Fraxel 1550, Restore

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I just had this done today. I'm posting about it...

I just had this done today. I'm posting about it because there were scary reviews. I can't say yet if results are worth it, but wanted to keep a log. The numbing creams works. I didn't flinch or feel any major discomfort. Felt like Trent tiny hot needles rolling across my face. It was a little more sensitive around lip area. I also had two scars Fraxeled. We did my face, neck, chest, and two scars. I'm hoping for improvement of sun spots, fine wrinkles, maybe a little tightening, and scar minimization.
I'm two hours post treatment and my face feels warm and tingly. Ice feels great on it!
Pre treatment, I did take Tylenol, Motrin, and Benadryl.

The day after: approx 18 hours after

I was diligent about ice packs, slept on couch with head elevated, Benadryl, kept skin moist.
I'm much less red than I thought I'd be. No more warmth. Maybe feels like a very mild sun burn.
My eyelids, under eyes are somewhat swollen. Not freakishly so, but it's definitely there.
I have a spot on my nose that looks like a popped blister. Concerned about this. I'll be calling the clinic when they open.

Almost a full 48 hours post Fraxel Restore

Oh boy, I didn't sleep elevated or take prophylactic Benadryl last night. I quit icing my face at the 24 hour mark. My eyes are swollen this morning.
I'm for that very fine sandpaper feel and starting to feel dry, itchy and tight.

Third day after Fraxel Restore 1550

Not happy with this burn/blister on my nose and praying it doesn't scar. Everything else on my face seems to be following the normal course. Rest of face is pinkish, dry, flaking. Area around chin is more bronze and crusty. Chest and neck not crusting yet, but have that fine sandpaper feel.

Third night after Fraxel. There's hope!

Majority of bronze crusties are gone. My jawline, chest, and "décolleté" still have the sandpaper feel. Anywhere the sandpaper feel is at, the moisturizer still sits on top. I used to aquaphor because it was the only thing that actually felt like it kept my skin moisturized.

I'm putting antibiotic ointment on the open blistered area on nose and taking oral antibiotics just in case per my ARNP. I'm finally feeling pleased with progress and not worried.

The itching, dry, cracking sensation was preoccupying. Had to make conscientious effort not to touch.

For the crusties, I was washing with Cetaphil, then doing diluted vinegar soak, then thin layer spray aloe, then aquaphor. Repeat every three hours. That's just what I have done that's given me relief and gotten me through the crusty itching yesterday and today.

The fourth morning after Fraxel Restore

I'm now seeing the white heads and pimples that are discussed. Face feels super soft, not tender at all. Skin loves moisturizer now and it actually absorbs instead of just sitting on top of crusty and bronze flakes.
Neck and chest are super itchy. Those areas now feel how my face did a few days ago. They are still bronze, sandpaper.

Fourth night post Fraxel Restore.

Had my Fraxel done on a Thur afternoon. It's now Monday night. If it weren't for this blister nastiness on my nose, I could pass for normal.
I'd probably still hesitate to cover my skin with makeup even though I'm quite pink. There's still some flaking left, but not much. I think make up would just make it look worse.
Tomorrow I've got to return to real world activities and now it's beyond obvious something happened or was done. Sigh.
I'm feeling nervous reading some of these reviews others have posted about delayed long term effects-skin dryness from damaged oil glands, recurrent sores from cellular damage, etc.
wondering if I should quit while I'm ahead and only have this thing on my nose which will hopefully heal without incident.
Mentioned before that I am now on oral and topical antibiotics for the nose-just in case.

Fifth morning after Fraxel Restore

Nose is still yucky. Almost all flaking is done.

Fifth night after Fraxel

Nose looks better. Flaking on face completely gone. Skin is super soft.
I met with Mary Hazan at Accent Aesthetics today for follow up after Juvederm. She's a PA who I trust implicitly, used to work with her in another setting. She's been doing the aesthetic thing over a decade now. Anyhow, I misunderstood their prices. I had wrongly thought they were quoting me prices per area, per treatment. Turns out, it was the price per area for total of three treatments each area. It's actually comparable to the first place I went, an hour away.
So, next treatment is booked with her. She uses the Palomar Cynosure 1540, and a few other laser hand pieces. The Fraxel Restore was 1550. Roughly equivalent. Thing is, I didn't realize that my sunspots weren't getting targeted which is 90% reason for doing my chest and 50% reason for wanting my face done.
I'll keep updating.

Sixth morning after

Ignoring my nose, my skin looks great. Slightly pink and still healing. Super soft and fresh. No longer feels dry and tight.

My nose is improving. Praying it heals with no scarring. Still taking antibiotics orally and topically.

Chest and abdominal scar still have dry sandpaper feel. No flaking yet.

Forehead six days after

I was just comparing pics and am pleased that some of my smaller freckles aren't visible and the other sunspots are lighter. Remarkable given it has only been a week and she didn't use the dual laser which specifically targets those. Next treatment I'll be getting those targeted. Of note in the pic, I did get Botox for the first time two days prior to my Fraxel. You can't contribute my forehead wrinkle improvement to the skin treatment.

7th morning after

Still reddish. More flaking has appeared. I thought that was done. Nose slowly improving.
Skin feels very tight.

When ppl know you've had something done, it's amazing how many share that they have too

I'm at work and a coworker said "oh did you have a laser treatment? I've done them too. "
Her skin looks great and she's been doing them "for years".
Then another coworker has a close friend who did a series last year and she's very happy without any problems.
That's all encouraging

A week later. Super soft. Very sensitive.

Nose is finally looking better. Skin still pinkish. Feels very tight and even "sensitive skin" products like Cetaphil, Aveeno, Neutrogena, CeraVe burn like the dickens!!!
Oil of Olay Regenerist moisturizer only very mildly irritating. I bought Laniege water boost ($$) and it's the only thing that doesn't sting at all. Thank goodness!! It was worth it.
Aquaphor doesn't sting, but I can't wear that all day in the social and work world.

Walmart generic aquaphor is the bomb

Yep, I found it went on easier. It's not as thick. This is a good thing when you are flaking and skin sensitive to the touch. Walmart generic aquaphor will be my preferred thing the first week next go around.

11 days after. Healing nicely

I love makuna honey on nose. Found LaRochr Posay Spf 50 sunscreen with tint. Love that!
Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann was very friendly and explained procedure. Only bummer is that Fraxel only done once a month at their MedSpa, so scheduling definitely had to be planned.

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