Lower Ab Coolsculpting / 5"3 / 210 Lbs

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I've always been on the chunky side. I'm short so...

I've always been on the chunky side. I'm short so it doesn't help my situation. Recently I had a huge weight gain of about 40 pounds in the last 6-7 months due to stress, overeating, and possibly bad drinking habits.

I have always had a "pouch" like belly gut and I hate it. I've thought about lipo, but i don't feel comfortable getting surgery. I've thought about laser lipo, but it's a lot more expensive. so i thought, why not try cool sculpting. i'm going in for my first procedure tomorrow morning. I'm nervous and hopeful it will work. i've seen many other reviews with my same pouch that cool sculpting has done miracles for. i'm only doing lower flanks for now.

i'm thinking this will be my head start to my weight loss journey. i'm so excited!

Before photos


Well I went through with it and it was the complete opposite of what I expected.
After reading countless reviews, the part that I was most afraid of was the massage....when the massage happened, IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL. The part that hurt the most was the actual applicator. that was for sure 100% the most uncomfortable part for me.

Anyways, the technician used two large applicators. about 1 hour on each side.
Now that I'm home, my entire area is numb. It feels sore but nothing like what i thought it would feel like. maybe those days are to come.

i will continue to post.

1 Day post procedure

I'm doing normal things, wearing my normal jeans. But, im sore. IT literally just feels like I just did a workout. The areaalso very numb. Like if I put lotion on my stomach I can't feel myself rubbing it on that area. I've also been wearing a compression tshirt under my clothes for tightness. It makes it feel better. But so far pain is 0. Just soreness.

Day 2

Still sore and a little numb. I still can't feel my hands when I put lotion on my stomach. If I press my lower stomach it's sore. Still no pain. I will be returning to the gym tomorrow :)

Day 3

Still numb & sore. I will say that today I feel maybe a 3/10 level of Uncomfort. It kind of feels weird I can't describe it. Just like cramping but not like period cramps. Nothing too bad tho. I also still feel really swollen or something, like if I suck in my stomach, everything sucks in but the lower abdomen lol. It's weird.

Oh and today starts my workout schedule

Day 4

Okay so today I'm definitely feeling the cramping. I read before that it's the nerves "waking back up". It feels like needles poking me inside the stomach. Bareable but definitely uncomfortable. My stomach is also still very numb and tender to touch.

Day 5

Last night was the worst night, I kept tossing and turning because of the nerve pain. Took some Tylenol extra strength today for pain relief. Also when I went to the bathroom, I pulled my jeans down really fast and they rubbed my stomach and omg it hurt so bad. Today is definitely the worst day.????

So ready for this pain to go away

Day 6

Hey guys!

Last night I slept like a baby. There wasn't any pain thank god and I didn't have to take any pills. My stomach is still tender but as of now I don't feel any pain like the needle feeling anymore. Also idk if I'm just fat but it's still kind of swollen in a way. Like my gut is really out lol. Today has been easier than almost so I think I'm making progress. I'm also 2 pounds down :)

I started the 14 day slimfast slimdown challenge since it helped me 3 years ago lose a lot of weight, so I'm hoping it works again!!! It's actually amazing. I HATE VEGGIES and salads and pretty much anything healthy so this is a great alternative for me while still getting the nutrients/protein I need.

1 week update *pics*

Decided to finally post some update pictures. I'm kind of weirded it out because the right side of my stomach has a smaller gut crease than the other side? Lol I never noticed till now I guess. Being realistic in knowing I won't see results YET but I want to just document a weekly photo update

This sucked lol

My bottom belly gut probably reduced like 20% and because I didn't do the top, it ended up having kind of a crease in my stomach. Probably wouldn't do this again.
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