in!! Lord be a fence.

Does anyone know about Flankplasty?

I already had a tummy tuck but the flanks sucked so I'm having a revision on flanks. When this is done (flankplasty) does it make your stomach look smaller? Does it make a difference in the look of your stomach. I'm starting to question is it worth it. SMH
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