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After reviewing the background of different...

After reviewing the background of different surgeons and viewing before and after pics of patients, I have decided to have a consultation with Dr. Jimerson here in Atlanta. The consultation is scheduled for Oct. 8, 2014. My husband thinks that i want to get a tummy tuck but actually I am going for the BBL. I tried to talk him about the BBL but he thinks i am going overboard.
Have anyone had any problems using FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). If i will be out of work for 2 weeks post surgery then i will need to be covered under FMLA to secure my job. Please let me know if anyone have used FMLA for this procedure.


I have had a flat butt all my life!!! If people only knew. I was considering silicon injections until I seen what it can do to you. When i buy nice clothes... it does not look right on me unless I have my butt pad and girdle on. I never leave home without it even on the weekends. My husband use to call me pancake a little before we got married. I have worn my girdle for at least 6 years which was right after I had my daughter. It now has holes in it but I still continue to wear it. I use to make sure my butt was covered until I found these jellylike butt padd panties that feels so real. It feels so real that no one knows even my husband!! He thinks that my butt has gotten fuller because of age and gravity.....MEN!!! I thought maybe he would wonder where the booty is when we make love but he doesn't. I am tired of wearing this girdle and the butt pad. I am ready for the surgery now............I have suffered long enough.
My biggest fear is paying for this procedure and my butt remains flat. I dont want a kim kardashia, black chynna, nicki minaj, or tiny type of fake looking butt. No, I do not want a shelf butt. It just dont look NATURAL. I want a nice silhouette. It has to be nice, full, and round so that I will be wearing my clothes and not my clothes wearing me. So, since my problem areas are my stomach and derriere why not get the BBL. I cant wait until Oct 8th gets here so we can get started.

wish pics

My Current Situation


No I am not pregnant!!!


So I had my consultation with Dr. J and Michelle. They were very nice! Turns out that I will need to get a tummy tuck, hips, and bra lipo in order for everything to look good with my bbl. He suggested that i gain 5 pounds just to be sure he has enough fat to work with for the rear end. The total amount for the surgery is $16, 750.00 which is a lot of money but i want nothing but the best work and you get what you pay for in my opinion. Scheduled date is set for 10/2016. That is enough time for me to pay out of pocket until my surgery date. Please let me know your feed back regarding my consultation. Thanks!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Paid in Full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My balance is paid in full and now I am on the Fast Track!!! I am so excited. My date is set for September 2nd. I was thinking about getting my arms and my inner thighs done also. How will I be able to lay down after surgery if I am getting bbl, hips, lipo at the bra area, lipo inner thigh and arms? I got to get this done. The hubby says he will only allow me to do this once. I will definitely ask during my pre opt visit. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I will keep you all posted on my journey. Until next time....smooches!!!!

Less Than Two Months to Go!!!

Two More Months


I had my blood drawn in August and my iron was too low to have the procedure in September. My coordinator advise me, that I had two options, which was to either to take iron pills and try again a month later or to have them to refund me all my money. I decided to try again and take iron pills for the procedure. Here I am a month later and my iron did increase from a level 9 to a 11 in a month which is good. The anesthetist likes for my iron to be at a 11.8 for the work I will be getting. I respect their wishes because I definitely do not want any complications and something awful happens during surgery. My surgery date is scheduled for Oct.13th. I have until Oct.1st to get my iron at a level 11.8 and I am on pins and needles!!!!

On a another note....i was advise by Dr. Jimmerson to gain weight and i think i have gained too much!!! I feel like a pig!!! Nothing fits anymore and I am at the point where I hate shopping. I really don't want to buy anything until after surgery.

Just wanted to give you Realself dolls a little update of what is going on. Peace!!!!

Iron is Finally Up

As you know, my surgery was postponed to a later date due to low iron. Had my blood drawn on Oct.1st and it was high enough for surgery which is Oct.13th!!! I am so excited. I will post before pictures soon.

Sorry for the Wait!

Let me just say the pain is horrible!!! I am now going on 8 weeks post. I think the most horrible part is the liposuction. It takes a while to heal. I didn't want to post anything because i felt so bad but liked what i saw in the mirror. I am still soar and having pains but at least I am able to do things on my own. If you are planning to do the surgery be sure to have someone around the clock to help you. I don't know what i would have done if it was not for my husband. I love him so much. He made sure I did nothing and wanted me to get well.

I am now starting to let my in laws see me that have not seen me in a while. They are commenting me on my butt and claims it is so big! They don't know anything about the surgery. i think it looks very normal but my husband says it has gone down some but it is still huge and he said the other day all the guys in the food court at the mall was looking. I was in my own world and not really paying attention.

I returned to work at 3 weeks and i really think i should have taken 6 weeks off. I don't know how some people return to work within two weeks. I make sure i don't sit for long periods of time because the butt will get sore and you need to stretch your body every so often because if not, you will be walking like you have a hump in your back. I am now going on 8 weeks and able to sit comfortable w/o a pillow. I had a regular sleeping pillow to sit on because the one nurse recommend was so uncomfortable. I purchase one for the car and one to keep at my desk.

Even though i endured a lot of pain i would do it over and over again. Just wait until i start back wearing my heels!!! Dr. Jimerson has changed my life! I asked for a upside down heart shape butt and that is exactly what i got. Now lets be clear, in the beginning, i thought he over did it. The hips was so wide and the butt was sooooooo big. When the swelling went down, i was so relieved. Ladies you have to have patience because the best is yet to come once everything goes down. The butt is getting soft in some areas and i am so happy.

I paid a lot of money for my new body and i plan on keeping it looking new. I will be damn if I let this money go to waste. Got to keep everything tight. I wanted to get some new boobs but i change my mind. This surgery hurts like hell! All of a sudden my boobs dont look so bad after all!!! I will keep posting new photos. Hopefully, i wont lose anymore projection!!!

Oh Hi There!!!

I Cant Help It!!!

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