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Im new to real self. I wish I would've found out...

Im new to real self. I wish I would've found out about it sooner . I love my results but I'm still confused about what to do now... My experience with apss and dr jimerson was wonderful. My only regret is paying Rodney bowling 2500.00 for after care nursing. Was a total rip off. I'm just glad it's all over. I will post pics soon,


Hey ladies I know I'm late but just wanted to let you know how things went.... After I woke up from surgery I didn't even know what was going on... I felt nothing... I just woke up on my side.... It wasn't until I rubbed my legs together that I realized everything was finished. Geeta gave me a little more medicine and my nurse Rochelle took me back to the hotel ( Hyatt place ). I slept for a bit then she woke me up to give me meds make me walk and feed me... Rochelle was amazing... She went above and beyond her duty .. She even came back to check on me after I was done with my scheduled days with her .... By 8 pm Clarise came and took over... She's another one who went above and beyond the call of duty including taking me to get a smaller garment because samantha/rod royal recovery brought me the wrong size and then she said " oh well I'm not going all the way out there ". ( very professional right )... Anyway.... Days go by and I'm never in any real pain... The key is to stay ahead of the pain... Take that medicine as directed whether you feel it or not because it will creep up on you. Taking the garment off for the first time was a doozy... i got soooo lightheaded and hot but was fine once i git it off... as soon as i got it off clarise washed and dried it and tiana from the wellness sanctuary came to do my lymphatic drain massage... she is amazing. by the next week it was time fir my post opp appt. i felt great but was still draining fluid so i was unable to get my drained removed for 2 more days ( bummer ). I go back 2 days later and kim removes my drain. that was the weirdest feeling. It didnt hurt but you could feel the long drain come across you back.... as im getting dressed, the ever so handsome doctor Jimerson comes in and gives me a hug. He asks if i like my results and if i had any questions. The only question i had was how many CCs did he put in. he told me he put 1125 CCs of fat in each cheek and 200 CCs in each hip... i was so happy to hear that because i was afraid it wouldnt be big enough. He gives me a prescription for their special scar creme and a j curves t shirt and let me take a picture with him then i left. i went across the street to the pharmacy to get the prescript filled.. my insurance didnt cover it so i had to pay $125 for this little 3oz bottle but oh well I had already spent over 15,000.00 at this point... Why go cheap now. I head back to the hotel to pack because I was flying out in the morning. The next morning all of the girls (and my mother ) went down and met for breakfast. We took pics and exchanged numbers.. It was funny because the hotel staff wanted to take pics with us which made the other hotel guest wonder who the hell we were... I've never been out of town and had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely down to earth women. I feel like I've known them forever. I just love them all like they are my sisters....

Atlanta airport

Well here's where the hard part begins ... Up until now I have not touched my boppy pillow. My mom and I get to the airport really early just incase. I swear I've never had so many eyes on my in my life... I had on my j curves shirt. People would read it then look straight at my booty. It was so awkward. My mom looks at me and said " hunni get used to it... You asked for all that ass " I was laughing so hard... We head to the lil bar to grab a bite. We are chit chatting with the bartender who reads my shirt then asks what I got done. I tell her then she goes into how she wants a breast reduction ( she was a size double I) but is scared. I tell her about my experience and she says she feels way more comfortable with it and she was going to book a consult ( the reason I'm so open about it is to encourage others and let them know there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery)... Omg after that it was a bunch more stares a guy asked if he could take a picture with me. Another came up and told me how beautiful I was ( mind you he only saw me from behind ) lol and asked if I was single... I lied and said no I was not single and my man was at home.... Oops.. I just didn't feel like getting into all that.... By this time it's time for us to board the plane. I hand the stewardess my letter from dr j. Here come the questions and stares again lol.... I try to adjust my boppy pillow and get comfy... Major fail... I was so paranoid of my butt touching the seat that I squat until we are free to move about the cabin. I couldn't take it anymore so I get down on my knees and lay my head on the pillow on the seat and sleep the whole flight ( 1 hour 10 min ). When we land I got up and squatted in the chair again. After I get my luggage and am on my way home, I realize that I left my 125$ cream in my hotel room... Oh shit!!!! I called the hotel but it was too late, the house keeper threw it away ...


Wish pics

Before and after 1

Sick of that hotel room. Had to get out so I went to the pool

Photo shopped a picture of myself and what I wanted to look like from behind

Two weeks post opp

Tried to drive .... Major fail! I could only make it around the block.... I was too afraid I was touching the seat with my butt... Back on my stomach in the back seat getting chauffeured around town

Two bean bags... One at your back the other for your legs... Let your boot sink ( but not touch the ground ) in the

1 month post opp

Well I've finally figured out a way to boppy pillow came with a strap so instead of sitting on it ( not sturdy enough ) I hang the strap over the seat and let it dangle for back support... Then I to a pillow and folded it and secured it with 2 straps and I place it under my thighs ... I have a coupe so it's small and hard to get in and out ( I look like a giant ) but I've learned to scoot the seat allllll the way back then get in and adjust the pillows so my butt doesn't touch.. Then I scoot up so my feet touch the pedal.... I'm tired of laying on my stomach because I wake up feeling like a toddler is sitting on my back plus my knees are getting rough ( callus ).... I now make a pallet with my bean bags so that I can lay on my back/sleep...what I nice change... I'm still very paranoid that I am sitting on my butt but I pray I'm not... When I took off my garment today I tried on clothes.. Even though its been exactly a month i can see the results and I must say I love it.... I can't wait til October when I can sit with no restrictions...

1 month post opp pics

1 month post opp pics

First nite out without wearing my garment

I was a little nervous going without my garment for more than an hour because I was not quite 6 weeks post op yet. But I couldn't find anything to wear that would cover

6 months post op

Headed to Vegas and trying to figure out what to wear

6 months post op

New Years in Las Vegas 2014

11 months post opp

It's keeps getting better and better

More post opp some of the pics are from before surgery

Breast lift and implant with dr fisher

I booked a breastlift and implant with dr fisher in Miami for March 13. The experience had me at a lost for words. Needless to say I ended up going to dr osak Omulepu and I love my results .. I will go into details after I speak with management at vanity

Before vs after best 7500.00 ever spent

Im in love ... Dr Omulepu works wonders.

1 year post op breast 2.5 year post op Bbl

I love my results but it's time to plan found 2. I'm looking for a more aggressive lipo dr. Prefer to stay here in the states. Looking at dr. Bbl, dr Miami, dr sej or a few other Drs in Miami.

I love my new body

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