32 Years Old, Mom of 2, 125 Lbs 5'6. Deflated A Getting 450 High Profile. - Overland Park, KS

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I'm a little nervous thinking 450 cc are too big...

I'm a little nervous thinking 450 cc are too big but I have A's now and want a Full D. I keep looking at pics and going back and forth???????? my friend is about same size as me and got 415 SRFs and they look amazing but big enough for me so thinking maybe I should do that but the difference is like 5 oz so why not go a lil bigger???? Ugh I'm getting so nervous and I go in in two days.

Tomorrow is the big day????


Maybe my next RS will be a TT review lol. Have to wait until my kids are grown. No way I can have that much down time.

It's time!!

I hate needles and yes, I did cry lol


I'm home and feel great other than being super tight. But the ice, muscle relaxers and pain meds are great????????

It's done

So I went silicone under the muscle, had a Lil bit of a difference in size so he did high profile 415 in my left and 450 in my right. I do feel like I'm
More high up and swollen in my right. I'm so scared and hurting (more like bruse or that tight awful feeling you have when your milk comes in. Like you can even lift your arms). So I'll post pics once I take off post op bra.

My implants card

Feeling like I should have got the same size implants???

I got 415 in one and 450 in other high profile silicon. I never realized my breasts were that different I actually thought they were pretty symmetrical. Now I can totally tell where the bigger implant is. I'm only one day post op but it's way higher in that side. ????

Hope they even out

Looking better every day

Today they seem to be more round and same size, some bruises but not bad. Can't wait for them to drop and fluf. Very high up still. Thinking I'll need the strap next week.

High and tight but got a strap today

They are rounding out more and more every day, have to say constipation is no lie!!! By far worst of the whole experience???? Brusing is Turing yellowish so getting better. Waiting for steri strips to come off. Have to massage 5 min a day on each one to push down in pockets. Strap hurts and is annoying but beauty hurts and I know pain is gain if I want them to fluf and drop. Loving tee shirts now. So happy and I admit I need to take it easy I have picked up my two year old a few times????????????

10 days post op dropping,

Starting to get more numb feeling around bottoms and nipples, between boobs itch and brusing is still dark. Steri strips won't come off???? Still wake up in pain but day is not too bad. Have a vein my aiV was in bothering me. Swollen, very tender and lil hard. They stuck me twice so may just be healing slow?

Looking better every day.

Had a weird hard part in my vein where IV was they checked it out and said it was inflamed vein because of site meds went in and maybe a small blood clot but nothing to worry about. I have faith God is with me and this is going to be okay ????????????????. Boobs looking better every day, less brusing and falling into same shape. Hoping for mor drop and fluff soon.

Steri strips off almost

Dropping more and more!! Still higher and lil square

Just about (3 days away) one month

So my bro I posted about turns out is a lil clot just above IV site????. I'm supposed to watch to make sure it does not get bigger (it has not) keep warm compress on it and massage it. Will keep it under control from here. It's in too small of a vein to cause a problem and not affecting my had at all so we will wait for my body to absorb it.
Boobs....so I feel they are really close together but that could be im just not used to boobs lol. I want them to drop more and I can see the difference in sizes but am waiting for them to drop and fluff. They are still high and bottoms are empty feeling like in swim suits and tube tops. I go back in 4 weeks at two months so hope they drop more by then.
I massage them and am massaging my scars too to help keep thin. Still feel like a bruise when I do that but it's not bad.

One month today

Still hoping for more drop and fluff, hope scars will soften up too. I have scar sheets in them now.

7 weeks just about

Love them more every day! Just got sized I'm a 32DDD they look amazing and a close family friend said they didn't even know they were fake and would have never guessed if I didn't say anything.

Almost 3 months!

Love, love, love my boobs!!! My scars are getting better every day. Starting to get more feeling back in them although I know it can take 6 months to a year. They are soft and squish and feel real but are just perky and round. I'm so happy I did this it makes me happier every day.
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